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  1. Awesome. I worked in mason a week ago and the usual parts were flooded. Hope there’s no damage
  2. I wasn't sure if my last post made up, my phone fouled up. Personally, I'm sick of the whole darn thing. The masks are getting too hard to deal with for me. I'm a copd'er now and have to wear it at work, and I just can't do it much longer. Currently trying to decide what I'm going to do. I resent people shaming me for not wanting to wear it. Have an elephant sit on your chest while laying on your back, put a rope around your neck and tighten it, then put two masks over your mouth and cover your nostrils. That;s how it feels to breathe with this some days. Add a mask and its impossible. 3 months into my new job, and I have called off 3 times. You can see what's probably gonna happen with me. Yet I'm the selfish one for not wanting to wear it. I'm pretty done with the whole thing. See, I'm more worried about cancer. In my family, its 100% fatal; with covid at least you have a chance. I've lost my father, an uncle, an aunt and 2 cousins in the last 4 years from cancer. 4 people I know have passed due to covid, the most recent was a coworker. In a few hours, my sister is having a double mastectomy. I dont give a darn about covid right now. If anyone is wondering, yes I'm vaccinated-but not by choice. Since I took Moderna, I have no recourse if something happens later on
  3. I worked overnight in the park this year-have to say I have never seen anything suspicious
  4. I hope the new pay rate is a permanent change. I left the medical field this year-I can make just as much anywhere else with much less headache.
  5. Sad state of affairs when people have to be given a card to remind them how to behave in public
  6. Hate to say it-but it has outlived its usefulness.
  7. That's what's lacking today-accountability. I dunno. Limit the amount of people in the park?
  8. The whole world has lost their ever loving minds.....
  9. KI has always been the area's biggest babysitter. I can't tell you how many times parents dropped their kids off at the gate and turned around and left. I think the time has come to require chaperones. To be truthful, what I saw from this incident made me sick to my stomach. Not just here, but everywhere. Times are different now, unfortunately
  10. My fear is these restrictions will be permanent. I went to Tennessee 3 weeks ago. They have no mandate, no one was wearing them, their governor did not have a daily talk show spreading fear. I felt free. That being said, I am not dismissing the severity of this. I have been in deep thought for the last few years, especially this past year. I had a family member in my car January 2020 who I thought was going to die in my back seat before we got to the hospital. Since he didn't have insurance, he was sent home, and it was labeled a "virus". I did not wear a mask that day and had no problems. I know 3 people personally who have died from it. As long as masks are required, I dont plan to go anywhere. I can't tolerate them due to breathing issues, and I'm personally tired of being chastised. I'm really glad I got to experience the world before all this. Being on house arrest is it's own special hell. And that is all I will say about this....
  11. Our whole system is unsustainable. They might raise the wage, but I guarantee hours will be cut and it will not benefit anyone. Greed is the reason the lower tier has no money. Honestly, how much money does one at the top really need?
  12. Security 2007-2011. My best memory is the Knievel jump. I was at the main entrance, and as soon as Knievel hit the ground most of the 70,000 folks rushed the gates. After strongly encouraging the sup to let the folks in without worrying about the detectors, things went smooth. Out of all the times I worked that was the best 14 hour shift I've ever had. Physically, I can no longer stand for hours on end, but if I was able I would apply again in a heartbeat. I miss the folks I worked with, especially Ed Frey. Best sup and friend I've had in my years of working.
  13. Can't wait. Weather permitting I am going New Years Eve
  14. This should have never been removed. I partially learned to drive on these things. It's a cherished memory for me as it's something me and my dad did together. I lost him last year, and I'm really glad it's coming back
  15. Sounds fun. I may make an appearance as long as the weather is not too brutal
  16. Toilet needs.....what a way to go. But sounds like he kinda brought it on himself. I was always worried going back there the monorail would become stuck and we would be forced to exit. Uh uh.
  17. Well, there are these awesome stores that you can get cash for your clothes. The example doesn't really hold water though. Many dresses are returned after dances. Many televisions are returned after the Super Bowl, etc. You can even return a pizza to Marion's if you are not satisfied with a pizza, as long as a certain percentage of the pizza is not eaten. I can't imagine returning a Marion's pizza, its the best )
  18. I would be more apt to spend in the park if it was reasonable. Its just a ripoff at this point. Same reason I don't eat popcorn at the movies.
  19. I think the whole thing is just awful. This late in the season is plain price gouging to me. You're going to punish the kid for growing? That's not right. KI has been doing a lot of things lately that are making me reconsider a season pass next year. Fast Lane on Diamondback-I have been on DB only once this year due to the horrible capacity and I've only been to the park 3 times this season. And the Banshee lockers? I got on with my fanny pack for my first ride ever and it didn't affect my restraints any more than the seat belts on DB. I think it's just a money grab which totally irks me. And now this. I'm with some others on here, they have priced me right out of visiting and I can do other things than get aggravated on my day off from work.
  20. http://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/warren-county/mason/fire-reported-at-kings-islands-flight-of-fear-roller-coaster-again
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