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  1. I’ve ridden every US giga, and have a coaster count pretty close to 500. While I like Orion, I’m just left wanting a little more. It’s not a miss, but it’s also not a top 5 (for me) The Orion merch, on the other hand, is an absolute home run!
  2. I’m pretty sure PI is run by a third party this year (Midwest Beverage) the same is true for the burger place in Planet Snoopy, and the drink/snack stand closest to ET
  3. Not for the 2018 season. Just not on the face or neck, as I said.
  4. Actually your tattoos shouldn’t be an issue, provided they are not on your face or neck. They also cannot be offensive. Good luck!
  5. Chef Nate isn’t responsible for The Beast hot chocolate.
  6. Those were the days. Who could have known then where I’d end up?
  7. Some of the audio Easter eggs make me wish the ride ops could attempt to keep spieling to a minimum. It sounds like there's some great stuff lost to ride ops entertaining themselves while on the mic.
  8. They are new for 2017. They're also available in Diamondback Trading post and Emporium.
  9. That is absolutely the place to ride. Especially for a first ride.
  10. I like that one, too. And that's a great looking model.
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