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  1. the last time I checked, there weren't exactly "shrubs" growing around The Beast. To the rest of the normal population, we refer to those as "Trees." And why would you remove trees from around a ride, that is set in a heavily wooded area, unless you had plans for it? You just don't tear down big old trees for nothing, other than to clean up a bit!

    Your wrong on that one chief. Just to the left of the brake run before you get into the station was no more than overgrown shrubbery. There were no large trees in that immediate area. Like I said, just let the park cut down some overgrown shrubbery and let that be that.

  2. There have been many clearings popping up in the park over the past season or two. There has to be some kind of plan in the works, with all this land being cleared. And myabe, some of us are right!

    Please clarify on the "clearings" you are talking about. I know of no major "clearings" in the park right now other than the obvious ones like Delirium. Again, what do you mean by "all this land being cleared"? There is no land being cleared. Like I said, you should just let the park cut down some overgrown shrubs and let that be that.

  3. I've noticed recently a few threads come up on another web site about the "clearing by Beast"...Can't some of you just let the park cut down overgrown shrubbery? You know, it's funny. I noticed it and I told some of my fellow co-workers give it until Saturday to be up on the Net. Low and behold...They are just cutting down some overgrown shrubbery, let it go folks.

    Edit: Let me clarify on "clearing by Beast". I am referring to the overgrown shrubbery that was just to the left of the brake shed right before you get in the station.

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