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  1. Another great video from the archives released a little while ago.
  2. New video dropped by Kings Island on YouTube. One of the last things Kyle worked on before he left. I’m glad I was able to help him out with it and get the film scanned. Not perfect, but it’s being worked on still. Please Enjoy.
  3. Still praying for that last dip to return. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yes, it was. Then Paramount pulled it out. It returned when CF bought the park. Photo from the 1990 KI Park Guide
  5. That film should have been cleaned before scanning. If you still have the original let me know I can get it cleaned and rescanned for you.
  6. History of that location Sausage Haus 72-87 The Deli 1988- 1995 Skyline Available starting in '90 thru 1995 Started serving Breakfast from 9am to 11am in 1993 All- Star Sports Café (Subs, Salads, Desserts)1996- 2002 No Skyline Started Breakfast with Characters around 1997 Breakfast Ceases in 1998 Mandarin Cuisine 2003-2004 Skyline Chili 2005- Current
  7. A return of train 3, also would be great to add some more tunnels. I honestly would love to see most of the ride in tunnels and allow it to pop out into the wilderness here and there.
  8. Honestly, should have happened a long time ago.
  9. If he is charging 11k for that 1 1/2" slice then I should ask 110k for my 1' slice. ROFL
  10. Figuring 98% of the voters here were probably not even alive in the 1970's it explains the skew in results. LOL
  11. KI Coney Mall is not much longer than the original.
  12. The left one is to Sol Spin as the queue for it and the new queue for AE are back to back to each other.
  13. Festhaus and Viking Fury will still be there and themed to Octoberfest from what I have heard. I’m excited for the additions but would have been happier if they would have kept it all Octoberfest. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. KD's Calendar is already updated, Open every weekend in Jan, Feb, and Mar.
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