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  1. We discussed this awhile back. Here is the link to the thread if you missed it.... PKI Speils
  2. I still think we should all complain about this. PKI did no promotion of this at all. The only way people actually knew if Days of Thunder was back if they actually went to Action Theater. Why didn't PKI promote this. I think if they promoted this, more people who have rode it.
  3. I doubt it will be replaced by anything. But even though this is sad news, I can kinda see why. When I was in the park on June 5th no one was riding it. So they see it as a waste of employees to operate it if no one is wanting to ride it. Think of how much money the park will save from payroll, and from not running the ride. But this is sad news. We could all send PKI an e-mail and letting them know we are disapointed that it's closed.
  4. Yes the fence was wooden at one time, all around Cobra. But in '99 when the Action Zone opened, the fence was replaced with a chain link fence. Just like all the other chain link fences in Action Zone. The black and red ones.
  5. I don't remember ridership being low on King Cobra, even during the last season "2001". And the arugment about not being able to get parts doesn't make any since to me either. Keep in mind, they are still 2 other TOGO stand up's still in operation at 2 other Paramount Parks. Skyrider at Canada's Wonderland opened just 1 year after Cobra, in 1985. You also have Shockwave which opened at Kings Dominion in 1986. So if parts were hard to come by, why are these 2 still in operation?
  6. I saw Cobra, because I miss the ride, and it was first looping stand up coaster in North America. I miss the pop of air you would get on the ride.
  7. Days of Thunder will be runnin in '04 on B side.
  8. adbort

    Tuesday 5/25

    The park was not busy on Tuesday. Most every ride was either walk on, or had maybe a 10 - 15 minute wait. I walked on Face/Off, Son of Beast, Racer, Vortex, Sponge Bob, The Beast. Delierum I had to wait 1 cycle, I had to wait 3 cycles to get on Drop Zone. I'm not sure about Thursday (today). But with some schools still in session I'm guessing it will be dead today as well. However today is the media event for BB. I'm sure Friday will be busy.
  9. adbort

    Tuesday 5/25

    I forgot to mention something from my trip from yesterday. While riding Drop Zone these kids sitting next to me, probably no older then 13, started to spit as we were almost to the top. I told them not too, I said if they get caught they could get kicked out of the park, or even face mistermenor charges. That it was against Ohio State law to drop anything or spit from the ride, same as the tower. They stopped after I told them that. Kids are so stupid sometimes.
  10. adbort

    Tuesday 5/25

    All i'm saying, is this is the first I have seen all 3 trains being stopped, so I thought it was interesting. As for the train overshooting a little, it did yesterday, and the ride ops (two sups) did indeed open each bar manually using the nails. I do know before the skid breaks were installed, The Beast was the only coaster besides Top Cat's Taxi Jam, that the driver had to stop the ride manually in the station. Not sure if that was changed with the addition of the fin breaks.
  11. adbort

    Tuesday 5/25

    Wow what a great day at PKI. Arrived at the park at about 11:45am, and stayed to about 6pm. First ride of the day was Son of Beast, rode in 1-1. I enjoyed the ride, but it seemed a little rougher from my first ride of the season. My knees keept hitting the grab bar. Delirium was up next, what can I say about this ride, has to be one of the best flat rides ever put into PKI. Loved it, only had to wait 1 cycle to get on. I went on Drop Zone for the first time this year, had about a 3 cycle wait. I hate those seat belts that are on there now, they are different from when they first put belts on the ride. I guess they want to make sure you don't take them off while on the ride. But Drop Zone still gets that rush out of me everytime. Frontwards racer (backwards closed) Walk on ride, running pretty good, only rode once. Went on to FOF after racer, FOF was probably the longest wait all day, waited about 30 minutes. Rode in the front seat, the lights where on in the drum (is this something that has been happening alot this year?) I seen the Cobra trains and what looked to be a car for FOF down their, also a bunch of other things. Went onto SP3D after FOF, seen the new signs about Days of Thunder, I'm really looking forward to riding Days of Thunder again at Action Theater. Funny little fact, Days of Thunder first opened 10 years ago this year. Had to ride Vortex after SP, rode Vortex in 7-1. For some reason the train was in, kept making some really weird noises as it was going around the track, almost sounded as if the cars were going to come undone. I'm one of the few people who doesn't really think Vortex is rough, but today it wasn't running at it's best for some reason. After Vortex it was time for some food, almost every food place in the park was closed today, but I know it was limited operation day, but come on PKI at least give your guests a list of things that will not be open. First walked over to Wings to find it closed, then I remembered while I was in AZ that Stunt Crew grill was open, so I headed over there. But guess what, by the time I got back to Stunt Crew it was closed. So I ended up going to Festhaus, and just having 2 pieces of pizza and some chesse fries. After lunch, I went back to Action Zone to ride Face/Off actually had a walk on ride. Is it me or has this thing got jerky? I banged my ear somewhere while on the ride. I also had my first ride on Congo Falls, I actually got pretty wet while on the ride, and not from the sprayers either so that was cool. ( I hope the rumors of this ride being removed is not true) I went to check out Top Gun for the first time this year, Top Gun was running great, why doesn't people tend to like this ride? After that, we rode The Beast in 1-1. Funny thing happened right before it was our turn to get on. The driver stopped the train passed where it's suspose to stop. So the ride ops on the floor had to use the nails and open up all the bars manully. I also noticed that all 3 trains can now be stopped in a row. You can have 1 train in the station, and 2 on the long break run outside the station. In the past, if you had a train waiting to come into the station, the 3rd train would stop the 2nd lift. So that kinda freaked me out seeing the 3rd train comin in. But with the clamp breaks that make it possible. After The Beast I was ready to go, so I went and bought a couple of t-shirts and I was gone for the day. Something I noticed today, ride ops where being nice with letting people ride again, when they were no line. When I was a PKI ride op we were not permitted to let riders ride again, if they were empty seats.
  12. adbort

    Who will it be?

    Not really sure, as I do not know any of them. But best of luck to all of you.
  13. adbort

    Line Smokers

    I have to agree here. Smoking in line gets on my nerves. I am a smoker, and I do not have a problem waiting in line and not smoking. What really ticks me off is, when your in line for FOF and your inside the buliding and someone light up. That should be common since there, your inside you shouldn't smoke. But I guess this relates alot to people having to smoke while at a restruant, or smoke while eating at a restruant, I never understood that one either.
  14. adbort

    QTV No More?

    Excuse me, but you are wrong. There was QTV in the queue's down by top gun on poles. They were removed at some point...i believe after the first season, that i am not positive on. Go out to the queues and look you can see where they filled in the cement holes. And who do you think you are anyway saying I'm wrong??? How much do you know about that ride? There is a picture of this floating around somewhere...if someone finds it..post it or provide a link. (ie sobrider or azkindaguy - i know you guys are full of pictures) I also do not remember Son of Beast ever having QTV's. You could see some of the QTV Tv's from Top Gun's que when waiting in line for Son of Beast.
  15. adbort

    QTV No More?

    I guess maybe they have changed it around a bit, from years past. I didn't see much from what I was used to see from QTV from the past years. I also seen alot of advertising going on too. They are more VH1 Videos being played then the ones they used too.
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