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  1. Maverick number one! Haven't been on DB yet. Adventure Express was my first real coaster when I was 5, and I remember lots of cool theming and it was a fun ride.
  2. 1. beastfan26 2. rcfreak339 3. standbyme 4. RailRider 5. courtney 6. TTD-120-420 Won't go till June. I'm going to CP May 29th for my Bday though!
  3. Sounds really fun! What did you think about the final helix? Others have said its not really forcefull at all.
  4. Ok so if DB's line is 5-6 hours and beast's line is one hour there is a lot of people at the park. They have to be raking in the money today.
  5. Don't know if i'm the first one to post this but here is the new sign: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_e6DmX3i-ePM/Sd6l...BeastSign01.jpg The blog: http://www.kingsislandinsider.blogspot.com/
  6. Anyways other than my joke I was just stating how I think the DB sign would look cool with lit torches on each side of the logo.
  7. Oh ok I guess my Six Flags joke was a bit much. Sorry.
  8. Did anybody else notice that like a whole page of this thread just vanished?
  9. I found a link. http://www.visitkingsisland.com/mediakit/i...09ki_topics.pdf There is a place where you can contact Don for help. Thanks for the help.
  10. That was a very fast reply thank you! I know the radio stations here in Lima go to Cp everytime they have a new ride, but I'v never heard them go to KI. Kings Island must not invite this far up north.
  11. Maverick is good at CP, but its outstanding during the day also. I'm positive Diamondback will be great at night. The woods will be really dark and the ride will be a blast.
  12. How does a radio station, news station, etc. . . get invited to Media Day? Does the park pick out who it wants to be there or can the radio station contact the park and get an invite? No this is not a "Howz do me get to Media Day??!!!1111" question this is for the actual media. Thanks for the help. . .
  13. Really, it doesn't? Its a giant B&M Hyper just like Diamondback. It has hills, an overbank (hammerhead), and around the same angle of descent as Diamondback. All DB has over Behemoth is the splash down. I think they are pretty alike.
  14. Lets think here a bit. The water isn't going to do much to the track. All of the track will get wet sometime because of rain. Yes the splashdown track will get hit with water much more often but its just water. Its not going to cause the track to turn bad. Maybe a different color, but nothing really noticable.
  15. You people here at KI are a bunch of greedy people aren't ya? Your getting a B&M hyper and your still complaining about names and theming of other coasters at the park. Atleast your getting a great ride while my number one love, Cedar Point, is getting new fountains.
  16. Why would there be a need for a waterfall in to the splashdown area? Earlier a guy said to get oxygen to the water and prevent algae. Wont the splash by the train every 3 minutes take care of all that?
  17. Last night I had a dream that I was on Diamondback with all the construction workers. I heard on a show that the first real riders of coasters are the construction workers, so I was first to ride with them. It was pretty sweet.
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