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  1. Using this logic buying a multi-million dollar mansion is not limited to just a certain group....affording good health care is not limited to a certain group... How hard is it to understand the principle involved here is that it shouldn't be right that if someone gives the park some extra money they can step ahead of the majority of their customers who are waiting patiently for their turn in line. What's that old saying...everything I needed to know I learned in kindergarten? I have drug this quote out several times over the years whenever this subject comes up...so here it goes again: Back in the day when one of the higher-ups in the Paramount Kings Island days was asked why the park did not have a system like this Fast Lane he replied something to the effect: "Because I would never want to put a parent in the position of explaining why some people have to wait in line and others don't". The man was a God to me when I read that. Life isn't fair. Either pony up the 50 dollars or shut up.
  2. I would replace The Beast with a good wooden coaster.
  3. Who? I'm sorry but I could have swore you created a topic to let us know someone of actual importance will be at the park.
  4. This really isn't a huge deal. The chain broke, the riders were safely evacuated and now a new one will be installed. It happens.
  5. I wish the pay extra attractions were the only available rides for the gold pass ERT.
  6. For the record, Invertigo, and Face/Off for that matter, has never stalled IN the cobra roll. Nor has it ever stalled in between the loop and the cobra roll. It's always valleyed where it's designed to.
  7. These guys are pretty much spot on. When the waterpark is open, the hard park tends to have very light crowds. BTW, I'd HIGHLY recommend hitting up their waterpark even if its for only a few hours.
  8. The best form of entertainment at KI is sitting on a bench and people watching.
  9. I honestly don't get peoples fascination with KI's entertainment. It's always been mediocre at best.
  10. KD's Drop Zone is nowhere near identical mechanically or physically to KI's.
  11. Back in my ride op days, if I couldn't get the belt to click or the restraint to click after literally a few seconds of trying, I simply told them they would be unable to ride. Not only did I not devote alot of time to try and get big people in but I didn't put a lot of muscle behind it either. Spending a lot of time trying to squeeze people in holds up the line and IMHO, it's unsafe.
  12. There's not much "setup", as you called it, on the wheels. In answer to your question, no there is not. At least not on Top Gun.
  13. The seatbelts were not shortened.
  14. I heard they are wishing they would have went with the Starflyer model by Funtime instead.
  15. Am I the only one who thought that "Sorry I get off at 6:30. You'll have to go to another line" was hilarious?
  16. In the state of Ohio, the ride does not have to be certified by the Department of Agriculture in order for park employees to ride.
  17. Maybe they should have went with the Funtime Starflyers after all...
  18. You sir are indeed correct. I should pay more attention next time.
  19. The tower looks done to me.
  20. I could care less about what rides are in the commercial but the commercial overall is LAME. Bred to shred? Seriously? BTW, stop over analyzing the SOB segment.
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