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  1. My mind has different states... Where I am right now, I believe my posting will be disjointed, more so than usual. I will try. A few years ago, I spend quite a lot of time reading through this site's archives from around 2002, 2003. That then place, I perceived as having been more belligerent than any KICentral I had seen... And now, have seen. // Important part of the post: Actually, I had to read page five and six of this topic multiple times... and it still doesn't make sense to me! The logical progression... Well, there's none of that. I can't make sense of UncleHenry having 'popped in' where he did, at least in saying what he did. Most of the previous twenty-five posts had, in my eyes, been so ridiculously inexplicit I could barely make out any kind of discussion (much less an argument.) All this speaking, without much of anything being said. Everybody agreeing, saying the same things, running in circles - with nothing new! Had I jumped in like UncleHenry, I would have said,"Let us stop this rubbish lollygagging of verbal expression and discuss this related topic." I could have even said, "We need to get more of an argument going!" ...The way I see it, the word argument is only the negatively connotated parallel to discussion. What even is a discussion forum without argument? An agreement forum?
  2. Was The Crypt's former footprint used, or just the queue line? (...and the antechamber?) //How was the path situated?
  3. How do you navigate the KICentral forums? What is a typical day on these forums like for you?
  4. I'm far from up to date on the "Bluegrass Boardwalk fiasco." Might this of been planned as a preemptive strike to discourage Kentucky Kingdom's reopening, or no?
  5. As soon as I saw a ride was to be renamed, I thought "Prithee, any ride but the Raven!"
  6. They wouldn't. But, theoretically... If this man were again detained by park security, park officials would discover his name on the 'ban' list, and he would be charged with criminal trespassing.
  7. Kings Island Central has two great photo galleries This gallery has relatively recent Kings Island photographs, including aerial views and construction photographs. This much smaller gallery has historical photographs. Every one of the fourteen albums are well worth examining. Some photographs are of rides or attractions I have not seen depicted elsewhere. There are a number of historical Kings Island brochures here. You've been missing out!
  8. From what I've read here, I am led to believe Kings Island was 'better off' sometime in the late seventies or early eighties, under either Taft or KECO. Kings Island was burgeoning. Some say Kings Island looked to be becoming a destination attraction... Circumstances changed, and that too. Cedar Fair did have influence in this- merely as a competitor.
  9. I do not understand why it keeps being discussed renaming Fort Kinzel. Mr. Kinzel is an extremely respected man who was intimately involved in building the Cedar Fair we know (and most of us, love) today. How I see it, changing the name of the fort would be a malicious move, actually mattering only to Mr. Kinzel himself. Why would anybody deprive him of this small gesture, his name being remembered?
  10. I went to Cedar Point for the second time a few weeks ago and experienced things differently than I had during my previous visit. (2006) My four favorite rides of the day even (mildly) surprised me. 1. Skyhawk 2. Disaster Transport 3. WindSeeker 4. Calypso I did not ride maXair or Wicked Twister. I do not find very many roller coasters at Cedar Point 'fun.' On the majority (yes, the majority) of these, I'm too busy bracing myself for the next blow to notice the forces, views, at least to the extent I would like to. That, or uncomfortably being bounced around the inside of the car like a rubber ball. From what it looks, very recent additions to Cedar Point have been going a different direction, in being less violent/ physically draining, up to the upcoming Gatekeeper. I can easily see Gatekeeper taking Disaster Transport's spot in the order of most enjoyed rides during my next visit. (If I do go to Cedar Point again.)
  11. I can't find this thread. Can someone point it out to me? Or does it even exist anymore?
  12. Is it just me, or does Canada's Wonderland progressively become more of a destination park (in terms of attendance) nearly every season?
  13. The new managers of The Beach Waterpark will want to improve attendance while keeping expenses to a minimum. According to the following video... "We're going to spend over a million dollars of new improvements. Four new slides, a new kids' area, a new wave pool. So, by the time someone walks back in the park, it will be completely refurbished." http://www.wlwt.com/news/local-news/news-warren-county/Beach-Waterpark-to-reopen-under-new-name-management/-/13602148/15701846/-/10ahqbu/-/index.html What do you think of these current plans? What course of action do you believe would be most effective? I'll give my ideas after others have had their say... (If others, indeed, have anything to say.) Edit: Left out the video! Fixed.
  14. From what you've posted, I do not understand why the entire family would have gotten kicked out of the park. Did anybody besides that initial woman make a scene?
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