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  1. I just went to customer service and they said we don't NOT get access to all the other parks if we upgrade to a 2020 platinum pass from a gold pass.
  2. Thank you everyone. I appreciate it!
  3. Hello, We are really wanting to upgrade our gold pass to a platinum pass next year. We are trying to figure out if we buy our Platinum passes now can we get into any park for the rest of this season with them or only the 2020 season. We called customer service and they gave me different answers and I'm not sure which is correct.
  4. Hello, we are going to Cedar Point tomorrow for the first time and I want to know if there are any rides, especially roller coasters that are more accommodating for larger guests. I know I can ride the scrambler, monster and Woodstock express at Kings Island. I can also fit on Invertigo. If anyone has any suggestions besides test seats let me know!
  5. I tried both seatbelts they didn't work unfortunately. Are the seats on Mystic Timbers like beast and racer?
  6. Hello! I really miss riding roller coasters but when I got out of school i put on weight and I did with having my daughter too. I've been able to loose about 35 lbs but i know I still can't probably fit on most rides. I can ride Invertigo, scrambler and monster but I tried the test seat for Diamondback and Banshee and they were a no go. I was able to squeeze on wood stock express with my daughter too. It's been so long since I rode any of the other rides I don't know if there is any other rides and coasters that might be a bit more forgiving than others to try. I carry my weight pretty evenly but I am pretty thick everywhere especially my thighs.
  7. Has anyone seen this speculation someone made!
  8. Hello! Quick question, I renewed my gold.pass and was just wondering if I go to a ticket booth to get the free bring a friend tickets or how do I retrieve them.
  9. currently here and every ride in Planet Snoopy is full not sure about the rest of the park but I'm sure it's long lines ! Food lines are the longest lol
  10. How busy was it yesterday at the park? What was the average wait times?
  11. Do any of you on here go today or yesterday and how bad we're the crowds. What has the wait times been and more specifically how busy is Planet Snoopy. Don't know if I want to make myself miserable in the heat if she only gets on 3 rides.
  12. i have another question for anyone who can help me with it. if i already have a gold pass for Kings Island and i was to buy a platinum pass for Cedar Point so I can go once for free this year would that deactivate my Kings Island gold pass for this year or another question to that is if you buy a platinum pass for somewhere do you just get the special that is going on for that park?
  13. Hello! I was looking into renewing our gold passes while it's the cheap price and I had a question about the add-ons you can get. Right now we don't have anything on our gold pass; we use the $1 refill cups and just eat outside the park but its inconvenient. I was planning on getting the unlimited free drinks and adding to dining plan to the passes and I was curious if I would be able to use those at all this season with renewing my pass or if it wouldn't take affect until next year.
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