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  1. Or maybe he just has the map folded over because it's easier to move it around on the desk that way. But hey, what do I know?
  2. It's probably the PLC room. Control panels usually need just one piece of conduit coming from the ground.
  3. Slowly but surely, all the restraints are being recovered. As in, being sent out to an outside company and having the old padding stripped off and new padding put on. Somewhere to the tune of around 7-10 each year. This started about three years ago. There are no Tomb Raider restraints on the ride yet. However, the row of seats no longer on Tomb Raider are being used for scrap parts for Delirium seats. Delirium was such a pretty ride when it opened. Now? Not so much.
  4. The Beast never had a green train/car. It's yellow.
  5. Your ENTIRE post further proves my point on how out of touch some enthusiasts are with reality.
  6. Maybe not only because of enthusiast complaints, but I doubt that they had nothing to do with it either.... This just goes to show you how out of touch some enthusiasts are with reality.
  7. At least not until one of these enthusiasts contacts an attorney and the park is looking at a class action lawsuit on behalf of all the people who got "bait and switched." HAHA! That's the best thing I've read in this whole thread!
  8. I guarantee the only people calling and complaining are enthusiasts. I don't see them changing anything.
  9. Well said PKIVortex. Some people in this thread think that the general public will have the same reaction that the fanboys are having. Which you and I both know, is not the case.
  10. You mean to tell me you were not going to ride any other rides all season long other than DB and Beast during the ERT session? I call bull crap. As for the second sentence I quoted you on, enthusiasts ARE the only people who bought gold passes for that purpose. Reguarding this particular decision by the park, enthusiast thinking is way off compared to the way the GP feel about it. They could care less which "big ride" is open for them. Other people seem to realize this so why can't you?
  11. Haha ok. Go ahead and let your voices be heard on a Sunday night in February.
  12. Do you honestly think that there is going to be someone there who can appropriately answer your question on a Sunday evening in February? Take yourself out of enthusiast mode for two seconds and think.
  13. You're not getting it. The average family/season pass holder will not care which "big ride" is open to them for the ERT session. They are going to show up to the park regardless. It is simply a perk to them and not a make or break decision on if they show up or not.
  14. General Public (local or not) with season passes don't come specifically for the ERT. It is simply a perk to them.
  15. Sorry but KI isn't going to lose "lots" of money by not having Beast and DB for morning ERT. Nor will there be hundreds or thousands who feel the same way. Better yet, there won't be hundreds or thousands who really give a darn which major ride is available for ERT.
  16. You took the words right of my mouth. Post of the year nominee right there.
  17. Are any buildings still around from the "old" Coney Island?
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