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  1. I plan on going on the 27th with some friends. We also plan on getting fast passes to deal with the crowds. Should we get them at the park or online? I would much rather get them at the park but I'm not sure it they sell out really fast. We'll get there no later than 1PM do you think there will be any left? I've never seem them sell out before, but Ive never been there on a REALLY crowded day before either. What do you guys think?
  2. Does it come with a name plate attached to it?
  3. I sure hope! If I can't get one of these I'm going to be fairly upset. But i mean if they're making money on these then I don't see why they wouldn't make more. Unless the destruction contractor won't let them have anymore.
  4. does anyone know if there are any plaques left?
  5. The ride is a little rough depending on where you ride. But aside from that I love the ride. Especially watching it, it is a really impressive looking ride.
  6. After seeing how over grown the coaster is, I feel that their decision is a better one. I think I miss the original coaster and what it could have been more than I miss the coaster as it was even back in '09. If they would have brought it back, I don't think it would be the same. And another trait I loved about the coaster was the size and ambition behind it. Most coasters now days are somewhat "cookie cutter", but this one was most certainly one of a kind and distinct. If the ride would have worked out, there would be nothing else that could match it.
  7. Now that magnetic brakes are able to be used I would love to see The Racers final dip restored, along with the walls on the sides removed (as has been said several times). On another note, I would love to see it get painted and perhaps get some new chaser lights, much like those on the Blue Streak and the Hershey Park woodies. Some track work would be nice too! Has anyone else noticed the 4x4s nailed to the bottom of the red Racers track as it leaves the station? I must say that it is not a reassuring sight as you prepare to board the 40 year old coaster.
  8. Yes it is. It kind of breaks my heart walking though that "designated smoking area" after seeing its former beauty. But alas, I don't see that being changed
  9. I just do hope that some sort of major coaster goes in near there for 2014, so theres something there instead of an empty space in the skyline.
  10. I think Oktoberfest needs something, just not a coaster. A coaster wouldn't fit (unless we remove the pond and put in a dive machine with a splash down! (kidding)), but I agree, maybe like a new log flume behind Sling Shot by Adventure Express, just one that doesn't destroy the area(shoot the rapids). But the reason I think AZ needs something first is not only because the park needs a coaster, but AZ seems to be in a state of disrepair, or at least the paths and the general feel. Where as there may not be a whole lot in Oktoberfest, at least it feels clean and kept well.
  11. Seeing this at the park is so bittersweet. When its all said and done though, I think I'll come to for get him. Or at least I hope I will.
  12. I never said the Action Zone has nothing, it actually has a lot, I'd say second to maybe the Coney Mall. But the Action Zone has nothing NEW. The last new thing there was Delirium right? And it seems as if every section of the park aside from the AZ has got some thing new in the past 10ish years (except maybe I. Street), and that leads to the area being over looked more or less. I think it's the Action Zones turn to get a new coaster to draw people to the area, clean it up, and make it look brand new.
  13. After visiting the park yesterday, specifically visiting the Action Zone (something I usually don't do), I looked over into this area, glanced up at SOB, and then down at Thunder Ally. Then I really got to thinking about how they have to up something there soon, and with the rumors about them retiring TA with SOB, I thought of an awesome and at least semi practical idea for the park. I know I'm just dreaming, but I think that a B&M invert similar to Talon would fit in great there. Just make it taller, faster, and lengthen/modify the layout to fit the area. Paint it bright colors kind of like Talon's, give it some cool lighting, and add a flat spin (like Talons final element) right about where the entrance to TA is, but put it over a pool with colored fountains (similar to those on I. Street). It would fit the Action Zone really well and give it a breath of fresh air and along with a renovation/clean-up of the rest of the AZ, this would make that area really come back to life. Any thoughts?
  14. What if they were to restore/renovate the gardens and add in a nice restaurant and have seating in throughout the gardens?
  15. That's what I was thinking too, but we were going to get fast passes because of the crowds and if were only going to be there for 6 hours I didn't want to spend the $45. But if there aren't that many people we might not even need them. And Thanks for the help!
  16. I'm planning a trip for Haunt this year with some friends as well, and the only dates we could go are the 22nd of September, and the 27th of October. Do you guys think there will be any crowd difference on either day?
  17. Does anyone else miss the overflowing outhouse in ToT?
  18. I love the fog, the fog smell, and the way it affects the lighting in a creepy way. Plus I love the park at night and its nice getting to stay there all night.
  19. Did they paint King Cobra before its removal? I can't remember many details from that long ago. I stand corrected.
  20. Well I don't think they'd paint it if they could foresee the end of its life.
  21. Was Flight Deck not painted in the last couple years? I want to say it was painted last spring but I'm not positive.
  22. Does anyone else think something like a dive machine would fit in well over where SOB is? I mean its alittle off the Action Zone, but it would definatly bring people to that side of the park. That side of the park will look empty in the skyline once that mamoth is gone, and something of similar size would fill the void. In my opinion dive machines look very impressive, and although their ride experience is not my favorite, the GP loves them and it would drawpeople to the park.
  23. I was at the park yesterday and i saw a cement truck parked over by the first helix and the MCBR. I didn't see where he was pouring, but maybe it has something to do with one of the footers.
  24. He sounds like he really knows what he's talking about, and I do love family stuff like he was talking about. Me, my family, and friends always have a blast on those rides! However, this does bring me alittle fear, well, more of a lack of fear. I'm afraid that the old Disney executive will focus too much on family rides and attractions and not enough on thrill rides, $25 million coasters inparticular. Don't get me wrong, family rides, theme, and especially atmosphere at the parks are crucial and really make my experience at the parks outstanding. But without new thrills the parks will be kind of unfulfilled. For example every year my family takes the 3.5 hour trip up to CP and stays there for 3 or so days as kind of a vacation. Now when we decide to make that trip do you think its to ride shoot the rapids? or the Ferris Wheel? Heck no! We go to ride Millienium Force, Dragster, and Maverick etc. But while were there we ride these rides to have a good time and further our experience. And I really hope Mr. Ouimet doesn't forget that not every family dwells around family rides. Typically my family and many families around mine are more interested in thrill rides and roller coasters than "family" rides. That being said, if Ouimet finds a nice balence between thrills and family rides, and themes them well, maintaining a good atmosphere, he could be the greatest CEO Cedar Fair has ever seen!
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