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Hey I'm David. I'm happily married to my loving wife Trinity and have a 1 yr. old daughter Nigella. Trinity is artistic in more ways than I can say and Nigella has the most wonderfull personality and is incredibly funny. That girl cracks me up all the time.

Obviously I love coasters. I prefeer steel but know how good wood is. I've always been a first drop kinda guy and Diamondback really made me realize how much I love airtime... and second hills :) I have realized that I really hate trims and was either in denial or just unawar of how much they suck!

Music is my passion! I've been in bands since middle school- mostly metal and alt. rock. Trinity and I perform traditional Irish music under the name Knotwork. I listen to everything rock (and love my vinyl) and all kinds of other stuff. I'm in grad school. I work as an Elementary School Counselor which is tough but so rewarding and incredibly fun. I have a Black Belt in Hapkido- line jumpers beware :) It's an amazing art, how little effort it takes to throw some one or grapple them into a position they're powerless in. The forms are such an artistic choreograpy, it's awe inspiring and sometimes surprising that bodies can move like that.

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