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  1. I've noticed when I go to the Haunt website and when I scroll down really fast on the mobile Version once I click on the rides and attractions button you can see for a split second a list that starts with black out. Just wondered if anyone noticed anything similar or different on the desktop version of the website.
  2. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/mobile/haunt/.Scare-Zones The haunt site is up but doesnt have any info it has old stuff on it.
  3. Kings Island posted this on their twitter today and said its going to be a new experience so it is apparently going to be different and new and not just relocated. https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/507202533665026048/photo/1
  4. Holiday Horror would have been the perfect maze to take her through but unfortunately its gone this year. if you were to do a maze i'd suggest Carnevil and Bored to Death they are more on the funny/lighter side, although bored to death is pretty dark at points and you cant see where the scare actors are coming from.
  5. If you guys don't like the event then why worry about reading about it and bad mouthing it and ruin the conversation for everyone else? Why not go talk in the 2015 topic board in a section you might enjoy? There are several of us who loves this event and it's why the park does what it does (Mostly it brings in a huge profit).
  6. Im saving the date and definitely coming to this!! Thanks everyone who is making this possible! I can't wait to experience my first lights on tour i've always wanted to do one before.
  7. Its doesn't appear to be out yet but King Island did mention the information would be out this week also so just gotta be patient apparently! Im waiting to hear about it to take my nephew too!
  8. Greg Scheid posted these on his Twitter. Caption: Tickle me Elmo? Link: https://twitter.com/KIGMGREG/status/506429486779625472/photo/1 Caption: Would be nice if some of our associates stop laying around and get back to work! Link: https://twitter.com/KIGMGREG/status/506177504970047490/photo/1 @KIGMGREG
  9. It looks like the Halloween Haunt 2014 topic is gone again.
  10. I just had a quick question someone could hopefully answer for me. I've noticed a lot of people having trouble with kids admissions and their passes and such and I was just making sure Children 2 and younger are free and if anyone has ever had any trouble with them letting your kid in for free. I'm worried they aren't gonna let him in without a ticket because he is really 2 but he is right under 40 inches already so he looks older than he is. We are planning on going tomorrow and i just want other people perspective on if i will have troubles or not.
  11. Exactly its not our fault if they are the ones who slip up and let it become available to the public and we happen to come across it. We already know and found it so whats the big deal? If they dont want people to find out early then dont let it be available for us to find out. Also you notice they havent removed your comment yet that still mentions the new maze's name on this forum. They obviously arent too upset about us knowing and more so that we found the information.
  12. I know i was looking for it too and it just disappeared!
  13. Don't know if anyone is interested but Mix 107.7 is having a contest to win a pair of tickets to the park for Dollar Days. It closes tomorrow at 11:59 pm. Here is the link: http://www.mix1077.com/contests/kings-island-dollar-days/319933
  14. Has anyone seen anything new going on with the arcade recently?
  15. Kings Island posted this on their twitter today. Move along. Nothing to see here. Just the construction of our largest ever Halloween Haunt maze. here is the link:https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/500402998104031232/photo/1 @KingsIslandPR Interested to see what their biggest haunt ever will be!
  16. I am going to visit halloweekends for the haunted houses and adult activity for the first time this year and i was wondering what day you guys think is best to go and what are the main things to focus for and any other tips you have!
  17. they are from KIC's twitter feed OK, then. In the future, please state and link to your source so we know where they're coming from. Im sorry i usually do just baby sitting and my nephew woke up so posted it without thinking about that! lol
  18. they are from KIC's twitter feed
  19. Does anyone remember the brand of the italian ice/sorbet that used to be sold at the dippin dots that had a watermelon flavor with chocolate chips as seeds. thanks anyone!
  20. last year friday tickets were between 22 to 24 dollars and saturdays were 29 and i remember sundays were also the same price as they were during the summer the best deal is saturdays from previous ticket prices for all day at the park but just haunt is fridays
  21. If your not interested in it then why are you worried about reading or commenting about it??
  22. I totally agree. i just wish we had that creativity at our park!
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