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  1. Anyone know where the Bumper Cars that Jungle Jim's uses as candy stands came from originaly?
  2. I was at Balloon Glow this year and last year. I thought the park seemed less busy during the day this year than last year, but the evening seemed almost twice as busy. My friends and I still had a good time and will probably be back for next year's Balloon Glow. The blond girl with glasses running the Tilt-O-Whirl in the evening really stood out from all the other ride operators because she was engaging the riders, getting them riled up for a more fun ride experience.
  3. Correct you are, There has been one in Wilder Kentucky, next to the Great Escape Wilder theater (about 10 minutes South of Cony Island on I-275) for some time and another one more recently opened in West Chester, Sadly, I have yet to try Mellow Mushroom.
  4. I was walking through one of the haunted houses at the Wilmington Haunted Hollow (The one with the roofless Bus Ride), and I came across a scare actor who was curled up on the floor and moaning about a girl customer who had just kicked him in the family jewels. Then I came across him again a few moments later as he was just falling to his knees screaming "Not again!" I started to ask him if he was the same guy who... and he cut me off saying, "Yes, that was me. She got me again!" I think he was hamming it up though and not hurt very badly, if it all. Either that or he liked it. The girls in front of us, who supposedly did this, all looked to be pretty young, like Freshmen or Sophomores in High School. This was on Saturday, Sept 29, 2012 and I can't remember if it happened in the Nightmare Penitentiary or the Slaughter Hotel, but I'm thinking it was the Nightmare Penitentiary.
  5. I trust that you guys know what your talking about, but for me personally, I've ridden Flight of Fear many many times and could not tell a difference when I rode the Areosmith coaster. They even do the thing where the passengers get off at a different point so the train always returns empty. I did like the theming of the ride, especially when the band talks to you from the recording booth while your waiting in line, and the ride itself was enjoyable, but I would never wait more than 20 minutes for the Areosmith coaster because it just did not offer enough of a ride difference from what I am used to on Flight of Fear. That is just my experience. I think anyone who hasn't rode Areosmith should give it a spin and judge for themselves. And despite what I said about Hollywood being crowded, the ride lines weren't to bad. I think we waited about 35 minutes for Twilight Zone and 35 minutes for Star Wars and those were the two longest lines we stood in all day. Areosmith was 75 minutes during the day and 60 minutes after dark, but a guy gave us a free 'one time use' fast pass so we ended up only waiting about 25 minutes. All the crowds did was keep me from taking in the scenery and making it difficult to walk around. We would of had time to do everything we wanted to do if certain attractions did not close down early. If we had known they were going to close early we would have done those first. We actually ended up leaving before the park was closed because we ran out of things that we wanted to do and we were all feeling quite deflated about the Honey I Shrunk The Kids thing. We chose that park instead of Universal Studios because my friend's wife loves that attraction for some reason (I've never been through it so I don't know what it is about it) only to miss it by 1 minute and then the employee being rude about it because we were probably the 20th group of people she had to tell that they were closed... It wasn't even starting to get dark yet at 5:01 p.m.
  6. The only ride I have ever been too big to ride on was Drop Tower at King's Island, but now that I have been to Universal Islands Of Adventure, I can add The Hulk roller coaster to that list. The good news is that in row six they have a custom seat that I was able to fit on, but the bad news is The Hulk has those over the shoulder harnesses that box your ears like Flight of Fear used to do and Invertigo does currently. It's no fun riding a ride when your ears are constantly smashing against the head rests. The Hulk was my only disappointment with Universal Islands. Ripsaw Falls is easily the greatest Log Flume ride I have ever been on (and it has dark ride elements) and I think the Harry Potter ride inside the Hogwarts castle is the greatest dark ride that I have ever been on. They have a $21.00 meal deal where you can eat as much as you want at three different restaurants. They also have a $10.00 free refillable cup at those same three restaurants or you can get them refilled for $2.00 at other restaurants. The all you can eat restaurants have pretty good food and is a great deal. Like has been said above, the theming in this park is incredible, especially in Hogsmead, Suess Landing and The Lost Continent. I'm wanting to go back really bad. The second day we went to Disney Hollywood. I really enjoyed the Twilight Zone Tower, the Star Wars tour ride, and I thought the Beauty and The Beast, Indiana Jones and Car Stunt shows were really good, but was not much impressed with the rest of my experience there. The Areosmith Rock N' Roll roller coaster is just Flight of Fear with a different theme and a longer wait. We walked up to the Honey I shrunk The Kids attraction at 5:01 only to be told, kind of rudely, that it closed at 5:00... for no particular reason. Then we went to ride the back lot tour only to find out that it closed at 5:00 as well... for no particular reason. No meal or drink deals. I bought a dry $10.00 hamburger that was a five dollar burger at best. The employees didn't seem like they were having fun like the Universal employees did. The park was extremely crowded (maybe because it was the eve of Veterans Day) and I just don't feel like I got my money's worth out of the visit. I can't wait to go back to Universal, but if I never make it back to a Disney park I will be okay with that.
  7. In an interesting twist, it looks like Land Of Illusions will be offering season passes for 2012. http://www.thelandofillusion.com/november-is-season-pass-time/
  8. I try to hit as many Haunted Houses that I can every October and can tell you that all of Kings Island's haunted houses pale in comparison to the businesses that specialize in Halloween. No offense to the actors and employees who work the Halloween Haunt, this isn't about your talents or efforts what so ever. It's about places like the Land Of Illusions, Haunted Hootchie, Dent School House and even the U.S.S. Nightmare who put all of their resources into making the best haunted house possible because that is all that they specialize in. No thrill rides, no musical shows, no Dip N' Dots or set down restaurants like Skyline. It's all about the haunted house, because if it's lame then they don't make any money. So every year or two the Haunted House specialist dump mass amounts of money back into their attractions to keep the people coming back for more. Kings Island may dump mass amounts of money into their Haunt each year as well, but its spread over 12 attractions, two or three shows and enough decorations to fill an amusement park, spreading the resources thin. Because Kings Island has so much more to offer, I feel they have taken the route of quantity over quality. Now personally, I don't have a problem with this because its a massive amount of quantity. The availability of the rides and shows being included with admission makes up for the haunted houses not being up to the intensity of the Haunted Hootchie in Columbus, or being as long as the Haunted Cave/ Mine in Lewisburg, or even having the novelty of the Haunted Bus Ride in Wilmington. For all you get with your admission, the haunted house are great and the Halloween Haunt is a bargain, but if they were to charge extra for their haunted houses it would certainly not be a bargain, or even worth it. I have been through Dr. Psycho's Haunted Estate at the Land Of Illusions four times and there is so much detail in the sets and so many animatronics and scareactors coming at you that every time I went through it I noticed something new that I had either missed before or just didn't have enough room in my brain to retain it all. How many haunted houses at Kings Island can you honestly say that about? And again, its not a slam on the Kings Island Halloween Haunt actors or staff, you guys do a fine job, I'm just saying the houses themselves, although fun, are too simplistic and slapped together to be worth paying extra for.
  9. During this August promotion, can you get a friend on two or three different days or is it a one time only deal? For example, if I took a friend for the $19.99 on Monday, can I get another friend in for $19.99 on Tuesday? Or will they scan my pass on Tuesday and say "Sorry, it shows here you already redeemed on this promotion on Monday so your friend is going to have to pay full price today."
  10. I never knew George Clinton did a cover of Walk The Dinosaur. I don't even remember hearing that song in the "Mario Brothers" movie, but then again, I only saw it once when it was brand new and still in the movie theater. I remember thinking that it sucked.
  11. When this photo was taken it was called The Funky Phantom. You can make out the cartoon character of Funky Phantom holding his arms up over his head on the front of the cart. Hanna Barbara's Funky Phantom
  12. CoasterRZ is correct. This picture was taken from what is now the handicapped parking area, just right of the entrance on a slow rainy night in 1992. I know this for sure because I took it.
  13. Although I've always known it as The Bavarian Beetle, I have heard people refer to it as 'Mouse Trap' and 'The Cat N' Mouse" plenty of times over the years, so your Mom has probably heard it referred to by those names as well. Bavarian Beetle was my very first rollercoaster.
  14. I'm always talking smack and making up tall tales while I'm waiting in line in hopes that I might just happen to be standing next to one of you guys so I can get a quote on here. Two seasons now and no luck so far.
  15. Maybe at the end of the night when they are going to send out the last train and there are several people in line for the back seat complaining that they waited just for the back and they shouldn't have to move up, and they think if they throw a big enough fit that that Kings Island will run the train four more times with just two people on the train each time, and become even louder and more nasty when they see that their fit isn't getting them what they want, so it becomes easier for for the ride opperators to just block off the back seats in advance and avoid the potential headache. Or, maybe someone puked on the ride earlier and the seats are still wet from being hosed out and there might still be some lingering smell issues, and it's easier to close off the back completely rather than having the back seat line getting/ taking longer because people can only ride every other train (or every third), and you then have more disappointed or angry people at the end of the night who have to move up for the last train of the night. Or maybe someone famous was at the park and they had the back seat blocked off for him or her to sneak up the exit and jump on without getting hounded for autographs while standing in line with everyone else, but then the famous person decide to ride The Scrambler instead and never showed up. Or maybe there were invisible people sitting in the backseat. Maybe this would be a good plot for some King's Island fan fiction.
  16. Is it perhaps the theme from 'Phantasm?" Or perhaps the theme from 'Suspiria?' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiYq-545nkQ
  17. You forgot to label this one. The Three Stooges. Great photos by the way!
  18. My friend and I were at the park on 8/07/2010 and he was hungry so at 10:30 P.M. we stopped at the Pretzel Shop on International Street because people were raving about how good the pretzels were. He ordered one regular pretzel (which seems to be the same as Auntie Anne's recipie) and it was only half baked. It was like eating a pretzel shaped clump of bread dough. He didn't want to go back so he forced it down but I can vouch he won't ever eat there again. This past Friday, 8-27-10, we went to the Blue Cone stand in Planet Snoopy about 9:30 P.M. and we both ordered the exact same thing, a large blue cone with sprinkles. The same cashier took our money and made our orders, except my friend's blue cone was about 8 inches tall and mine was about five inches tall. We both paid the exact same amount. I guess it's really hit or miss with the food service at the park. Neither of these instances ruined my day though because I always have a good time at the park.
  19. Actually the song you're thinking of is "Face Like A Frog" by Danny Elfman off of his Music For A Darkened Theater album. I am aware of the "Music For A Darkened Theater" CD but have never heard it. I'll have to check it out sometime soon, especially "Face Like A Frog." In the meantime, here is a You Tube video of the song of "Igor Cellar" that was recorded in 1966. Listen to the beginning of it and hear how similar it sounds to the music in Cony Maul. If the Elfman songs sounds like this also then I wonder if he credits The Detergents on the song in the liner notes? Or perhaps the music/frog combo is even older and both artist borrowed from the same original? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODQEhvq3CYo Sorry the video is boring, but it was all I could find that was easily accessible.
  20. I've heard the theme to "Creepshow" playing in Rivertown. In Cony Maul, there is a bit of calliope sounding music (like you might hear on a merry-go-round or at an old carnival) which is followed by the sound of a frog croaking. I believe this is from "Igor's Cellar" by The Detergents And in Hot Blooded, I don't think anyone has mentioned "Kiss Me Deadly" by Lita Ford yet.
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