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  1. The first time I saw that causeway sign, I couldn't help but laugh.
  2. I mean, it's not like California Adventure and Hollywood Studios are similar at all.
  3. They have something similar now, Beagle Bucks. They're more like card stock, but are still really cute.
  4. "You'll never leave Bleakstone Manor... never! AAAAAAHHHHHH!"
  5. I think I've said this before on here, but #yolo. Throw out Oktoberfest as a themed area (let's face it, it's seen better days and basically exists only on the map) and make what currently is Oktoberfest part of International Street, or call it International Festival like Canada's Wonderland has. Panda Express and LaRosa's stay in Festhaus, but the stage doesn't. Sorry, I don't like trying to shout over One Direction while ordering food or trying to eat. Add two new "international" food options to Festhaus. Burn the current tables and benches in a bonfire and replace them with small tables like the other restaurants in the park. Redecorate and repaint the inside to look bright and cheery, not dark like it does currently. Edit: http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/28619-oktoberfest-through-the-years/?p=577324
  6. I have a question about that. Do they let the employee actually know a guest was pleased and keep up the good job? Is there an employee appreciation program within the park? It has to be a very trying job and recognizing your employees would make that job easier on them.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Yes.
  7. Butterbeer worked because it was already a thing in the source material. You read the books and see it in the movie and are like, "I wonder what that tastes like!". Same thing with Duff Beer that's at USO now. Disney has tried to copy its success, but it's just not going to work unless it's something people already want. There's nothing in the Peanuts universe I can think of that is quite like Butterbeer. Now, blue ice cream soda, on the other hand...
  8. There is music in Boo Blasters, at least in the dining room scene and on. I think it might be new music this year.
  9. Time Warp isn't that bad, but it's certainly not good. Don't pass up their really good selection of flats!
  10. I like how the projector is still turned on for that effect with nothing displaying on it.
  11. Theoretically, the load area could be moved, but that would be a real journey into your imagination...
  12. FYI, they actually do have handouts now that have all the meals included listed and an explanation of each of the three dining plans. Not 100% sure where all they're available, but the ticket windows and Help Center should have them.
  13. I used to have a WDW/Disneyland picture book that showed the bubble top monorails. I thought they were REALLY cool. It also had Adventures Thru Inner Space and other awesome retired attractions. Oh, the money I'd pay for admission to a Yesterland park, featuring the old monorails, ATIS, Horizons, Future World circa 1996 (things like I remember growing up but with World of Motion still open!), El Rio De Tiempo, Mr. Toad, Monster Sound Show, Take Flight!, Millennium Village, and maybe even the original Dinosaur Jubilee tent from AK (hey, some of us liked that!).
  14. Does it have that patented Disney monorail smell? Because I really want them to make an air freshener of that. Or lorange scent.
  15. Exactly what it says on the handout- taco salad, burrito, 2 tacos, or burrito bowl and chips and salsa, guacamole, or queso dip. We did have to ask for the chips and salsa but that was probably because we didn't remember to mention we had the dining plan. It's a really good amount of food, too.
  16. Aaaaaand apparently I wasn't paying that much attention since thankfully we didn't have the DDP when we went to Disney a few years ago (I can't picture trying to decide where I want to eat months or advance or hoping that a restaurant has a spot open... we were there during the busy season). I could swear I remember things not being included with it (thus the servers always asking "Are you on the dining plan?"), but apparently it's changed or something. I just hope the KI dining plans don't lead to the food experience changing like it did at Disney (which admittedly is a correlation/causation thing, but it does seem like the restaurants changed after DDP and especially free dining were introduced)- I was seriously impressed seeing the portions at Hank's and I'd hate for that to change.
  17. Disney's seems quite complicated, judging from their website... https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/vacation-packages/2014/dining/ And not everything is included, at least not as a snack credit.
  18. They actually do have the meals you can get marked on the menu- it's the small dining plan logo that's on the flyer (by the part that says "Look for the Dining Plan symbol at participating locations throughout the park!"). The people working at Hank's yesterday were pretty knowledgable about what was included, if they don't know for sure if something is or not they should be able to check and find out for you.
  19. Any ticket window does the parking refunds, but as long as your voucher hasn't been scanned at the tolls already once it should work.
  20. Aww, I was hoping it'd be the dancing cats. Or Fred Flintstone dancing with a carrot. ┬┐Por que no los dos?
  21. I love the upbeat music it plays during the weather forecast. I wonder if it plays sad music when it's raining? (kidding...)
  22. Judging from the logo, FUNtv looks right. This video was on in line for Boo Blasters today. The crowd thought it was quite... odd, to say the least.
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