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  1. Sorry but other peoples experience in various lines of work won't help either.
  2. i forgot to add something, Once they have done the above, and yes sometimes there is maintenance for control panels, The State has to inspect them...Very important portion to test cycles The state doesn't inspect the control panels.
  3. Electrical inspection? Egh, not so much. For example, you'd be surprised how easy it is to literally turn on The Vortex with a key and start running trains for the first time in a season and not have any electrical problems come up.
  4. First off, I'm not your friend. Secondly, because you are a Tomb Raider fanboy and nothing good as ever came from Tomb Raider.
  5. Added another motor? Are you an engineer? Man if this isn't the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is.
  6. Assuming Tomb Raider worked as planned, there would be nothing different in the capabilities of the ride in the second installation of the Giant Top Spin. There's really nothing special about our Top Spin other than it's a piece of crap. Like I said, if ours worked as intended, there's a good chance you would have seen other Giant Top Spins installed. Far more thrilling ones at that.
  7. To be honest, I really don't have the time or patience to point it out. Let's put it his way, all these facts and figures you are seeing about the ride itself, take with a grain of salt.
  8. All the misinformation in this thread is ridiculous.
  9. Really? More techno music? The video was a bit long as well. I started getting bored because you can only watch a train go through a corkscrew so many times.
  10. Let me translate: shut up about the map not having trees.
  11. The techno music is cliche and I would have incorporated the splashdown more.
  12. Uh no. The ladder is there simply for maintenance to access the catch car. Nothing more.
  13. Get there early and you won't have a problem.
  14. I never said it wasn't a success. I just said if it "worked" so well then it would have stuck around. Clearly, it didn't. On top of that, I'm not buying the "they didn't have enough time to get stuff set up" line because If KI wants something done bad enough, especially something thing brings them in money, they make it happen....BTW, he'll still be in line for WindSeeker.
  15. DT does indeed have an elevator inside the tower. The floor in the motor house at the top is see thru metal grating.
  16. Your definition of "worked" must be different than everyone else because if Winterfest "worked" so well then it would have stuck around. Get over it, flash that season pass at some hunnies, and go get in line for WindSeeker because you and I both know you're going to ride it.
  17. I'm sorry, I could have swore you said lets talk about something important.
  18. Unnecessary risk? Im not saying there will be one because I really have no clue, but how do you know if it's unnecessary? WindSeeker operates differently then Drop Tower, Drop Tower uses cables while WindSeeker does not. A totally different system. It is really nothing like Drop Tower except in looks. If a teenager is trained properly then I don't know why it's really a concern (Maybe limit the age to 18? for liability issues?), and why does it matter that the Eiffel Tower is an observation deck?, IF WindSeeker did in fact have a control both at the top then it would work almost the same. An elevator would take you up, you would get out, and walk to your area. At least, thats the only logical way for it to work. Rwildman is right although he missed a key point. Let's say for sh*ts and giggles there will an operator positioned at the top of WindSeeker. When it comes down to it, what are they able to do other than stare at the ride as it goes around and around? It's not like a lift hill where they can stop the ride and yell at someone for having a camera out or for a guest doing something unsafe.
  19. Nobody was working back there at 1:15 AM. I can guarantee you that. So the fact that the light came on is rather strange. However, the second picture appears to be nothing more than security making their rounds.
  20. Sweet video. Thanks for posting. Ever seen them take a FoF trian on or off? That transfer track is the slowest in the park.
  21. They should put a car from the SOB in the mouth of the T-Rex.
  22. I can't wait to see the posts on here on Friday.
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