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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I would make the distinction that they aren't flat rides but instead tracked rides. With that distinction, Rivertown has no flats. EDIT: On an unrelated note, it appears Tapatalk has logged me into an account I thought I lost. Huh.
  2. As the thread has been necro-bumped, *ahem*, I'd like to take the time to say: I NEVER SAID ANY OF THAT!!!! What I mean is, I was a much more naïve individual at the time of posting my large wall of text, and would like to apologize to anyone who may have been offended by the Katrina comment. I am not a terrible person, I simply didn't realize what I was saying. Please, do not think less of me. [/drama]
  3. I've seen a Diamondback T-Shirt whose tag said Cedar Point.
  4. PHANTOM THEATER!!!!! I am SO HAPPY! Thank you for finding and posting this here on the site. You have certainly made my century. Thank you!
  5. Strange, I find the seats to be bigger than most, actually. As per topic, I'd probably -Take out Thunder Alley and replace it with BLSC. It looks like it might just fit as it is. -Replace BLSC with more nostalgic rides on the Coney side, and more water/tame rides on the Rivertown side. -Take out BBoBH and put Phantom Theater back in. -Take out Urgent Scare and put in an actual movie in 3/4D.
  6. It was decent and it was nice seeing the dinos, but the effects were off and the movementwasn't as good as expected. They had a dino that sounded like a goat, which I found funny. I believe its better to go through and make fun of what you can, if you don't care to learn as much. As for the movie, it felt rushed. It took forever to wait, not that long to experiance, and, probably due to the upcharge, there were about six 1-3 people groups there, making about 12 people. 10 minutes, 12 people, 1/4 the actual product. It seems like a poorly thought-out or just a bad plan the way they redid the t
  7. If you want a rock show just wait until October and go see Hot Blooded. I believe that is all rock music, although older rock music.
  8. Looking at iSpeed it seems like it would fit the area perfectly, could be the centerpiece of an AZ reno, and fits the theme of what it seems to replace. Plus if it were to go over the path like that picture shows it would be awesome to look at.
  9. Out of the 3 KI commercials for this year so far, it's the best. It's all current KI pictures/videos, is creative, and visually pleasing. The bad things are that it seems a little cheap with the dino videos and the dinos also seem too fake, though not as much as I expected. All in all an 8/10.
  10. ParkMake


    I believe it to be a good idea, but that the $4 up-charge is way too much for what we are told we are being given.
  11. I agree with rotag. I had that same idea in other threads, though I couldn't quite figure out how to do it minimally.
  12. It still has the line about WindSeeker at the top. Anyone notice.
  13. I'm not sure if anyone has posted it yet but the sign on the X-Base arch is down. The one that said TEST. I just wish I could remember what that stood for.
  14. Yeah, I realize that, though the wire seems to be messed up in how it looks. They seem to me to be both going out and in.
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