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  1. I think the park and it's employees are trying to generate a unique experience for guests. In a world dominated by technology and non-personal interaction, I think their attempt at connecting with and entertaining park guests should be praised. That being said, The Beast ride operator from that video is simply trying to entertain and create a unique experience for guests visiting The Beast. Had he not been doing so, you wouldn't even have noticed that he was there, and they would have seemed just as boring and the same as the operators at all the other rides. After all, where is the fun in being "just like everyone else"? Certainly not at Kings Island, the fun and only.
  2. The gravel was specifically placed to obliterate any and all cell phones that may have the misfortune of slipping out of a pocket at the lowest and fastest points of the ride experience. Duh.
  3. The Fenced in gravel areas on Diamondback are areas where the track is too close to the ground for people to be while the ride is in operation. These areas cannot be entered by employees, including maintenance, until all power to the ride has been diverted. (no diversion pun intended...)
  4. ^ You are very confused.The Beast was the greatest roller coaster ever built in it's hay day. Anyone with a real passion for coasters can't help but smile sitting in that final break run imagining the historical significance of the ride that they just experienced. It's a shame that many guests visiting the park are unaware of the amazing technical achievement the construction of The Beast really was. If you don't love a ride built and designed by Kings Island itself, how can you call yourself an enthusiast? That's all I'll say about that.
  5. Diamondback has easily the most sophisticated lap bar safety system in the entire park. Why are we comparing it to Texas giant? B&M has a reputation for building safe and reliable rides. This unrelated event on a very dissimilar ride should not be causing this sudden obsession with the lap bars failing on Diamondback. You will never spend a second in motion on Diamondback without a secured lap bar, so don't worry about it.
  6. Maybe you should join Kings Island Security then. Oh, and the rides department. Probably food as well; I'm assuming you have a complaint there too. Forget I said anything.
  7. Being an associate at the park, I rarely post on here. That being said, I cannot let this one go. Have you ever worked at the park? Let alone a popular coaster like Diamondback or Beast? I'll say this in the nicest way possible: you guys have NO IDEA the types of stuff we deal with on a busy day (today was one of the busiest days I have ever worked in the four years that I have been at the park). Stacking trains on days like the one we had today is inevitable. This whole "Diamondstack" thing is a load of poop. I worked there for two years and I know how difficult it is to keep those trains moving on a busy day like we had today. It's not the associates who are at fault, and it's definitely not the ride; It's the excess amount of guests that slow things down. If you want to avoid seeing stacked trains, because apparently that is really disturbing to you guys, come on a weekday when the line is short and the associates can actually concentrate on capacity rather than the hours worth of impatient guests in the queue line. Sorry, but I will always defend my fellow KI associates when necessary.
  8. Diamondback was totally the first B&M to feature an animal head pilot car and body train. Assuming I am right, I think that's kinda neat. I'm really diggin' these wing coaster trains. They seem to get more bad@$$ with each new wing coaster they build. I think Cedar Point would be hard pressed to find a cooler way to incorporate a coaster into the entrance.
  9. If we're lucky, the evacuation vehicle will have on "ride" music as well... Some calming music, of course... Wouldn't that be a treat at 300 ft.
  10. I've always wanted to hear this one play while I ride... John Williams at his absolute best.
  11. I love seeing all these pictures. It's a shame to see such a well themed ride deteriorate due to poor designing. I would love to see them try this concept again under a different name and theme. I love the concept behind the original ride; I'm just bummed I didn't get to experience the ride when everything still worked. Thanks for those pictures by the way. I have been trying to find original TRTR pics for the longest time!
  12. What was the spark effect? I didn't get to ride it back in it's heyday...
  13. I may be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure the annoying girl in the video yelling "there are kids here!" and, "is this guy drunk?!", was holding a beer herself at the end of the video. A bit hypocritical... And, obviously the guy was having problems. The employees should not have allowed the guests to gather around the scene. I know at Kings Island when security catches wind of a fight, they all drop whatever they are doing swarm to the scene, so as to deal with the matter quickly before it escalates, as it did in this situation. This could have been poor communication with security by the employees; not something you would expect from Disney...
  14. <iframe width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/w9JeOQwSV10" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> heard this soundtrack from Harry Potter for a ride cycle. It's pretty awesome.
  15. Hmmm, Son of Beast relocation? "Guys, I PROMISE it will work better in this spot!"
  16. ^I was also just about to ask that. I know our employee id's act as passes, but do they act as gold passes?
  17. Although I did not go to the job fair, I got a job a few weeks ago and will be working Diamondback! It's going to be a great summer
  18. So does this mean that everytime I get off of a ride I will hear, "Enjoy the rest of your day here at Kings Island, the fun and only!" That might just drive me crazy...
  19. "The worlds TALLEST, FASTEST, ONLY LOOPING roller coaster" opened at Paramounts Kings Island, and is known as "Son of Beast"... interesting... but of course you mean wooden roller coaster
  20. All I have to say is that in my opinion Cut Throat Cove was just horrible yesterday. Too short and not scary enough. It was pretty much just Red Beards Revenge set up differently and a little worse. I thought Slaughter House was pretty sweet though. Especially the accuracy in smells
  21. If I was to rate Tombstone Terror-Tory on my experience last night, i would give it a 2/10. The trail was alright, but the worker letting people in was aweful. They got a bit behind, so they let about 40-50 people in at once!!!!! (NOT KIDDING)!!! I couldnt believe the amount of people that come flooding in behind us down the path... unbelievable...
  22. Now this has probably been asked and is a stupid question, but if I get a renewal is the pass still good for ALL of this season and next, or do I only get 1 visit this season as if I was buying a new 2010 pass now? (again, sorry if this has been asked once or multiple times, just looking for a quick answer )
  23. The line for Diamondback has shortened a bit now, but it is still a pretty long wait. Im sure the park is crazy crowded today. (thats why I went yesterday )
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