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  1. Thank you! Is it still over in Soak City?
  2. HI! I was just wondering if anyone made it out to the kid's Halloween event this weekend and if they had any photos they would like to share and if they could tell me about it or what you thought of it?
  3. I Agree but i also think that they can get away with it since they can just stick the "NO BOO" necklace on their kids.
  4. THIS DOES HAVE SPOILERS I went on opening night and i can at least tell you about the mazes I went through I will say i can't afford Fright Lane so I dont know anything about the skeleton key rooms. The first maze i went through was Carnevil. This maze isn't scary in my opinion unless you are afraid of clowns. This is a more fun relaxed maze. There is a small mirrored part in the beginning and lots of fun patterns and bright colored rooms. It's obviously just a carnival/circus theme. The end is really fun though because it has a neon tunnel you walk through that spins. Next is Madame Fatale's Cavern of Terror. This supposed to be a wax museum gone wrong plus oddities and such. This was a cool maze when it started out but it doesn't have enough people in it. There are some cool effects and soundtracks in this maze. This one is darker and actually still has some theme to it still. It starts out like a normal museum setting and then you kinda go and see what really happens to create the museum. Next is Slaughter House: This one is really cool theme/ decor wise. This one always scares me at least once. I love the people who are assigned to this house they are always really into character and it just makes it a nicer experience. this is probably my second favorite maze. Next is Urgent Scare: This one is a virus broke out and the hospital is full of infected victims. this one starts out decent theme wise but at the end its just kinda like what? This one isn't really scary to me but someone did get me at the end right outside of the maze because i thought it was over. Next is Field of Screams: This one is new this year so they always have a longer line then the rest. I Really liked the theme they did on the outside of the maze. the entrance is a worn down red barn and to the left it looks like they have a worn down old country home. then after you get through the little barn entrance its most cornstalks everywhere and some parts with hay. there were a couple parts where it was dark and they got some got scares in. Some people were hidden pretty well. I liked it but since it was mostly just cornstalks everywhere it was plain. I thought it was good for a new maze. Last is Blackout: This is my favorite maze here. The soundtrack they have in the maze really plays to your senses especially its pitch black except for a random strobe going off every little bit. although when i went through the idiot didn't listen and wasn't feeling the wall to get through the maze and ruined the whole experience because we kept running into each other and walls. Sorry. SO basically they give each group that goes in a rope to hold on to so they dont get lost. then they tell you to take your other hand and feel the wall until you get to the end of the maze to help you get out. Its pitch black except for strobe lights flashing every 20 seconds i'd say. just enough to realize there is a scare actor right next to you or a huge creepy statue in the middle of the room. Then there are things all over the wall to trying throw you off too. fake bugs, masks, fur, and other weird textures. this one plays with your senses and its cool. the line is a little bit longer for this one too. those are all the mazes i did last week. but i have gone through the other ones before and i can tell you what i remember about them from last year. Wolf pack: I haven't been in this one for years, but from what I remember a troop of boy or girl scouts got attacked by wolves and you are trying to escape the woods without being attacked too. I remember the maze being dark so that was for some good scares. I always got scared at least once. I remember it also being cramped in the maze. There used to also be a big wolf statue at the very end that made a loud noise at you and that is why I haven't been through it because I have sensitive ears. Backwoods Bayou: I can tell you what they had in the previous years that it was a scare zone. There were a lot of statues of huge creatures like spiders, alligators, snake and such. There was always at least one person with a live creature on them either snake or spider. Its like a swamp theme and has lots of ivy and such. I'm not sure what the maze is like but i did peak in before Haunt opened for the season when they were decorating and it looked like it was very similar build wise just now in a maze form. I'm not sure how scary it is or if there are any decent scares in it. Sorority House: This is basically a bunch of college girls who want to kill you in a house setting. I was never really a fan of this one but it does have a decent decor set up. I never really got scared in this one. Board to Death: This one is all of your favorite childhood board games with an evil twist. I think this is another fun maze and isn't too scary. its usually understaffed too. But I do love the theme of this maze and figuring out all the different games. Last is KillMart: It's theme is a department store overrun by zombies. The theme is really awesome on this one but its usually understaffed and there aren't a lot of good scared in this one, at least last year. Still I think its worth going though. As for the rest of the park, there are some new decor things that are really cool and the sliders are really into character this year and its awesome. I hope this helps and you enjoy your visit!!
  5. **SPOILERS** Went to opening night! Wait times were very minimal for most things and the longest line i was in was for the new maze Field of screams which was maybe 30 mins. All in all it was good! there were about the same amount of scare actors walking around this year as last year but Nightmare Alley was A lot better! More people in there there to give it that nightmare feel. we went on Invertigo, Banshee, Xtreme Skyflyer, Vortex, beast and Diamondback and only D-back and Banshee had 15 minute waits; the rest was walk on. Here are the mazes: Carnevil- same as last year except a new entrance and that weird monkey thing was replaced by a real woman sitting at a fortune teller table. Isn't really scary unless you're afraid of clowns. Cavern of Terror: Not really anything different but i did notice the lady that had the snake last year when backwoods bayou was a scare zone was now in this maze?? why? But you can still get maybe a scare or two in. Slaughter House: I love this one; the theme is actually half way decent and the scare actors in this maze always get into it.I always get scared once or twice. Urgent Scare: Same as always not much different except the end once your outside? i dont remember if they had the animatronic there last year or not. I think this one is kinda run down. NEW Field of screams: I liked it. the line goes through DA and its very well lit and they have a really nice set up in the front of the maze there was this old run down home to the side and the entrance is a red broken down barn. I actually really enjoyed the maze and the scare actors were sometimes really well hidden and plenty of scares. I do wish there was a little more theme to the actual maze. but overall a good one. Kill Mart: Same as always. I always think this one is kinda plain. It cool how it looks like a store set up but not enough decent scares in my opinion. Board to Death: I personally like this maze because its fun. its not too scary but there could be potential for one or two scares if you dont pay attention. Blackout: I love this one. its probably my favorite. Although i was a little upset because my group jacked up the whole maze didnt listen and feel the wall to get through the maze. as far i could tell it was the same?? i dunno it was dark haha. I love the sound track too. it really freaks you out. we didnt get a chance to watch any show but this year they added fire cannon type things along the fountain!! it was so awesome and cool. every few minutes they would throw a few bursts of flames in the air! ALSO! i read about the standalone skeleton key room and its an escape room! I though that was so cool and a nice added touch but they need to have it better advertised. Sorry i didnt get a chance to get any pictures. SO glad it wasnt bust tonight!
  6. I believe those are the pillars reflection in the photo to the KI Theater; so i think its the skeleton key on the map by the theater. my guess is they have something set up in the theater its self. Kinda makes sense for them to use the theater for something during off season.
  7. Kings Island added a photo a little bit ago teasing to what i believe is the new standalone Skeleton Key room. Its called the Viewing. @@KingsIslandPR (i would add a photo but i can never figure out how! EDIT: figured it out!)
  8. the proper people on youtube sneaked in there at night and filmed everything they saw in there. Part 1: pART 2:
  9. On Kings Island's Facebook page on one of their recent Haunt video posts someone asked what skeleton Key was and they desribed it and said "Skeleton Key comes with Fright Lane and unlocks an additional room in five mazes plus a standalone Skeleton Key room. It adds to your night at Halloween Haunt. So. its probably the standalone room.
  10. So from past experiences has opening friday night been a little bit more busy than normal fridays? Also have you been able to fit all the mazes in opening night? just trying to plan my trip.
  11. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/ Has anyone else seen the new background on the website. i thought it looked cool
  12. For anyone interested i noticed on the website as i was going through the buying guide they have in their store for haunt tickets when it got to the extras section there is an option to purchase a no boo necklace!
  13. **spoilers** I looked inside where backwoods bayou is gonna be where cornstalkers formerly was and its set up a lot like what CS was. A lot of wooden crates everywhere I saw at least one of the giant creature statues near the front and there were some boats up front too. A lot of the leafs and cloths as backdrops instead of corn. Sorry I would have taken pics but I don't have flash and it was night time!
  14. The park wasn't too crazy today lines were expected but they moved very smoothly. to my surprise Planet Snoopy was really busy. I didn't expext it to be so much on a Friday night but still wasn't that bad! Enjoyed the cheaper food and ice cream although they said blue and vanilla and only had blue ice cream. Loved seeing haunt decor as well!
  15. Do you think Planet Snoopy will be pretty dead? i want to take my toddler one last time but i dont want to do it if its going to be crazy for dollar days but im hoping it wont be busy tonight since its friday and most younger kids had school today.
  16. Hey do you guys think it will be super busy tonight? since they are only open 5 hours and its a school night im hoping they wont be too crowded but what do you guys think? i've never been during labor day weekend.
  17. I have to agree. Let's remember that Urgent Scare has been around since 2008... To put that in perspective it debuted when I was in 8th grade. Now I can legally drink. I wish they could bring Urgent Scare back to the way it was when they first opened it. It was an awesome maze then. Then again a lot of the mazes were a lot better when they first opened up except Mysteria; that maze should have never been created. I also think while its fun and kinda a staple to have clowns at a haunted house i feel like they need to upgrade Carnevil.
  18. I know for sure Knott's Scary Farm is and i believe at least another Cedar Fair park was from what i looked up, but some parks are making separate skeleton key rooms separate from mazes with their own theme. All of Knotts are completely separate from all of their mazes so maybe other mazes are trying it out too.
  19. nevermind they fixed it lol
  20. Isnt it weird they dont have scare zones on their webpage? Do you guys really thinking they maybe completely got rid of them or its an error
  21. So excited to see how this year turns out!!
  22. https://www.facebook.com/visitkingsisland/videos/10155079566878368/
  23. They released the name of the new maze!! it's called field of screams. there is a video on facebook to it!
  24. How does everyone feel about the new slogan "Trespassers beware"
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