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  1. I would LOVE to see the return of The Beasts lake! Although I heard it smelled fairly bad.
  2. We have to be getting something big along with a renovation. There needed to be something to replace the Son of Beast, they removed Thunder Alley which was right on the midway and wasn't hurting anything (nothing justify's its removal), and now the water towers gone? Going into the 2013 season, it would seem that the Action Zone will be in shambles, prompting that there will be AT LEAST a renovation. And due to time and ride removal, I'd say KI is due for a new coaster. I'm almost positive 2014 yields a new coaster or a large thrill ride. P.S.-I'd absolutely love to see the return of adventure village.
  3. I'd prefer an Intamin. Or GCI. I think a coaster like The Voyage might steal some of The Beast's fame. At least on the GP side. But I'd really be happy with any of them.
  4. On the right side. From October 26, 2012. Well I guess my mind was playing tricks on me then! I mean they're not something that draws my attention every time I walk in there so I harpy notice.
  5. Come to think of it, I think those spheres are gone. Although my mind could be playing tricks on me, I think those hoses just hook into some of those chemical drums sitting around. And I am watching star trek right now!
  6. Well I mean that is my favorite childhood coaster. And it's a PTC. I mean I wouldn't mind too much. Plus with two of them the wait would be very manageable.
  7. Thats why I wood least expect them to show up And I would love a RMC. Wood or steel? Who cares! I mean a coaster is a coaster. And a fun looking one too!
  8. Antique Cars return in 2013?....... I miss them so much!!
  9. I have a few memories... While waiting to ride in terror (I believe I was either 5 or 6 at the time), we reached the top level of the ramp and my dad pointed out the fact that the whole lift hill swayed towards the right as the train coasted across its pre-drop and I was so terrified that I almost didn't ride! Cresting the hill for the first time, getting that amazing view of the whole park, and clenching the harness so tight that I think I lost the circulation in my fingers! (My first hyper coaster ride. My previous tallest coaster was The Beast, what a jump!) The Inside of the double helix for some reason was my favorite part of the ride, although I really liked the loop too. I really miss camping at the campgrounds and watching the ride run its early morning test runs from our camping spot and specifically remember the empty trains vaulting across the MCBR. Standing in the parking lot before entering the park listening to the distinct, loud, chain dog on SOB, especially the loud clanking noise that I can't quite describe as it released from the dogs at the crest (if anyone remembers what I'm talking about). I guess most of my stories are more related to memories with my friends and family and relate to my childhood, but this was still my favorite ride from when I first rode it (2000-2001) to 2005. Also, I rode it the day before it shut down. EDIT: One very distinct memory I forgot to mention was in 2008 while standing in line in the station after a good rain, I watched a train fly up into the brake run and as each car hit the first brake, the back of each car popped up an inch or so. Kind of an odd memory but very memorable.
  10. I want to see a view from the Eiffel Tower, The Action Zone, from back by Flight Deck, and especially from the front of the station.
  11. What does the KI skyline look like at night in the off season? Like are any of the rides still lit up? or is it completely dark? (Aside from the lights for airplanes)
  12. Mainly applications which both can do. I already have a smartphone, but it's getting old. I just got a new laptop too and I don't know how much different the tablet would make in my life, and the price of the iPad is at the top of my budget as well, however, its something new that I have never owned before.
  13. Should I get and iPhone or an iPad? or a different device?
  14. Great Idea! At least if another wooden hyper coaster came to Kings Island now, technology has advanced since the age of SOB and maybe a smarter plan would be made for such a coaster. In all honesty I was expecting more of a response against this idea, but I'm glad you share my enthusiasm! And if you look at the facts, Colossos is very close to 200ft. and its still going well, and El Toro goes 70mph so its stress factor must be close to SoB's and it hasn't degraded. And are all 4 Prefab Intamins in Mitch Hawker's top 10? I think if you take the successes of SoB and implement them on a coaster without all of the critical design flaws, we could have one of the best coasters around!
  15. Intamin prefab wood hyper coaster? I'd love to see one go there, just put the lift a little further away from Adventure Express and Flight Deck.
  16. Almost all of the facts point to removal. And from my point of view, I'm seeing them either put a coaster or ride around there with a future path being created where the remaining part of SOB's first hill is.
  17. Looking at the people on the ground and the amount of time it took to fall really puts perspective on the sheer height and size of this ride! And does seeing the landscape and open area left make anyone else excited?
  18. I would love an Intamin pre-fab. It would probably be my first choice for the parks next coaster. I mean we could use a good new woodie and they are good with capacity, people love them, and they have a good track record (unlike RCCA). To me it is between an Intamin woodie and a B&M invert for the ride that would be the next best addition to the park.
  19. I hope to see a new site like this soon. A new woodie would be nice.
  20. I can see it clearly, half of the second helix is gone and everything else after that (aside from the brake run). The first photo makes me feel some what sad, but at least hopeful, but the second photo just breaks my heart, especially looking at the places were the track used to travel under the lift for some reason. EDIT: Nevermind, now that the pictures are showing up on the page (not as links) they are flipped.
  21. Wow. For some reason it feels like they're going really fast now. I guess its because they've started on the part of the ride we can see from all the way around the park.
  22. I noticed at the park Saturday that Thunder Alley's cars are all parked out by Firehawk and the maintenance area, not in their usual spot in the station or around the ride. This could be because they're removing the ride. Or preparing for maintenance. But at least to my knowledge this seems a little unusual.
  23. Sorry, I meant Fast Lane. The Cedar Fair one that works for rides.
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