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  1. Hi! I was wondering if I can still use my souvenir cup during winterfest? I have the yellow one that you pay $1 for refills. I noticed the red cup says all-season and has a note under the description saying including winterfest. I didn't know if that meant the yellow cups are useable after Haunt or if I can and it was just noting that you get free refills during winterfest too. Thanks in advance!
  2. I don't think asking $1 for a pony ride is too expensive since a lot of festivals and events ask usually more. I think it's worth checking out even if you don't want to pay extra for anything since they do have trick or treating, little mazes for the kids they have free games like bingo and such and they have a coloring station too. You get a free mini pumpkin and there is the foam pit and an area where you can ride a tractor bike around. The only things that are extra are games and the pony rides and I don't think there is a game over $2 there.
  3. We have been and my daughter has gotten candy from you! Lol overall, I love it. I wish they would give out a little more trick or treating wise but it's great. My daughter's favorite is the foam pit. She was sad that it wasn't open last Sunday because of the wind. I love that you can play games for only $1-$2. I love that the pony rides are only $1 too! It's super affordable. My daughter also was super excited to see Snoopy and get a pumpkin. I love the event and very glad they have it for the kids.
  4. Thanks. We got there once it opened so so could do everything. The foam pit wasn't open because of the wind. It want open all day. The ponies were going when we were there. Thanks for trying to help!
  5. Hi! I was wondering if they still do the great pumpkin fest if it rains or if they close it down. I know we are expected to gave a thunderstorm tomorrow in the middle of the day and it's our last chance to take our daughter again. I just didn't know if we should rush over there first so she can get it in then do rides or it won't be an issue and we can go after the rain stops.
  6. i was finally able to go Friday night and we were able to do all the mazes and a ride on mystic timbers but 11:40. Wasn't a bad night to go at all. Field of screams and black out were the highlights of the night for me.
  7. Hi! I was wondering at what age do you have to start buying tickets for your kids? Thanks!
  8. Sorry guys but I asked on Twitter and they said they aren't doing fright feast this year. https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/910200045491965952
  9. I went to Haunt when i was almost 8 months pregnant. I go every year with my friends to catch up and its just kinda a thing we made. I didnt have any problems at all and I went through all the mazes that was open at the time, but that was 3 years ago. I wouldn't recommend doing Blackout as it is pitch black. Most of the mazes at Haunt isn't too scary. I think the hardest part was walking around all night carrying my extra baby weight . Truly, it is up to you and how scared you get. I'm used to all the mazes so i wasn't too scared. If you've never been to Haunt before then i would recommend trying out Carnevil or Board to death first, since those are the least scariest in my opinion, then if those don't bother you then i's try a few more.
  10. I heard they probably won't have anything in there this year since they are supposedly building a smokehouse right there where attitudes was.
  11. Did they change the description on urgent scare? Do you think maybe it's finally getting a revamp and will be introduced as a new maze.
  12. Anyone else notice that the name under the cemetery drive picture changed and so did the description when you click on it. A new scare zone perhaps?
  13. Did anyone else notice this today! This was listed under the cemetery drive picture in scare zones. Maybe a new maze or zone! What do you think about it if it is?
  14. I hope they give the boot to either urgent scare or sorority row. They are both just kinda run down and need changed. On the plus side we do know we are getting at least 2 new mazes so maybe it won't be too skimpy?? So excited!!
  15. Less than 100 days til haunt! Anyone wanna share their ideas on what they think the new mazes will/should be and what mazes you guys think will go.
  16. This happened to us too and I was wondering the same thing! My daughter was measured last Wednesday at the doctors and they said she was exactly 36 inches. I was excited because her reward for being good was Kings Island the next day and that meant that she was able to ride more rides since she was 36 inches. When we got there she rode the kiddo bumper cars and then we went to go get her wrist band they said she wasn't even 36 inches tall. Frustrating since I knew she was but I didn't make a huge deal about it since she could still ride some. Her favorite is the Linus beetle bugs. We went to go ride and they said she couldn't ride it. I told them how is that possible she's ridden this ride several times. The ride operator said that a few days ago they changed the height requirement and they now have to be 36 inches and she told me she didn't know why they did. Which of course proceeded to my toddler having a melt down because she couldn't ride her favorite ride anymore. I just want to know why they did it. Also has anyone else had issues with the measuring they have for wristbands?
  17. I can't remember off the top of my head but someone said on Facebook we are getting two New attractions at haunt! They heard it from one of the speakers at coasterstock. Edit: Found the post it was KICentral lol They also said there are 2 new skeleton keys!
  18. Hi! When we first went to Kings Island they told us the pictures we uploaded weren't good enough and to change them but I have no idea how. Does anyone know how to change them or if we can just go to season pass processing and get a picture taken there after it's been used? Thanks!
  19. Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew if you could still upgrade to preferred parking with your gold pass for $5 this season! Thanks in advance
  20. I guess i should of reworded it better but i meant Slaughterhouse was a good maze to go through for scares lol
  21. Definitely start with CarnEvil. Unless you are scared of clowns this is the least scary house. Also Board to Death barely has any scares in it. Blackout can kinda be a little more scary because it is pitch black and you cant see where you are going and it has a creepy soundtrack going. there are a few scare actors in the maze that wear night vision goggles so keep that in mind too. Slaughter house is usually pretty good scare wise too.
  22. i watched all you're videos on youtube and im happy i did! there was some decor that you filmed that i didnt even notice. Going back tomorrow and im excited!! Thanks for the video!
  23. They are $12 now. (The first weekend they were being sold for $10) Anything to get that extra dollar from everyone!
  24. There are scare actors that wear night vision goggles in black out i believe i notices 3 when i went in there. I feel like blackout is not the best maze for someone with asthma. yes the necklaces are still $10 this year. I would watch the video probably
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