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  1. I have read rumors that this will only be open to guests staying onsite at Universal. While I doubt that, I do agree that they will limit the capacity similar to Discovery Cove. They already tested this at Wet and Wild before it closed earlier this year.
  2. I remember now. This has me confused. http://www.cleveland.com/onstage/index.ssf/2010/08/new_ride_at_cedar_point_tops_o.html "That wager is being complicated by threats of legal action from Funtime Group, an Australian-based ride manufacturer that claims it holds the U.S. patent on the ride. Funtime built what is believed to be the world tallest swing ride, the 384-foot StarFlyer in Vienna, Austria."
  3. The only time I walked by it was during the Halloween Party, so I'm not sure what is going on with it during the day.
  4. We were at Magic Kingdom on Wednesday and Friday. Stitch is being used as a trick or treat location.
  5. I land in Orlando on Wednesday. This will be interesting.
  6. I'd like to comment on the annual pass price increase. While I don't agree with the people who say it's too expensive and every family should be able to visit (no, you're not born with the right to go to Disney World) I do agree people should be mad. Where is the increased value? People are paying more for a lot less than what they used to be getting. 80% of Hollywood Studios is closed. Things are closing left and right. And they want you to pay more for that. At least with the Universal pass increase they have new offerings every year.
  7. They have a CookOut in Lexington so I love that place.
  8. The thing I don't get with Avatar is how are they going to sell stuff in that land? This is supposed to be a response to Harry Potter down the street (a very very late response), which has Butterbeer and tons of other stuff from the movies to make a ton of money off of. What from the Avatar movie can be merchandised? Was there any mention of food in that movie? It's hard to profit off that.
  9. I was at KK yesterday, and I think it was pretty cool. Obviously it was kind of sketchy, but if you go in not expecting much after reading the abundance of negative comments in this thread you come out pretty surprised. Lightning Run and Storm Chaser convinced me that I am getting old. Those rides kicked my butt and after 6 rides on each, my thighs are bruised.
  10. How is one person operating two rides simultaneously even legal?? That has to be at least top 3 in the list of the absolute stupidest things that clown has pulled yet! This is common with children's rides, but for coasters that is insane.
  11. Sort of off topic, but what department do most GMs come from? I know of a couple park GMs that were directors of games and merchandise before they got bumped up to GM and I know of a couple from marketing and a couple from operations too. Is there a better off department?
  12. I am happy to say I will be visiting this park next weekend with Coasterfanatic2012. I never thought I would actually go, but I had a friend on Facebook say he had a bunch of free tickets and was giving them to whoever wanted them. I have two and now I'll get to experience this park and all its glory.
  13. https://www.buzzfeed.com/stephaniemcneal/harambe-school-photo?utm_term=.rtOVVpZze#.yypppbVkz
  14. Which parks are expecting big things?
  15. Rolling it in to the price of admission with Cedar Point is absolutely not the end game. That is a driving factor for some people to stay at the resorts.
  16. If you have a big tv, orange scented spray, and a fan I feel like you can skip Soarin. What a waste.
  17. WHY ARE THEY REPLACING RIDES? Disney has a ton of room, why are they repeatedly just replacing rides? Add rides! Add capacity! Keep the classics, while building new ones. There is no reason the Frozen ride couldn't have received a totally new ride instead of being shoehorned into Maelstrom.
  18. Today's Q2 earnings call for Cedar Fair. http://seekingalpha.com/article/3995395-cedar-fairs-fun-ceo-matthew-ouimet-q2-2016-results-earnings-call-transcript?part=single (sorry if you're already talking about this elsewhere, I just stay down here in the Off Topic and Other Amusement Parks sections)
  19. It actually re-opened on the 4th. Check out Spiderman's entrance to the reopening ceremony.
  20. Having worked at three theme parks, I can honestly say if everyone that drank underage were to get caught, you might have enough staffing for a food stand to be open. (Not me, I don't drink)
  21. I believe so, but have no proof. It also has more supports now than when it opened.
  22. But Maverick was the first Terra-coaster and had the first Horseshoe roll element.
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