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  1. It's about time. This plot of land is huge, and I hope they use it to its full potential.
  2. The only similarity besides the name and the big ape is the giant skull that is in both the trailer and movie poster, is in the first physical set you drive through on the ride. Movie Poster: Universal Creative's Mike West in front of the ride:
  3. I have watched it and ridden the ride. While there are similarities, they aren't closely related to each other. I was in Hawaii while they were shooting for the new movie. The set pieces are a lot smaller in person then what they appear to be in the trailer!
  4. What doesn't give me much hope for this project is the timeframe. They're closing it early next year and reopening it with the new overlay for the summer. That's not a lot of time. This is going to be quick and cheap.
  5. ^ Regarding the old dorms, I was told in my Cedar Point interview, that happened in January of 2015, that those dorms would be taken down for the "2016 addition." Obviously that didn't actually happen, so something in the Valravn plans changed. If they didn't take them down for that project, I don't see them taking down the dorms for another expansion.
  6. I saw your avatar and got excited that Young Stud was back.
  7. I'll be visiting EPCOT in October and I'm very excited to check this out!
  8. I was one at Busch for part of our internship. That was a fun day! Any word on the Mean Streak rumors? Haven't heard about that in a long time.
  9. I was right in the middle of the Dallas shooting last week, and I think this is just another example of if someone wants to kill people they are going to kill people and there isn't much you can do about it. I know what I am about to say is a terrible thing, but it is really how I feel. Humans have been killing other humans since the beginning of mankind and it is foolish to think it will ever stop. You can legislate out guns, you can set up as many security protocols as you want, but the terrible people of the world will always find a way to be terrible. (See the truck attack in Nice.) I'm not saying we shouldn't keep trying to make it stop, but I am saying this has been going on since before us and will continue long after we're gone. I will however continue to live my life without fear and not limit myself on what I can experience because of these reoccurring events.
  10. I just got back from our trip and we were able to ride Kong twice. My group of three sat in the back row each time. I was in the middle of the row the first time and was blown away. Everything worked, everything was beautiful, and I would give it a 9 out of 10. The second ride I was on the far left side. This was a disappointing ride. The left is by far the most boring side, and if you are sitting on the outer edge of the row, you can see the top of the screens in the 360 room, which kind of kills the effect. I would give this seat a 6 out of 10. Overall the ride is fantastic. The queue line was amazing and my girlfriend collapsed to the ground when one of the natives popped out of nowhere to scare her. It put the biggest smile on my face. The whole area (mini-land) is beautiful and I recommend everyone to go check it out. I would put this as the third best ride in Islands of Adventure behind Spiderman and Forbidden Journey.
  11. I've wanted them to turn this area into Bikini Bottom for a long time.
  12. Because E.T. is awesome and should last for all of eternity. I heard the real reason is Spielberg won't let them replace it. I think you answered your own question in a way. Jimmy Fallon is that lower tiered attraction. Secret Life of Pets is on its way to the park, another lower level attraction. I'd even throw Fast and the Furious in that because that attraction will become an after thought for most. As for cleaning and TLC, I believe Hulk and the super hero island is that first step. That whole land is getting freshened up with Hulk's upgrade. As for Skull Island, I'm really nervous because this hasn't opened yet. They are still having Gringotts' level difficulties during soft openings on a ride system that isn't really that new. I thought my 2nd week of July trip was planned far enough out that it would be fully open, but now I'm worried I won't be able to ride it at all. RailRider, did the two motion bases work for your ride? Those seem to be the biggest problem during soft openings, and is really hit or miss if people experience them or not.
  13. ^^There is argument that it would be more cost effective to pay more than minimum wage and retain the same employees, than to pay for the on-boarding/training of new employees. There is a reason companies try to keep their turnover rate so low.
  14. I'm sure you of all people know by now, but Universal is testing out a line reservation system right now at Wet n Wild before that park kicks the bucket. It is assumed that they are ironing out the logistics now, so it is ready for a full roll out when Volcano Bay opens next summer.
  15. And then an unresponsive guest rolls into the station and the lawyers have a field day wit the "this ride might be your last" part.
  16. I believe he/she was commenting more on the reliability and ability to open rides on time and not the innovation.
  17. Just noticed my quotes above were broken, I apologize. I can't get it to work, though.
  18. I don't know about Diamondback, but the person spieling on Gatekeeper has absolutely nothing to do with the dispatching of trains. The position of spieler has three duties: Spieling, working the handicap elevator for guests, and placing VIP groups. Never in the history of Gatekeeper have they held up a train because the crowd wasn't loud enough. Management would crucify the crew right there in front of everyone if even a spare second went by that train wasn't dispatched and could have been. [quote name="Honorarius" post="734628" timestamp="1466256381" Even WORSE is the 'Welcome back riders, how was your ride?' and the restraints not being released until they get a good response... The ride is over, let us off... Again, this has absolutely nothing to do with spieling. Almost every single coaster's restraints are released by the computer or by a mechanical process when the train is fully parked. They're not keeping you on the train because of your response. All that being said, I freaking hate spieling. Busch Gardens was a blessing to me. Only spieling when we were shut down for whatever reason. The crew definitely needs the mic though to be able to communicate with each other. Most of the major theme parks have headsets for each crew member, but I doubt CF would splurge for that. I believe in the mid to late 2000s Cedar Point opened one season with nearly all rides having automated spieling. For whatever reason, the community on point buzz flipped out and said it was making the park "more corporate" and less unique. The automated spiels were gone by the next season.
  19. I'm guilty of this myself. This past spring break we went to Hawaii and I on more than one occasion swam and jumped off rocks and other things that probably weren't the smartest thing to do. I wouldn't say it was because I paid good money and can do what I want, it's probably more that I'm super adventurous and a daredevil (AKA stupid) and a few signs aren't going to infringe on that.
  20. Yeah, but the government has drones and other stuff that will put your guns to shame should that happen.
  21. I'm going to stay out of the gun conversation, but I would like to have a discussion on the effectiveness of park metal detectors and bag searches. Is it really a deterrent? In my opinion it is more of a "keep the public's minds at ease" kind of tactic. I waited in a huge mass of people for forty minutes to get past Universal's security checkpoint and into the parks. A shooter would have way more casualties shooting into this concentrated mass of people that are ironically waiting for a practice that is supposed to make them safer. Also, guess what repeatedly gets through security checkpoints without even as much as a search? Strollers. I've witnessed so many huge strollers zoom on by security it is unbelievable, especially when those would probably be the most likely way to sneak in a gun to the park. I don't know though. I admittedly don't have any of the answers, but I do think living in fear is exactly what these dbags want and for the most part we're satisfying them.
  22. I know Dollywood is held pretty high, but I still find it underrated. The food is so good.
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