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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. 9 1/2 - 10 hours...yeah that would be from Kansas City to KI. Not many visits but our kids have LOVED it both times they have gone!
  2. Decided to try the front seat on Diamondback today..rode as a single rider and thoroughly enjoyed the "oh sh*t" look on the guy's face that was sitting next to me as we crested the lift hill and began the first drop. As we don't live locally this was only my third ride on Diamondback but enjoyed this one as much as the other two so far. Also sat in the front seat on racer with our 8 year old son and he LOVED it!!!! His reaction was much more important than any thoughts I had about it.
  3. There is a place called Wilderness at the Smokies that appears to be similar to Great Wolf Lodge from the outside. Have not stayed there but have driven past it many times as we have family that live in that area. It's about a 20 minute drive from there to Dollywood, not taking traffic in to account. It is located on Rte 66 which is the highway you take from I-40 to get to Pigeon Forge. Also don't know about the fireworks question...sorry!
  4. Very cool that WoF arranged for you guys to do three of the coasters. Yeah, it was definitely crazy hot in this area last weekend. Our family has stayed in Effingham, IL many a time on trips from Kansas City to Ohio to visit family.
  5. Congratulations Jesse! You'll make a great addition to the team!
  6. If you check out the most recent picture on KI's facebook page you can see the guys inside the tower
  7. What....you expect people to believe that it may be a dino walkthrough of some sort just becuase the two pictures are almost exactly identical? What on earth on you thinking? Great post Ty!!!! Granted there is no concrete evidence that this is going to be a walkthrough/dino exhibit however it is very hard to support anything else at this point. Guess we just have to go into patience mode and see what the park has to say come tomorrow around 2:00.
  8. Gator did not single you out. He said "Many of the posters in this topic..." Not that he needs me to defend him. Take a step back for a minute and just listen/read what many of the "veteran" posters on here have been saying. I'm not trying to discourage you from dreaming big for the park but things also need to stay realistic. Well put Jackson!
  9. Sorry folks but no ride is worth a four hour wait. That would be miserable.
  10. Hi all! This is going to be my first attempt at writing a trip report so bear with me if the writing is a little less than desirable. I'll be the first to confess I'm no creative writing expert nor a picture taker but here we go anyway. This was going to be our first visit to KI in close to 7 years. Our family; myself, my wife, and our two children (son age 6 and daughter age 2) made the 600+ mile trek from Kansas City to Cincinnati for a family reunion and planned a day at KI with family and friends for Friday, 9/3. Once we confirmed that we would be visiting the park we began telling our
  11. I honestly didn't think I'd have anything to post to this topic after our 1st visit to the park in over 6 years, however, there was someone in our party who was on a role as we were in line for Flight of Fear. As we were discussing Flight Deck he says: "Oh you mean Top Gun. So many people fell off that ride that my friends and I called it by a different name, but I won't tell you what it is in case you still want to ride it." That beauty was followed up by this gem: "The same thing happened on The Bat and now that ride is located at Cedar Point and is called Iron Dragon so I won't ride th
  12. Thanks Terpy! I was thinking along those same lines due to schools being in session. Our options are pretty limited in terms of what day to go as we have a family reunion on Saturday and then will be heading back home on Sunday, so Friday is the only day to go. We'll just do whatever we can while there and enjoy every second of it!!
  13. Thanks for the information. Guess we'll be keeping our fingers crossed and hope that it's not overly crowded. The best part of the trip is going to be seeing our 6 year old and 2 year old enjoy the rides that we grew up with, and some new ones as well. They both had a blast at Disney so we're hoping the enjoyment will carry over to KI as well.
  14. We'll be sure to enjoy some sweet treats to celebrate the day.
  15. At long last we are planning a trip to Kings Island. It has been at least 6 years since our last visit so I am greatly looking forward to heading back to the park and experiencing all that has changed over the course of time. We will be visiting the Cincinnati area over Labor Day weekend and we are thinking of visiting the park on Friday, September 3. I know that crowds are not the same from year to year due to many factors but I'm looking for some help as to what crowds could be expected on a Friday near the end of the season. In looking at the park's website I see that they are open from
  16. Having just returned from a trip to WDW at an extremely slow time I can confirm that seats were being assigned by cast members. The one exception I did see was that they were open to allowing people to go to the front seat of rides. We took advantage of this on Rock N Rollercoaster.
  17. Thanks for the tips about the FastPass, I didn't realize that you could come back after your designated time. Also, great to know about Toy Story at DHS, I'm sure that will be a great hit with the kids. We are absolutely expecting to hear the requests of wanting to go back. Once we told our son that we were planning the trip to Disney he asked if we could start a countdown. Yikes, not sure I was ready for a 100+ day countdown to a vacation. Luckily, we talked him into starting one about a month before we leave.
  18. With all of these lawsuits pending is there any chance of FMP reopening?
  19. Thank you all for the great information so far. I have reviewed several of the TRs on this site and that is the reason that I posted this here. I know that this is a group of true enthusiasts regardless of what parks are being discussed. I'll try to answer the questions that have been asked so far, if I miss yours, I'm sorry and will look to get back to it later. Avatar: We arrive in Orlando on 5/7 and will be flying out on 5/13, flights are already booked so no changing of the dates unless something major comes up. Our 5 year old (boy), he'll be 6 at the time of our trip, will be missin
  20. Hi All - As I know there are many knowledgeable sources out there regarding the wonderful world of Disney I wanted to throw this out for any feedback/suggestions that anyone may have. Our family, myself, wife and 2 kids (ages 6 and 2) will be taking a trip to the Orlando area in May. As of now we are thinking of visiting Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios with the kiddos. We are not going to be doing either of the Universal Studios parks this trip, that will be another year. It's been well over 15 years since I last visited Disney and my wife nor kids have ever been. I
  21. To funny Gator. As soon as I saw this trip report I immediately flashed back to your tale from last year. Guess some TRs just have that lasting impression!
  22. If you are in to waterparks as well, there is a Schlitterbahn park that is slowly opening here as well. Soft opening last year with 1 phase of 3 completed.

  23. Hi Angie - Yep, I live in a suburb of KC. Honestly I'm not much of a resource for things to do in the area as our kids dominate our social calendar. Gates is pretty good eats but be ready to be yelled at as that is how they take your order. There are about a million different BBQ places to check out in the KC metro area. Oklahoma Joes's is pretty freakin' good also.

  24. According to Yahoo Maps about 620 miles...slightly over 9.5 hours drive time. Currently live in the Kansas City area but grew up in Columbus so KI was my "home" park if you will. Haven't been back to KI since 2003ish.
  25. From well outside of the Cincinnati area...Kansas City currently has about 9 inches of snow on the ground with another 4 expected tomorrow. Not to mention the lovely single digit temperatures we are experiencing this week. Man, how long until summer gets here?!?!?!
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