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  1. I completely agree with what everyone is saying about the great pumpkin fest. I was so bummed when I found out it was moved to Planet Snoopy because I knew it would be super crowded and we wouldn't be able to enjoy it like we did in years prior. I personally just liked the set up better in the water park. Plus, since its in Planet Snoopy this year they DID run out of things several times and didnt think about the fact that there would be more volume when they put it in the area where all the kids were already at. It took us 3 tries to go to the treat stop that was handing out pumpkins to finally get one. Plus, i know they can't control this but it was so hot out all the kids just got melted chocolate they couldnt eat. If it's that hot out just hand out the other treats they used to get like the little sticky frogs some stickers and a ring.

    As for Haunt, I felt like all the new scare zones were reallly lacking in decor and themeing except shipwrecked. I liked the decor but i didnt go through at night to see if there were any monsters. I did see a few monsters walking around in each of the other new scare zones though.  My top two for the past two years has been black out and field of screams. I love those two the best although i really like that they made Madame Fatales cavern of terror into lights out. I thought that really put a nice new twist on it and i really enjoyed it. I personally think its time to do away with urgent scare and wolf pack and get something new in there. They are just really run down and boring to me. Slaughter house is always a good maze with its themeing but there wasn't a lot of actors in it when i went through at the end of the night so not a lot of chances for scares. Overall i enjoyed my night at Haunt and didnt really have any major issues.

  2. Hello,

    This year my family upgraded to a Platnium pass for the first time from our Kings Island gold pass and i had a question. Mainly to someone who might have done the same thing and has tried to use it at a different park other than your home park. We are wanting to take a trip up to Cedar Point next weekend for the halloweekends but we are worried we will get up there and be told that we cant get in. We have called several people through customer service at both parks ( Kings Island( where we upgraded through) and Cedar Point) and have gotten multiple answers and I dont know what to believe. I just want to know if anyone else has done the same thing and renewed their 2019 gold pass through Kings Island but upgraded to a 2020 platnium pass and tried to go to another Cedar Fair park this year and it worked. We just dont want to drive 3 and a half hours up to the park if we cant even get in. I know we cant get our  2020 meal plan or drinks or anything like that.
     Thanks everyone for your help!

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  3. Hello,

    We are really wanting to upgrade our gold pass to a platinum pass next year. We are trying to figure out if we buy our Platinum passes now can we get into any park for the rest of this season with them or only the 2020 season. We called customer service and they gave me different answers and I'm not sure which is correct.

  4. 4 minutes ago, Bansheeback said:

    Vortex and Bat are pretty accommodating for almost everybody. When you tried the Banshee test seat, did you try securing the red or black seatbelt? The red seatbelt is longer and is only on rows 4 and 5, which you may be able to ride on. Beast and Racer are a little bit harder to squeeze into, but Flight of Fear tends to be hit or miss. 

    I tried both seatbelts they didn't work unfortunately. Are the seats on Mystic Timbers like beast and racer?

  5. Hello! I really miss riding roller coasters but when I got out of school i put on weight and I did with having my daughter too. I've been able to loose about 35 lbs but i know I still can't probably fit on most rides. I can ride Invertigo, scrambler and monster but I tried the test seat for Diamondback and Banshee and they were a no go. I was able to squeeze on wood stock express with my daughter too. It's been so long since I rode any of the other rides I don't know if there is any other rides and coasters that might be a bit more forgiving than others to try. I carry my weight pretty evenly but I am pretty thick everywhere especially my thighs. 

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  6. 4 hours ago, MDMC01 said:

    Good advice, bjcolglazier! Also, re: Planet Snoopy: although none of the rides are open for ERT, you can plant yourselves near the entrance to a favorite ride so you can be the first ones on (and possibly marathon to your heart's content, like I did on FOF this morning...).

    How busy was it yesterday at the park? What was the average wait times?

  7. Do any of you on here go today or yesterday and how bad we're the crowds. What has the wait times been and more specifically how busy is Planet Snoopy. Don't know if I want to make myself miserable in the heat if she only gets on 3 rides. 

  8. i have another question for anyone who can help me with it. if i already have a gold pass for Kings Island and i was to buy a platinum pass for Cedar Point so I can go once for free this year would that deactivate my Kings Island gold pass for this year or another question to that is if you buy a platinum pass for somewhere do you just get the special that is going on for that park?

  9. Hello! I was looking into renewing our gold passes while it's the cheap price and I had a question about the add-ons you can get. Right now we don't have anything on our gold pass; we use the $1 refill cups and just eat outside the park but its inconvenient. I was planning on getting the unlimited free drinks and adding to dining plan to the passes and I was curious if I would be able to use those at all this season with renewing my pass or if it wouldn't take affect until next year. 

  10. On 8/10/2018 at 1:55 AM, JCJTheHurricane said:

    As a ride operator myself, I can assure you that we would rather somebody come through the exit or use a test seat out front rather than have to do the walk after having to wait in line. Most rides would be able to do this for you so don't hesitate to come up through the exit and ask. There are a few rides that I know of that are definitely more accommodating such as The Bat back near Banshee as well as Shake Rattle and Roll. For Banshee there are two rows designed to be more accommodating. Rows 4 and 5, both of which have seats with a red seatbelt.

    Also on some rides that have a bar that comes down near your belly such as WindSeeker, if you can pull your stomach up it should definitely help. Everybody is different and a lot of things can play a role in whether or not somebody will be able to ride. As some others said Flight of Fear and Drop Tower definitely do not have a lot of room after the restraint is pulled down. If you want, I have seen people test the seats at Flight of Fear at their exit before, so this is an option as well.

    Anyways though, I hope that some of this advice can help! ^_^

    How much more accommodating are. Those seats. I'm 5'1 and 300 lbs and it's distributed evenly but I can squeeze on Invertigo, monster and scrambler. Ive always wondered if I could fit on any other rides but was too scared because I didn't want.to do the walk of Shame. Anyone think there are anything else I could possibly fit on?

  11. 1 minute ago, jtro223 said:

    So the disposal cup drink plan will not be valid for Winterfest?

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    No I'm pretty sure the disposal cups are still valid because it's sold with the same option as the red souvenir cup online and it states under the description including winterfest. I'll try and get a picture.

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