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  1. Well, there are these awesome stores that you can get cash for your clothes. The example doesn't really hold water though. Many dresses are returned after dances. Many televisions are returned after the Super Bowl, etc. You can even return a pizza to Marion's if you are not satisfied with a pizza, as long as a certain percentage of the pizza is not eaten. I can't imagine returning a Marion's pizza, its the best )
  2. I would be more apt to spend in the park if it was reasonable. Its just a ripoff at this point. Same reason I don't eat popcorn at the movies.
  3. I think the whole thing is just awful. This late in the season is plain price gouging to me. You're going to punish the kid for growing? That's not right. KI has been doing a lot of things lately that are making me reconsider a season pass next year. Fast Lane on Diamondback-I have been on DB only once this year due to the horrible capacity and I've only been to the park 3 times this season. And the Banshee lockers? I got on with my fanny pack for my first ride ever and it didn't affect my restraints any more than the seat belts on DB. I think it's just a money grab which totally irks me. And now this. I'm with some others on here, they have priced me right out of visiting and I can do other things than get aggravated on my day off from work.
  4. Smoke reported at Flight of Fear.

  5. Your Banshee Experience

    I've only been on it once, but I loved it. Giggled like a fool.
  6. Personal Space in Line

    Had the issue several times. It's either a couple making out or rowdy kids. Irritating to say the least.
  7. Fast Lane Question

    See, that's the point I was trying to make. I have no problem with Fast Lane, its the ratio I have a problem with.
  8. Fast Lane Question

    My opinion-Fast Lane has destroyed the park experience for the person who hasn't purchased it. I agree with the other posters who state the same Fast Lane holders ride repeatedly while the rest of us wait til eternity for one ride. It's not right. I go to the park to have a good time, and this ends up getting me aggravated. To the point, I don't have a pass this year. That's pretty bad. But that's how I feel about it.
  9. I find this whole thing extremely upsetting. I hate to see the fighting, and especially feel bad for Pat.
  10. Ask Mr. Ouimet

    Why that horrid fast pass system was implemented. It has ruined the capacity of the rides, especially Diamondback.
  11. the Bat original POV

    I forgot how jerky that ride was-regardless, it was fun the two times I did get to ride it.
  12. Do you wear a fanny pack to parks

    I wear a belt pack-learned that trick in San Fran. And...I'm in the age group where I don't care if it's cool or not. I don't leave it in the bins to get stolen or in the overpriced lockers for the same reason. All I bring is my wallet and iphone. So far, I have not had a single theft or loss...
  13. Baby born in Firehawk's line?

    So you'll never believe it? No, I highly doubt a woman with child would get in line for a roller coaster... A few years ago, I did see a pregnant woman try to ride flight deck. I was shocked someone could be so ignorant.
  14. KI June 8. 13.

    He's not weird, he's actually a very nice man
  15. http://www.wtvq.com/content/oddnews/story/Loaded-gun-discovered-on-ride-at-Disney-World/K1Q9IGcx7k-fgPyaQiYZcw.cspx Unreal