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  1. well i have good news. sourced tell me that a shipment of 4800 glasses are due to arrive on friday (hopefully). were saved!
  2. well it just seems like every ride i touch gets screwed. first eurobungy now action theater. i agree at the start of the day we could send a few cycles but the cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. i give it 4 days max until something needs to be done.
  3. As all of you may know (or not) action theater is in a crisis state. as of today (7/12/04) we have only about 360'sumtin pairs of glasses. thats about two shows or so in rotation at any given time! well we loose about 20-50 pairs a day, so u do the math. will the glasses arrive in time (considering they ordered them which some sources say yes) or will all of action theater's crew be forced to roll around in trash and become drones for ecology. i think that matienence/Sound have stockpiles of un-broken glasses hidden deep within the bowls of action theaters basement. what do you think?
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