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  1. On 11/1/2017 at 10:26 PM, TheRickster said:

    They are still rather new to the hardpark life... Gotta have a support staff to support big rides. They'll get there eventually, but they can't grow quicker than their foundation...

    You do realize HW has been around longer than KI right?

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    How long does it take for testing for each ride would you guys say? Diamondback still has one train (I think) on the track right now

    Few cycles for each ride/train on established rides and the mechanics are happy.

    Or until the State says they are happy.

    Which I believe is a certain amount of complete cycles. Terp?



    Keyword: mechanics....On established rides, the state inspectors aren't so much worried about number of cycles. They are generally more concerned with the safety of the ride. Such as restraints, E-Stop functionality, ETC

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  3. If that is indeed true, it seems to me like they should have just replied with "Thanks for the suggestion. We will consider it for future maps."  We all know they won't but at least it comes across better than what they allegedly replied with.

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  4. My friends work  front gate photos and its a hard job. We have to have a certain goal they  have to hit. Its hard enough to hit that goal. Just get a few photos done nothing says your forced to get them. They dont like getting photos as much as you do but we still get photos when they are off because they know its hard on every one. Just go and smile take a few pictures and head off. You dont have to go view them. It just makes there boss happy and they live to have a paycheck to help out with school or cars. most of to all don't spend there money on stupid things like drugs they work hard just so they can excel in life and have some experience in certain fields of photography 


     To echo what someone else said, sorry but no. If they don't like their job, they can quit. This reminds me of the people who work in retail then complain they have to work Thanksgiving/black Friday.

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    In Ohio, a minor can be in the bar and even CONSUME in such an establishment as long as the parent, etc., does the serving, unless something has changed.


    See ( B ), et seq.

    Just because it's ok by law still doesn't mean it's ethically right. Sure let's put kids at the bar where me and a few friends decide to throw back a few Pale Ales and enjoy the evening hours of the park. Kids have no place there, its where alcohol is consumed, it looks trashy.....


    Assuming the kids weren't being served alcohol by their parents, what's the big deal? It's Kings Island. Not a bar district.

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    I will never understand why people volunteer their time and money to a company that profits millions of dollars. If the park wanted to get the organ working properly, they would have.


    ....I guess you also don't understand why people volunteer to work the Kings Island Kicks Cancer (a lot of those folks "harassing" guests to kick a soccer ball are volunteers). ..

    ...A few members on this forum are probably a salaried employee and essentially "donate" time in excess of 40 hours/week to their respective employer, of which many employers probably are making enough money and could compensate.  I guess you don't understand that either?...


    I understand the difference between salaried employees and non salaried employees. I also understand someone donating their time/money for a cause/charity that helps others in need. Sorry but, I wouldn't classify as Cedar Fair being "in need."


    I love Ohio State football but you won't catch me painting the end zone just to make sure it's the right shade of red.

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