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  1. I second what DropZone99 said about hitting Superman first thing. Gigacoaster2k and I got there about half an hour after open and waited a half hour. Iron Wolf is the first B&M, but that's where most people stop enjoying it. Prepare for a VERY rough ride if you ride it. SFGAM has some semi-unique flat rides in Condor, Revolution, Ricochet, and The Jester's Wild Ride. Giant Drop packs a punch for what it is. Demon was a huge surprise in that it's a 35-year-old Arrow looper, but it's butter smooth. It's VERY well-taken care of. Wouldn't miss this one. If you like history in rides, King Chaos came from Geauga Lake. Ragin' Cajun is a rough spinning wild mouse, but it wasn't as rough as it had been described to me. Still painful though. Raging Bull is my least favorite hyper. It starts out great, but then slows down progressively throughout the ride and gets boring. It does have one positive thing about it, though. Ride it in the back row if you want some INSANE ejector air on the first drop. The Dark Knight is my favorite wild mouse. Love the theming and love the ride. If it's still the same at the end there's a surprise waiting for you in the effects. I like V2 more than I do Wicked Twister. Ride it in the back if you want some great hangtime going down the straight up spike. I've heard airtime is plentiful in the front car on both American Eagle and Viper. I rode back row on both and didn't get much airtime at all. Whizzer is an interesting and unique ride, but don't expect a thrill. It's more fun than it is thrilling. Batman was my 100th coaster and it didn't disppoint. It's my #4 steel coaster and I wouldn't miss it. WOW! I'd ridden the one at SFOG and liked that one. SFGAm's is MUCH better imo. Finally, I thought the park was okay. The thing I like least about the park is the layout. It makes for a lot of walking. Hope this helps.
  2. wanna go get intimidated next weekend??!!! :D lol woo hooooo

  3. COASTER #100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kevin, it was a TOGO stand-up that got me to like coasters in King Cobra. I've heard bad things about the ride like it being more than a tad bit rough. Unless it's EXTREME roughness I really don't mind it. I like rides like Georgia Cyclone, Son of Beast, and Invertigo, so unless it's as rough as rides like Dahlonega Mine Train and Mean Streak were to me then I'll more than likely be alright. Was it the restraints you didn't like?
  5. Tom I as just at KD for 2 days this week and Rode I305 no difference on the Trims on the first Drop. It picks the speed right back up and it rides just like it did when we went opening day. BTW Stayed on Dominator 10 times with out gettign off on Monday the park was dead the last hour it was open LOL. Oh i rode Shockwave for you to. One word - JEALOUS! You rode my two favorite steel coasters AND rode a TOGO stand-up that was closed on KD Opening Day that I couldn't wait to ride. Just wondering, do they trim Hurler at the bottom of its first drop? I remember the one at Carowinds having that trim off.
  6. Updated List: Steel 1. Dominator 2. Intimidator 305 3. Maverick 4. Top Thrill Dragster 5. Millennium Force Wood 1. The Voyage 2. Thunderhead 3. The Legend 4. The Beast 5. Son of Beast
  7. hey, let's go snap some scooters tomorrow.

  8. Continuing on with the Paramount logo, the first aid vehicles still sport the logo just without the word Paramount on them. I'm not sure whether this is an odditiy or not, but on my second last visit to Kings Island I noticed something about the M&M machine in Flight Deck's queue. One of the varieties of M&Ms on the side of the machine says "PLAIN." That same variety today is called "Milk Chocolate."
  9. Stand-ups have a special place in my heart because after my first ride on King Cobra I started to like roller coasters and not fear them like I had before. I was heartbroken this year when I visited Kings Dominion on Opening Day and saw Shockwave on the "Not Operating" list of rides for that day. I've ridden and like from favorite to least favorite: Georgia Scorcher Mantis Chang King Cobra Vortex Scorcher is just an awesome ride to me. Mantis has an AWESOME first half, but after the mid-course it gets really rough. Chang seemed so smooth that it actually relaxed instead of thrilled me. King Cobra had an awesome layout and I still miss it to this day. Vortex was just plain rough, but had a really good layout. On a side note, has anyone noticed that Mantis is running trimless this year? I've been to The Point 4 times this year and haven't heard that familiar noise of grabbing trims as the train goes down the first drop on any visit yet. Don't think the ride is necessarily better tough. Angie and I rode it and the mid-course now grabs harder.
  10. After reading this part of your trip report, I want to go to Canada's Wonderland even more now. Keep up the nice PTRs!
  11. As some thers have said, it all depends on which coaster it is. I prefer the front on Diamondback, Firehawk, and Flight of Fear. I prefer the back on The Beast and Adventure Express. Either the front or the back is fine with me on Flight Deck. As for some of my favorite steel coasters, Maverick in the very back seat is awe-inspiring to me, the only ride I got on Dominator (My favorite steel coaster.) was in the back row and I LOVED it, Millie is great for positive Gs in the front, and Dragster's launch is great when you're towards the back. As for my favorite wooden coasters, The Voyage is good in any seat really, but I do slightly prefer the back, Thunderhead gave some great air in the front, but not the back for some reason (Can someone please explain this if you know why?), and I prefer The Legend slightly more towards the back. The only coaster I really have a preference with which side I ride on is The Legend. I'm a big fan of lateral forces, and I feel the lats more on that side than I do the right side. As for Vortex, I tend not to ride it these days, but the best ride I got on it last season was in 4-1.
  12. Maverick for me. I'd watched the pov countless times before I experienced my first visit to The Point last year for CoasterMania! and didn't expect too much. WOW, was I EVER wrong! As soon as I was on the final brake run I said, "That's my number 1 steel!" The ride had me from the first 95 degree drop (still my favorite drop on a coaster.) and just never quit. This is the ride that got me to love wild rides and it has a special place in my heart because of that. Sadly, it's no longer my favorite steel coaster anymore, but I still love it.
  13. Indeed there are. It was a standup that made me like coasters so they have a special place in my heart.
  14. Ditto. I too have only ridden Skyflyer once and don't have too much desire to ride it again. I got scared near the top of the wenching part too. Looking down at the ground from that height in that position made me a little nervous, and I'd rather not experience that again. Slingshot is an awesome ride for those that haven't ridden it yet. Some days certain ride ops that work it like to mess around and have fun with you too.
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