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  1. Did anyone else see the new haunt video on Facebook?
  2. Cant wait for Haunt!!

  3. This should clear it up for everyone confused. it says new for 2017 and to purchase your 2017 gold pass for unlimited visits!
  4. SO excited for this! i never got to go and always wanted to!! This should hopefully make a lot of people happy; i know a lot on here were always saying they wanted it back!
  5. they are probably just putting them there until the of season starts to advertise it.
  6. WELCOME! I have been going to haunt for 5 years now and i hope from my perspective i can help you some i hope! 1and2: Really it all depends on the person and how they react to things. The decor they put up i seriously doubt would scare them. the scariest thing they have is a couple of animatronics. there arent as many scare actors walking around as there used to be in years past. But the ones that are out do try and scare you. usually they walk up behind you and make a growling noise by your ear or something similar. If you get a no boo necklace you dont have to worry about that. 3: Slaughterhouse would probably be inappropriate for her. Also Sorority house might be too on a sexual factor since it is based on college girls. 4: Generally all saturdays during haunt are very busy i would reccommend getting the fright lane pass for the mazes if you want to try and do them all. 5: Again this is from MY experience in them so someone else could think otherwise. Tombstone, urgent scare wolf pack and carnevil are the least scary of them all. they are usually understaffed and just have been rundown. wolf pack os dark and someone might get me if i cant see other than that they are the ones that least did anything for me. the most scary from last year was Black out, slaughterhouse and cavern of terror. Black out is very minimal but its pitch dark and you cant see a thing so you get scared very easier in there. Slaughterhouse always has awesome workers in there and they always get me and the effects in the maze are horrific alone. cavern of terror has some cool effects that works and can scare you and has gotten me a time or two. 6:I havent done skeleton key so i cant really answer this one from what ive heard they make you do things or you get extra special scares in the rooms. I dont know if its appropriate for kids or not. i dont believe Fast Lane is cheaper during haunt because most of the rides that are open during haunt are most of the rides you can use Fast Lane with. 7:I dont know if they will be available this year but they were last year and i heard they worked i saw a lot of scare actors trying to give kids high fives and wave high to the ones wearing the necklace. 8:they used to have something like that in the Cavern of Terror maze but they dont anymore. I believe the only thing they have now is fright feast. A buffet type dinner.
  7. Or is it... I think it's sadly staying guys. Kings Island posted a picture on Twitter earlier this evening of the buildings with the name still on the building. I don't think they would advertise that like they did if they were just going to change the name.
  8. Do you guys think they will start putting up more teasers once this last week of full operations is over. I noticed they finally answered someone back on Twitter that info for Haunt would be up close to Labor day.
  9. Doubt it'll be through Picnic Grove, they have big events in there the few weekends they are closed to the public. I could see something happening in Soak City though. Isn't that where they house the kid halloween events? Could they make it both work in the same area?
  10. That's awesome thank you so much for talking to him and putting this up! It's nice to know at least a little something about Haunt Anyone have any guesses or suggestions on what the new maze is and where it's gonna be located? I think we all pretty much agree that tombstone is getting cut this year.
  11. Has anyone else noticed that they haven't really said anything about Haunt this year when they normally have teasers out by now? I feel like they aren't going to have anything new this year and we are just gonna loose a maze due to Mystic Timbers construction. Does anyone think they will have a new maze next year to go along with the new coaster?
  12. Did anyone go through Blackout when they had it open earlier in the season for the gold pass ride night? Was it the same as it was with Haunt last year?
  13. They usually put up the website and do better teasers starting Labor day weekend.
  14. Does anyone here remember if they had the Fright Feast last year and if they did how much it cost?
  15. I love haunt! I think Tombstone wont be back this year from the construction going on where it usually is and I think its about time for that maze to retire anyways. Tombstone or Urgent Scare needs to be revamped or needs to be kicked out and a new maze put in its place. I personally loved Black Out last year. I know a lot of people didnt have a good opinion of it in the very first weekends of haunt because they were still working out the kinks but I thought it was very creative and different from everything else. I wish the park would also do a little better with themes around the park. Kiddie land has always been awesome but everything else is kind of random and thrown together. I miss outdoor mazes too like Psycho Path. That was such a good trail i wish they could bring something back like that. I cant wait for 2016 haunt to start! Already planning my trips!
  16. I had a question hopefully I can get answered! On the 23rd its a Friday the 5k will be going on at Kings Island. I was wondering if anyone knows if Haunt is usually busy that Friday night since it has all the people from the event
  17. Hi! I was just wondering if anyone from previous years could tell me if the park gets really busy for Haunt on the Friday when the 5k run is? I was planning on trying to get off work to go on a Friday since it's usually less crowded but since that's the only weekend I can go is it still worth going on Friday or is it no different than Saturday? Thanks!
  18. Well blackout's description is vague lol I will miss skeleton crew!
  19. Sorry here's the link! https://www.knotts.com/scaryfarm/blog-article/haunt/Knotts-Scary-Farm-2015-Announcement-Event?mobile=0
  20. Knott's scary farm is doing their live stream again this year for the reveal for what is coming for their 2015 season! It's at 8 pm ( I'm guessing their time.) They already announced that one of their new mazes is called dead of winter and it's a high contrast maze where an evil snow queen and her monster are taking over. They announced most of their returning mazes already on their face book page: forevermore, black magic, Tooth Fairy, voodoo, gunslingers grave with a new ending and Pinocchio unstrung And trick or treat. Special ons is coming back too and it's new and better. Hope you tune in to watch!
  21. I get the same thing. For anyone who wants to know here are the prices Friday: $29.99 with feast: $39.99 Saturday: $39.99 with feast: $47.99 Fright feast:$13.99 $2 off for pass holders.
  22. End of the month? I think the ticket information is already online.^ From what I've looked at haunt tickets aren't up yet.
  23. Kings Island said on twitter that the Haunt website will be live towards the end of the month. https://mobile.twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/634459090312368128
  24. I went to visit Kings Island.com/haunt but it was the mobile version.
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