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  1. Kings Island Easter Eggs

    The boat that has the menu on it outside Island Smokehouse says SC0517 or something like that on it, for Soak City 05/17, I guess.
  2. Mystic Timbers Construction Progress

    It had them during the Starlight Spectacular era on the back, not sure if they're still there or not.
  3. EPCOT is getting a coaster

    A Wall-E update for Universe of Energy would have been cute. Or, you know, something thematically appropriate for the park it's in.
  4. EPCOT is getting a coaster

    Why not revisit the old Japan pavilion bullet train coaster concept? Or do literally anything but water the park down even more? Not every park is Fantasyland.
  5. Journey Into Your Imagination took like a year, and look how that turned out.
  6. KI Food Service Ideas

    Note that it doesn't seem to have a barcode reader to accept dining plans...
  7. Ringling: The End of An Era

    Worlds of Fun had a show that sounds similar to the KI one, and they did exactly that.
  8. Kings Island gold pass dining options...

    The app started working for me when I cleared the data. Seems like the data might have gotten messed up in an update or something.
  9. KI Now Offers B-Day Party service!

    I'm trying to behave. Honest.
  10. Columbus Zoo Going Smoke Free

    Those comments, though.
  11. Rock work sign at new parking lot entrance?

    I've always liked that Cedar Fair exclamation point logo. Shame it was never more widely used.
  12. New Family Care Center for 2016

    I'd assume it would be in place of the old Baby Care Center, across from a certain chicken restaurant.
  13. New Family Care Center for 2016

    https://www.visitkingsisland.com/plan-a-visit/family-care-center Happened to notice this while browsing the website!