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  1. ...the girl asked me to sell the games to draw people in. it kind of went "uhhh welll uhh you should play this game because uhh you can win stuff" then she said i was hired. It still makes no sense to me...


    Post of the year.

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  2. ...Maybe during preseason inspections it was noticed that a certain repair was needed and it took this long to get the required part(s), and a crane is required installation.


    Someone get this man a cookie.

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  3. Uh, no. I love working at Kings Island.

    I think he's referring to the video...it's well done, but I mean c'mon, it's pretty cheesy.

    Cheesy it may be but those people were all volunteers- they did not have to do it. They wanted to! it was fun making it, regardlesss of whether you think it was well done or not. That was a lot of people getting out of their comfort zones to try and inspire others to join them. I know I sound like a broken record (but hey, recruiting was part of my job :) ) but it really can be fun working there. Im not going to get into the specifics, but things like this video made associates excited to be a part of something larger than themselves. Besides the video, there are NUMEROUS other perks and incentives and celebrations involved in being an employee.

    The perks of being a seasonal associate are nowhere near what they used to be. They have been either been scaled back or eliminated all together.

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  4. To quote Mr. Dane:

    "...and it will continue."

    Why anyone would think Cedar Fair doesn't care about its trademarks is beyond fathoming.

    I never said they didn't care about their trademarks. They (the people that matter when it comes to their trademarks) just don't care if a ride name gets capitalized on a fan boy message board. Especially a ride that has been gone for 20 years.

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  5. Flight Commander, as the name of a former Kings Island attraction, is always capitalized here.

    Thanks for reminding me why I don't like coming here much anymore.

    Like it or not, you do, and as such you're bound by the TOS. Is it really that hard to hit the shift key? I see you capitalized "I".

    I'm not questioning on whether or not ride names need to be capitalized on a fanboy message board. Frankly. I don't care and pro tip: neither does Cedar Fair. However, Let the SITE STAFF enforce it.

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  6. The controls operator box for the old Skylab attraction made its rounds around the park for various uses. Last time I saw it, it was being used for an attendent to monitor the gold pass parking area although this was a few years ago.

    Edit: you can see it if you look at the parking lot via Bing Maps "Birds Eye" view.

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  7. What is it with places making winter tubing so pricey? Perfect North is even pricier if I recall.

    No. Prefect North is the exact same price... it just offers much more.

    Wow. You think they(The Beach) would price themselves lower? Maybe aim for the "value" aspect?

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  8. Having spent the last two years in kiddy land with present day four year old twins, I'll throw in my two cents. Did my kids know who the Peanuts were before they started going to KI? No. Did they care what brand there was? Not one bit. If anything, their exposure to the Peanuts gang at KI has led them to see what the Peanuts were all about outside of KI. Can't begin to tell you how many times we've watched "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" the past few months. Now that they are more familiar with the Peanuts, it makes each visit that much more special for them. Not sure if that's what Cedar Fair was gunning for when they went with a less familiar brand but hey, whatever works. I'll say this, we threw down quite a bit of cash this year on Peanuts plush in the merch shop so kudos to Cedar Fair, mission accomplished.

    As for the removal of water maze, I guess the bad finally outweighed the good. Sure there was never a line and there was little maintenance needed on it but it always seemed like such a liability having that attraction around. Then again, I guess it's no different than the tipping bucket over in the waterpark.

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  9. One wonders, since we know Don is good with knowing numbers. How long does it take to rehab a coaster train? How long do they spend working on each coaster including inspecting track and working on trains? Which trains are the hardest to work on? Don, can you give us answers to any of those questions?

    With all due respect to Mr.Helbig, he is a PR guy, not maintenance. Unless he has done said maintenance job, there's no way he can honestly answer your questions.

  10. Soak City will be an interesting watch over the next few years. I don't think the park is threatened at all by the Beach- BUT, Hank Woodburn (Sr) and Co are putting the first real investment $$'s to that park for the first time in.... decades.- and may force SS to add some some things of intrigue. Maybe Wildwater Kingdom will get the Geauga Lake treatment and get parted out to the other sibling parks. Can't imagine that CF "really" wants to keep that property.

    I'm sure Adventure Holdings isn't event a blip on Kings Island's radar.

    They should be. Took the family to The Beach several times this season over Soak City and where we went, so did our money for food, merchandise, etc.

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  11. ...Now, don't say location doesn't matter. It's very important. For one, many families with older kids do not even go to Planet Snoopy. It's probably less likely that said family will travel to Planet Snoopy specifically for the scooters, or Disko. There are kids usually of a certain age who wouldn't be caught dead in kiddieland, (probably who you thought I was), that are out because of the placement. Put a ride in a kiddie area and it is usually thought of as a kid's ride.

    Regardless of the location, families with teens or ACErs, is not the demo they are trying to attract with the installation of a Flying Scooter ride, hence the 36 inch height requirement.

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  12. ...but when I was passing Vortex I heard this loud screeching go towards Tnoise. I noticed when I looked it just came out of the corkscrews so I decided to watch it go through another run. When it reached the point of the corkscrew when you're upside down it made the noice again and there were sparks or something coming out of the wheels....

    I believe the squeeling wheels but I'm calling bull**** on your claim of "sparks or something coming out of the wheels."

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