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  1. They have to be done together for both to be on the payment plan. Otherwise, the dining plan has to be paid in full at the park.
  2. Or, if you go to the actual FAQ linked under Plan a Visit, no FUN Perks. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/plan-a-visit/frequently-asked-questions (Odd that there's two, but the /faq one seems to be a combination of all the pages that have those annoying "click-to-open" boxes, for some reason...)
  3. Or it could be that CP was wrong and has been corrected...
  4. I beg to differ - sure, the Princess Fairytale Hall may not be your cup of tea, but by no means is a young adult male the target audience. It's a great addition that helps concentrate some high-demand characters in a single spot. And regarding Maelstrom, in my opinion, that attraction is outdated and a Frozen overhaul is the fresh new life that it - and World Showcase in general - desperately needs. Sure, the back half of Epcot is beautiful and highly detailed, but it's extremely lacking, especially for children. Including Disney characters into the attractions is a genius idea, and I hope it's only due time until we see Ratatouille in France, Alice in Wonderland in United Kingdom, etc. My main issue is outright replacing things rather than updating and adding things. When's the last time that World Showcase got a new attraction? Plus, Maelstrom is still popular... wasn't it originally on the higher tier for FP+? Just wait until Frozen is passé and Disney doesn't update the attraction... like happened with Dinosaur, It's Tough To Be A Bug, HISTA, that Narnia thing in DHS, etc. For the record, I thought that having the Frozen meet and greet in Norway was a good idea and it's stupid that they moved it back to MK. Seems more like someone trying to justify the Fantasyland redo... anyway, it would have been nice if they updated Snow White (like Alice in Wonderland at DL) and put the meet and greet area somewhere else. I do appreciate that they didn't try to shoehorn it into Tomorrowland or Frontierland or something, but it's a shame to lose another classic ride for more characters. At least they didn't come at the cost of an awesome castle walkthrough like Tokyo Disneyland.
  5. Something? Yes. Something good? No. At least they're not doing something stupid like ruining Norway with Frozen crap... oh, wait.
  6. Yesssssssssssssssss!! That wasn't "no, too scary", it was "no, too boring". I went on the Chance Aviator at Elitch Gardens, and it was terribly boring.
  7. Noooooooooo. https://www.chancerides.com/rides/aviator.html
  8. I would be happy with green and the current support color. Maybe yellow rails. Red, yellow, and blue never seemed to suit Mantis: TCFKAB to me.
  9. I'm not Alice, but as I recall, none of their effects work. It doesn't even stop at the midcourse...
  10. The discount is off the full price of $59.99, not the online discounted price.
  11. I'd bet "I came to the park at 9pm and nobody was checking gold passes in gold pass parking!" has something to do with it too.
  12. And that'll presumably keep Kingda Ka down, too, right? Yeesh! Who could've foreseen that clipping a record-shattering Intamin ride onto a record-shattering Intamin ride in New Jersey would lead to downtime? I wouldn't call Kingda Ka record-shattering, really.
  13. It's surreal seeing one of these at a non-CF park. Also, I'm impressed that they did knott mention anything about certain issues with certain rides in that video.
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