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  1. We saved Beast for last today to nab that full moon night ride. Very disappointed to get there at 9:45 only to discover the line was closed for the night. Mystic Timbers was a solid consolation night ride, but not getting on Beast was a sour way to end a fun day.
  2. https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/1276257231852494848?s=20
  3. Area 72 theming spoiler alert! https://www.e3fab.com/our-work
  4. Great video showing the lift jog. After doing some quick calcs, and timing the trains in the video, it seems the advertised capacity of 1650pph is at least possible. Hopefully it’s still possible once you factor in the station load/dispatch times. I’m also hoping when Orion opens that the trains will be loaded at full capacity for the sake of the ride’s speed. The first time I rode Leviathan it was a 90% empty train. We were crawling through the over bank above the parking lot. With some of the testing footage posted this week it’s visibly noticeable that trains without water dummies are cresting the large airtime hill with less speed than full trains. So many caveats to be said too: the ride hasn’t opened, they’re probably working out kinks, it’s not a hot summer day, etc. I’m just trying to say that a full train will be going into the final brakes with more speed than a slower one. Hopefully COVID-19 doesn’t mess this up too. I’m pumped for this ride regardless and eagerly await Kings Island’s opening day announcement!
  5. May be tolerance issues. IIRC, Fury had the last piece lifted to check fit the day before final installation for the media.
  6. I'm guessing B&M (and their brake caliper sub if they have one) probably have an ideal velocity for the train speed when entering a brake run which they have determined after designing many coasters. The ridiculous height of Orion's (and Leviathan's) brake run is probably a function of that ideal train speed and the high cost of making a longer course for the train to lose more energy before hitting the brakes. Fury's brakes are significantly lower presumably due to the overall ride length.
  7. @DustinTheNow, could you take another shot at this photo with your current model?
  8. After watching the POV, I noticed there only seemed to be one train running around the track. This got me wondering whether or not during normal 3 train operation we would see another train while riding throughout the course. So, with assumptions that the Steel Vengeance crew hits their intervals and the POV is real operational speed, I decided to put math to use. CP says 1200 people per hour (pph) with 24 passengers per train. 1200/24=50 trains per hour (cycles). Knowing there are 3600 seconds per hour, 3600/50=72 seconds per cycle. Here's where the POV comes in handy. It takes 45 seconds for the train to leave the station and crest the lift hill. At the 72 second mark, we make our first pass under the lift hill, at which time the next train will be leaving the station. 45 seconds from there, the train behind us will be cresting the lift hill while we are enjoying the frenetic airtime pops before the brake run (next to the first drop). So assumptions in mind, we will hopefully be able to see another train while riding Steel Vengeance (similar to seeing the finishing 'helix' train while going down the first drop on The Beast). It would be a brief interaction though, and I think most people would be too preoccupied with the enormous drop or the face-melting airtime pops.
  9. Taking a page out of The Beast's book right there...
  10. I like that guess of near the rose bowl, seems like a place that's flat enough and would have a retaining wall for the service road. It's hard to tell though because we can only see a snippet of Banshee, and my best guess is the part we can see is the first dive loop of the ride. Need more evidence.
  11. I'm fairly certain this construction is happening between the Blackout Haunt maze and Timberwolf. On the Banshee Webcam you can see a crane going to work in that area right now.
  12. Thanks for your work on KIC. Best of luck to you down the road.
  13. Article from Coaster101 chocked full of fresh construction pics shared by CPFoodBlog. http://www.coaster101.com/2017/02/11/guest-blog-mystic-timbers-construction-update/
  14. Can you post a link, I'm having a hard time finding it on FB. ^Well, that was quick. Thank you kindly.
  15. Go on google maps and use the ruler tool to draw a line from the webcam location on top of the lift through the locations that are directly below the crane on the webcam. For example, the west end of the train platform, approximate location of MT station, FAAC station and beyond. The line will show you the crane is approximately located in the backstage/maintenance area next to Planet Snoopy, also judging from the depth of the webcam image. ^Beat me to it, and with nice satellite imagery. Never heard of NearMap before, but definitely going to check it out.
  16. Also new construction photos posted on the Mystic Timbers website.
  17. Found this while searching Twitter... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C1VA-DxUoAAUuQk.jpg
  18. Some interesting purple-ish lighting over on Mean Streak's second wave turn tonight. Maybe a test for future installation? Or leftover Haunt effects? Could anyone else snag a screenshot and post it?
  19. New construction photos posted on the official website. They look to be about a week or two old. Very cool angles and closeups. http://mystictimbers.visitkingsisland.com/nature-rises/construction-photos
  20. I echo this sentiment completely! It's looked like a very cool time of day/weather combo to be filming POVs, but the slow and empty trains hurt the final product. On one hand though, I find comfort knowing I'm not the only coaster-crazed person who notices such a minor detail haha. Either way, cool videos and I still enjoy watching them
  21. The announcement of MT is getting me very excited about the future of KI's coaster lineup. MT will be a fantastic addition that will help introduce the next generation of coaster lovers while keeping the current enthusiasts quite entertained. I think it will plug a gaping hole in the coaster experiences KI currently has to offer. It's hard not to look forward to the next coaster addition. I think the next thing KI needs is a big time ride. Something that eclipses Diamondback (no!) and really grabs the nation's attention. Yes, similar to what happened in Charlotte last year. A giga coaster, from B&M, is surely in our park's future. I think it's only a matter of time. However my real reason for this post is to share an idea I had today as to where this coaster will go. Bear with me here, but what if Firehawk was removed? It's a pain in the butt to maintain, a pain in the butt to wait in line for, heck the only people it's not a pain in the butt to are the operators because the pace is so relaxing! Take out Firehawk and you have a beautiful access point to the expansive clean slate of undeveloped and undulating property between FOF and the Little Miami River. It would also bring a breath of fresh air into Coney Mall, which hasn't seen a new coaster in nearly a decade. Even further, restrooms could potentially be installed into the X-Base cul-de-sac!
  22. Anyone else think the axe-wielding lunatic (or rather, an angel answering many of our coaster-related prayers) looked like the character from Shoot the Rapids? Albeit with an axe instead of a rifle...
  23. And as people have said time and time again: Stats mean NOTHING. Read my post again. I'm not saying stats define a ride. I'm not saying Mystic Timbers won't be a good ride. I'm not saying I won't enjoy the ride. All I'm saying is that this ride really does not fill any "gaps" for Kings Island. Well sure it does! You gotta look at the ride experience. Does KI currently have a fast paced, twisty, airtime filled ride that is designed with the 48" audience in mind? Now they will! Right now you have to go to Diamondback for the airtime and, well, maybe Flight of Fear for the fast pace. I'm quite excited for this ride and I think it will be unlike anything else the park has to offer in terms of the onride experience!
  24. I had pointed this out a couple months ago, but I believe it's worth restating. Looking at pictures of Leviathan's trims (which are magnetic), the brackets on Banshee look similar to the way that the Leviathan trims are mounted to the track. I also doubt that these are attachment points for proxys, those are typically put straight down the middle of the track ties or attached to the inside of the rails on B&Ms.Edit: Search 'leviathan trim brakes' images to see what Im talking about. Im on mobile, so picture posting is not as convenient as usual.
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