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  1. There is nothing wrong with Vortex if you are asking homestar.
  2. Is that really comparable, though? I'm sure the people willing to commute 2 to 5 hours a day have a job worth doing so for. A career job. Driving that far at the age of 16 or whatever for just a summer job doesn't seem apples to apples to me.
  3. ^I find it funny that Pandora spends so much money to sponsor Wishes every night, and when they are announced as such over the park speakers people always think it is Pandora Radio and not the jewelers.
  4. Stitch's Great Escape is down for refurbishment as of today.
  5. About the same as any other petting zoo in the summer? This isn't a new thing.
  6. Congrats! Do you know how many comp tickets Cedar Fair gives to employees?
  7. Other than Cedar Point and sometimes KI, I really don't even think about Ohio anymore. I don't miss it at all.
  8. Especially now that a certain intern won't be returning.
  9. I mean, isn't that basically what the monorail is other than the TTA is open air cabins? East side of the hub expansion opened today.
  10. ^That's the main reason I like Spiderman over Transformers. Transformers is a lot of the same thing over and over again (robots fighting) and it just gets old. I rarely ride it anymore.
  11. Lol - I sleep with the Islands of Adventure Port of Entry song loop sometimes.
  12. I disagree with Transformers being better than Spiderman. To me, there is a lot more detail in the physical sets on Spiderman than on Transformers.
  13. I went today as a guest and the west side of the hub expansion opened this morning. It's pretty fancy.
  14. Yeah I constantly hear that Pirates is down on the radio. I believe they opened the hub extension this week, or at least part of it, but I'm not 100% sure as I'm not on Main Street.
  15. I've done it twice and I would say it is worth the money (even though I was paid to do it both times). It's very cool to see Lochness Monster's old blueprints and computer room, as well as walking around the top of Griffon for a few minutes. Let me know who does your tour!
  16. I'm excited for the new fire pits on the beach. I can see myself spending a lot of nights after work chilling there with an Arnold Palmer.
  17. As always, the topic where the kid was trying to find the girl of his dreams that he met in a gift shop.
  18. They are also tearing down the dorms across the street from where the Good Time Theater was. This is a huge area for something.
  19. Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid is closed until sometime next month.
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