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  1. I went to Kings Dominion a week and a half ago with my brother and a couple friends and it is my favorite park I have been to. We rode all the coasters and the longest wait we experienced was for Flight of Fear because it went down. Most coasters were walk ons or had a 10-15 min. wait. It was awesome. The highlights was their version of Crypt, Volcano, I305, and Dominator The worst part was their Flight of Fear. The train seemed smaller and less comfortable and it went down so that didn't help. Its still a good ride though.
  2. The weather in the Cincinnati area has been awesome lately. The temps. have been reasonable along with the humidity. Also the skies have been clear. I know a lot of my friend have gone to the park this week so I have a feeling that is a trend everywhere in the area.
  3. Thought this would go well in this thread. I305 now has the over the shoulder straps that were described before the season instead of the ones like Maverick has. My link -Source TPR & Coaster Crew Another PIC -TPR
  4. I had no problem using my platinum pass at Cedar Point Memorial Day weekend. I used it at the marina entrance, resort entrance, and parking lot entrance. It worked as expected all 3 days.
  5. It always great to hear how people can enjoy themselves without riding a single ride. You really don't see a lot of these type of trip reports.
  6. No, they are magnetic so they do not touch the trains at all. They are like the trims on Beast. It is not costly to maintain them and they do not effect the train as much as you think. I am willing to bet it is cheaper to maintain with the trims then it is without the trims.
  7. So does Firefox... So does Safari....
  8. I think I was 5ish because I rode Lightning racer around 8 yrs. old and I rode Beasty and Teddy Bear at Stricker's Grove Before that.
  9. Actually they are Gerstlauer trains not GCI. Had to point that out.
  10. On saturday I heard a kid say "Seahawk is the new name for Top Gun and Tomb Raider hasn't been changed at all". This happened while he was looking at a map. Thats not an exact quote but it is pretty close to what he said.
  11. I found out today that my Platinum pass will be renewed this weekend as my birthday present. This is my second year with a Platinum. They are an awesome thing to have. Hopefully I will be able to go this weekend.
  12. Im at 225-230 lbs. right now but I'm over 6 ft. tall so I'm not huge in my mid section though. I lift for football monday,wednesday, and friday. By lifting Ive lost a lot of fat and gained a lot of muscle in about 6 months. Ive gained 10 -15 pounds since the end of my football season but luckily thats mostly muscle. I try to watch what I eat but as most people know its easier said then done. Working out 3 days a week has really helped me since my freshmen year where I didnt really have any muscle and just a lot of fat. But like I said, most of its been turned into muscle. I also havent had pop in a couple years. I usually drink juice or water. I know I may sound big for a Sophmore in high school but Im actually small for an offensive linemen who will be starting next football season as a Junior. My facebook picture I was at about 215 lbs there. That is the weight that I was during the season. Ive now put on a lot of muscle on my shoulders, arms, chest, and also my thighs. Gotta love working out. Not
  13. Ummmmm.... Kings Island didn't open till 1972. So I'm going to say its from some time in the 70's.
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