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  1. Until food service operations improves, I’m skeptical at best.
  2. Worst scare attraction in the park this year. Short staffed and the employees would rather talk to their friends then do their job.
  3. KD’s version has never rotated and was never designed to. In fact, it’s a completely different model. Everything Intamin screwed up with the Gyro Drops, they attempted to fix with Dominions version.
  4. The music that played on I Street was better during the Paramount era. However, I’m absolutely in love with the “Pickin On” series they currently play in Rivertown. Also, kudos to the Paramount Era list @BlondyRidesOn. Now if only someone made a public playlist on Apple Music with said list....
  5. The backside of the seats are likely still accessible for off season maintenance.
  6. Well the good news is I don’t think it can be any worse than it was in 2018.
  7. Before they changed the layout of the train and demolished all but one of those houses, I know at least one of them was rented out to a park employee.
  8. Ah I see. I’ve been searching for 1972 and earlier aerial views of the park but haven’t had any luck yet.
  9. Pretty much what Don said....To add on to it, it’s rather fascinating how quickly you get acclimated to how the ride is supposed to sound. A trained ear can pick up on even the slightest abnormal noise that other people wouldn’t notice. I believe we had an example of this involving Invertigo while waiting at the front gate a few years ago @BoddaH1994!
  10. Why anyone would want four row cars on The Beast is lost on me. The ride is bad enough with three rows already! #RMCTheBeast
  11. Let’s be honest, being drunk is the only way to really enjoy the Haunt.
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