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  1. TTD-120-420

    Disney World updates

    I believe passholder and employee previews will be going on during that week, so you might have a chance at a soft opening between those times.
  2. TTD-120-420

    Disney World updates

    Pandora had a media day today. While the land is obviously stunning and an engineering marvel, the river ride looks meh. http://attractionsmagazine.com/tour-the-rides-restaurants-and-shops-of-pandora-the-world-of-avatar-at-disneys-animal-kingdom/
  3. If you think that account is ran by anyone other than Tony or his former intern Jordan, you're mistaken.
  4. TTD-120-420

    If Cedar Fair got another park

    If we're talking ones that might actually be up for sale sometime soon, I'd put Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I wouldn't like to see it because I don't think Cedar Fair would handle the theming very well, but, then again, neither has SeaWorld as of late.
  5. I unfortunately went. We waiting 2 hours to get parked, walked in, couldn't move, said "nope" and then left.
  6. TTD-120-420

    Disney World updates

    I have heard Christmas season of 2018.
  7. TTD-120-420

    Are Water Rides Dying Out?

    The log flume at Busch Gardens Williamsburg just completed a complete restoration project. I think most parks already have the necessary water rides. When Universal opens their third park, it'll be interesting to see if they put a water ride in it.
  8. TTD-120-420

    Silver Dollar City advice

    Outlaw Run was perfection. The food was not Dollywood level but was still delicious. The cave tour blew my mind. Highly recommend.
  9. I rode Tempesto in October. Nothing special.
  10. TTD-120-420

    Silver Dollar City advice

    Update: this is now my favorite non-Orlando theme park.
  11. My girlfriend is taking me to Silver Dollar City tomorrow for my Christmas gift. Besides the obvious (Outlaw Run) what should we check out? What food is good?
  12. ^ I've heard the same thing. Oddly enough, they are doing cast previews of Rivers of Light the next couple of weekends. Only 6 months late!
  13. Just remember that Rivers of Light had a rough opening date too, and we see where that went.
  14. Wet 'n Wild Orlando is still open and will remain open through December 31, per their website: http://www.wetnwildorlando.com/ Good catch. Thanks for the correction.
  15. I have read rumors that this will only be open to guests staying onsite at Universal. While I doubt that, I do agree that they will limit the capacity similar to Discovery Cove. They already tested this at Wet and Wild before it closed earlier this year.