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  1. It's insane how much effort I have to put in to tell if it is a real picture or animation in some of those shots.
  2. Yeah, God forbid a park trying to stay afloat put in a game that makes a ton of profit. It's all about the enthusiasts, right?
  3. As a person who eats at weird times (first meal of the day was at 8:15pm) this would not work for me. I wouldn't have bought it anyways, as I probably won't make it to KI this year.
  4. Is it possible to move the ads somewhere else on the page? It looks weird dividing the topics.
  5. That's a strong take ya have there, Gator.
  6. As long as I have been on here I have seen many posts talk about Jeff Siebert and how he was a creative genius when it came to marketing and PR. I wasn't really around here when he worked for Kings Island (1999-2005, according to his LinkedIn profile) so can anyone tell me what kind of things he did to be regarded as one of the best in the industry? I know he is now with Six Flags and was briefly with Schlitterbahn. Has he done anything recently that resembles the kind of stuff he did at Kings Island? I have three days off and I'm already bored; this is the result.
  7. I forgot to say that about once every two weeks I will listen to nothing but John Mayer. My sister calls my car the "Mayer Mobile."
  8. Classic rock, indie, alternative. I've been listening to a lot of Young the Giant.
  9. Picture an amusement park themed to a ghetto. That is SFA.
  10. http://www.dailypress.com/business/tidewater/va-vg-jcc-busch-gardens-carl-lum-interview-20150116-story.html Poor Carl. Even what should be a fun off season article comes off as a sad story. I really like Carl, and even talked to him over the holidays when I ran into him in Tomorrowland. I could tell this season really took it out of him. What really blows my mind is they are not announcing the new coaster. At all. He says they will have an announcement in March. The park opens in March!
  11. When I'm paying close to 300 for my Universal pass, nine bucks is a steal.
  12. How much is a ticket for White Lightning? I haven't went to that place because I thought they had admission tickets, but if it is pay per ride, I'd give the woodie a try.
  13. Is it a requirement to be involved with hockey before working PR jobs at KI?
  14. Talk about safety. Theme park hiring managers love safety.
  15. Right, the elevator part of Gringotts' que is a ride by itself.
  16. KI has an abundance of nice napping spots.
  17. As said a few posts above yours, I waited 20 to 30 minutes in the regular line yesterday. To be honest, the time in the regular line goes by fast as there are multiple things to look at and do while you are in line.
  18. I have never read a HP book or watched more than twenty minutes of any of the movies. That being said, I spent two hours in Diagon Alley today. Just today. I rode Gringotts (20 minute wait) watched the dragon spit fire multiple times, watched people use their interactive wands, drank the warm version of Butterbeer, and just walked around. It is beautiful and fun. Same goes for the IoA side with Hogwarts. I love it.
  19. And now to humanize this topic a bit... I present to you a old photograph of Mr. Kinzel when he was celebrating his 2nd birthday. This picture was in a Christmas card to me from my great grandmother. She is first cousins with Dick and his siblings, and is actually really close with his sister.
  20. When Magic Kingdom closes at 8pm. So thankful.
  21. I think it would be cool to experiment with an "Up and Coming Week" where KI brings in musicians that aren't big or mainstream yet. It would be cheaper than bringing in other artists and being a "hipster" and liking non mainstream music is really big right now.
  22. I think they would be way out of KI's budget.
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