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  1. They probably will continue to let people donate to pages.. But they probably pulled a report at midnight with all of the totals.
  2. Woah Danielle does still come around. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S4 Active using Tapatalk Haha. Yes Danielle does. It's hard being all the way down in SC but I'm flying in Wednesday at 11:45PM to make it.
  3. We're so close! We're going to get there I know I'm on the google docs already but here's my link again : http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/DanielleMaple/screamforakidagain
  4. It's awesome to see how many people keep joining the event and donating. It will definately be an event to remember. I'm almost half-way to my goal. Hopefully by this weekend I'll get there!
  5. Pretty sure it's intended for the person above you. Most of the people will probably already be riding Banshee for Media day in the morning. This event is definitely all about the kids so I don't get why you feel like doing it last minute is doing it "just so you can attend the event" Some people were unable to plan, like me, since I do live in another state and can't just randomly say I'm going to Kings Island for the event. I doubt anyone is doing this "just so they can go to the event." If anyone would like to donate to mine that would be much appreciated.
  6. I have not seen you forever, would love to see you! YES! It has been so long. I haven't been able to make it up there that much. I know I'll be at Media day and hopefully as long as I can raise enough I'll be at this as well.
  7. I am flying in for to make it to Media Day and this event hopefully. I just started fundraising today but hopefully I can do it within 2 weeks!! https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/DanielleMaple/screamforakidagain
  8. I was at Carowinds too on opening day from 9:30 - 8:15... long day. I'm so glad the rain went away in the middle of the day! I missed everyone from KIC there.
  9. I know that Carowinds had a new one last year called Defex.. It was all about different dolls or stuffed animals.. It was the worse maze I went in the entire time. But the makeup making the girls look like dolls was pretty cool.
  10. I've won the guess your age many times at KI and Cedar Point. Also at the basketball far away shoot my brother won me a HUGE killer Whale
  11. Lol. Okay.... Well everyone from KIC did. I was the first car in the roww past the handicapped. All you had to do was show a gold or platinum pass. They don't scan it.
  12. You didn't HAVE to pay for parking. lol. It's called go to the gold/platinum parking area. IDK why nobody else did it.
  13. I just feel like if you mentioned "the new thing at Kings Island" to any locals, they'd say "Oh the swing ride?" if they knew anything at all... Recall that it is us, the enthusiast community, who is so feverishly following these developments. Granted, after the actual announcement (and depending on what the attraction ends up being) it may be a battle for attention. But right now, I don't know that too many of the "general public" know or care what's coming... Maybe I'm wrong. That's just what I imagine. I think that the marketing standpoint on this sees WindSeeker as a "thrill" ride marketing to teens, and (again, pending announcement) this dinosaur thing as a family attraction that everyone can do together. I'm not sure if that's really the way things will be in practice, though. Both seem family-friendly to me. And that's a good thing. True.... But I'm pretty sure locals seeing a giant dinosaur in the front of the park will take a lot of attention off the "swing ride" lol.
  14. The only thing I question is why are they doing all this promoting when they have a new ride opening? Promoting all this is taking the attention off of the NEW ride they're opening. Soo idk how to feel about it.
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