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  1. I wouldn't say it is a rough ride, but it definitely has some weird/annoying vibrations to it. I think it would have been better if it was a MACK coaster, but what do I know.
  2. Here's an idea for the kids that don't want to be scared in line: don't ride. Not everything has to be 100% completely family friendly. That's a main reason I love Universal over Disney.
  3. Yesterday USA Today released a new article with never before seen pictures of the ride/que/animatronic. http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/experience/america/2016/06/03/skull-island-reign-kong-universal-orlando-sneak-peek-exclusive/85312242/ BETTER YET: Team member previews started today and are ongoing tomorrow night. Tuesday is the rumored public soft openings. I'M DYING FROM ANTICIPATION. I don't know how i'm going to wait until mid July.
  4. I dont think anyone answered this when I asked last month: What does the Shoot the Rapids area look like? Did they take it down or is it SBNO?
  5. Depending on how long you're staying and how many people are going with you, there are many cabins and houses for rent in the area that end up being way less money than a hotel. We've had a lot of luck through this site the couple times we have went: https://www.vrbo.com
  6. As someone who helped implement the Busch tours, I would definitely recommend it! Now Cedar Point's for 200 bucks? Probably not.
  7. Onride audio produced by the frontman of Fall Out Boy. This is going to be a hell of a ride.
  8. I agree regarding coasters like Maverick, but come on. This thing's main selling point is a giant straight down drop. I'm not saying they should have made it bigger (I think they should have made something else entirely, but that's not for this thread) but you can't just throw that "Bigger isn't always better" tagline out there when that is comparing apples and oranges.
  9. What does the Shoot the Rapids area look like?
  10. Are they still going to rename this park? It seems like over a year ago Iger announced it was going to be changed and then nothing since.
  11. Apparently they are having trouble with the animatronic "drivers" on the trucks.
  12. According to some insiders, cast members assigned to Kong now have their costumes and are to report to their work location starting tomorrow. They're saying construction walls are supposed to come down Thursday, and soft opens are possible over the weekend. I'm so freaking excited.
  13. I remember at Gatekeeper last year we would only allow re-rides if it was a cold/windy morning when we would need weight of passengers to send the train.
  14. I believe they just announced a Jungle Book show today.
  15. ^Rumors on Twitter are saying that the executives had a private showing of Rivers Of Light and were so unsatisfied with it that they are wanting major changes. Thus the delay. Obviously just rumors, but interesting either way.
  16. I remember Cedar Point also releasing numbers in a blog post.
  17. "What have they done yet to deserve any slack being cut?" Oh, I don't know, maybe rescued and rehabbed over 25,000 animals.
  18. I would almost bet my life that Cedar Point is not in the running for a Winterfest type event.
  19. Aren't the Legolands fairly new? When did those parks open?
  20. Also, Busch rarely runs all of their trains. Max capacity is rare.
  21. They can "clean" these things with wipes all they want, but using straps on my face that just touched someone else's (probably) gross sweaty face is not something I'm ever going to do.
  22. I know you're being facetious, but people who really say stuff like that drive me insane. "Cheap and boring" I think it can be applied to Disney moreso than Universal. http://www.coastergallery.com/2003/ak06.html Can we agree this part of Animal Kingdom looks on par with Six Flags America as far as tackiness goes?
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