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  1. We got over there about 15 minutes after it opened and waited about 30 minutes. We were all the way back almost even with Wicked Twister and it was still only 30 minutes probably.
  2. Let me Start off saying WindSeeker is Fantastic!!! Possibly the best flat I have ever ridden. I was at Cedar Point on Tuesday when it opened. It had been testing all day and about 8, a few of us were getting in line for Millennium when the entrance worker was like "Hey WindSeeker is open!" We ran over! WindSeeker is a People Eater!! 64 people at a time!! that line moves FAST!! anyway the seats do get REALLY close at times on the way down, to the point where you have to push it so it doesn't hit your legs but they do have a warning at the back of each seat and people did not seem to mind. Anyway the Ride is Fantastic... plus it has music on the gondola that made it even nicer. Definitely worth the wait. Side Note - The setting at CP over the lake may make it the best setting among these rides now that i have seen the view.
  3. Well Cedar Points is Officially Announced..... Surprise Surprise is a..... wait for it..... WindSeeker!!
  4. I can 100% guarantee its a Wind Seeker after looking at this... http://i787.photobuc...ck/8214d7aa.jpg and then the logo on this... http://www.knotts.co...eeker/index.cfm Its the same wind Graphic in both. So the question is no longer what the ride is but how tall it will be?? I am gonna say 301' and CP will get the tallest one of the four prob around 350' since they usually get the record breakers (which I am 100% okay with bc I Love CP). But the height thing is a total guess at this point.
  5. Im gonna call Possible Photoshop on this... hmmm idk it just doesn't look right, but then again idk whats on top of the ride so it could be real.
  6. Yea i was talking about the Multi-color Floods that used to light up the whole tower.... heck you can still see them all around the tower on the ground and on the 50ft deck while on the elevator. I just dont understand why they are not on this year on the front or sides.
  7. Question...... Did anyone else notice that they don't light up the entire Eiffel Tower anymore?? I have only seen the Back lit up so far this season and it looks sad from the front of I-Streeet with the colorful fountains and a dark tower. I just think it would make more sense to light it all up like previous seasons. Anyone notice this or am I missing something?? :/
  8. It's supposed to take place in Lima (I think), yet they always show a shot of the Columbus skyline (albeit, an old picture) on their "local news." Its interesting because it is the Cbus Skyline in the background on the news scenes but its reversed. They have the pic flipped backwards.... hmm just made me laugh
  9. I am going to get my pass processed tomorrow around 4. I wonder how long it will take?? Anyone have any clue??
  10. What time can we get in on saturday with a Plat Pass???
  11. Its an Amazing day to go I always go with My Brother... Fun People and Short Lines all for a Good Cause
  12. Quick Question.... A few Friends, My Brother and I are Getting the 4 Pack Platinum Pass My question is when we go to get them processed do we ALL HAVE to be there?? 3 of us were gonna get the processed on the 16th but One of us has to work so he was just gonna wait till the first time he goes to get his processed... Can we do this or do we all have to be there??
  13. I realize that it will not be open this Season but its is sad to look at the map and it not be there.... Though there are mixed reviews I Love SOB and hope they find a good fix that doesn't involve removal from the park. Anyway back to the map, It is definitely noticeable that something is missing... http://www.visitking...k/map/index.cfm this hits to close to home for me. ps. Im just gonna throw this out there but FOF looks freaking tiny on the map too... hmm never noticed that lol
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