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  1. It could also be as simple as them sending a piece of track to a museum before a certain date. Or, since they removed the lift gear for reuse, it may have been easier to just cut off the rails at the bottom of the lift.
  2. From the bike trail, on the other side of the river.
  3. Thanks for this. It is quite thorough! This makes a lot of sense, especially the proximity to an airport. I believe that Intimidator at Carowinds, which is as tall as Diamondback, also has a light. Carowinds is also very close to the Charlotte airport. In fact, the last few times we’ve flown into Charlotte, we’ve passed over Carowinds. So close in fact that we could see people.
  4. I wonder if Orion will be tall enough to require its own aircraft warning beacon at the top, similar to Fury. I suppose we'll find out once the lift is topped off.
  5. It consisted of a large display along the path between International Street and Rivertown, between Diamondback and BLSC.
  6. I believe they are the phones you can find in and around ride stations. Think of the one in the weatherproof box just outside the Eiffel Tower elevator. I could be wrong though, and these could be strictly for ops. :-)
  7. I’m pretty sure that is where they were hiding the confetti cannons for Carnival.
  8. KIBOB

    Decoding 2020

    Yea, anything of that height has to be engineered with the knowledge that it will be nailed by CG lightning many times... Off topic, so if this needs to be moved so be it, but I did notice last week that the aircraft warning strobe at the top if its antennae was out. Random curiosity, but is there a deadline for which the park needs to have it operational again? Some kind of FAA guideline?
  9. KIBOB

    Decoding 2020

    There is a noticable if not substantial difference in maintaining/adding/adhering to theming (even if light) between the Kinzel era and the Ouimet/Zimmerman era. It is almost startling. Carowinds and CW just opened two brand new relatively immersive themed areas. Knotts has had major renovations done to its two Disney-esque attractions. Carnivale, and I-Street (along with the glockenspiel) are, in my opinion, the epitome of this.
  10. With the success the park is seeing from Grand Carnivale, and all of the polishing/restoration efforts, I would love to see a store (just one, at least) on International Street that sold artisan goods from different countries. You could call it something like the "KI International Marketplace" and have different shelves/tables for a handful of countries stocked with items that could be sourced from the third party company they use for photography and other specialty items. This could easily be put in place of one of the 3 stores on the street which currently sell very much the same type of stuff. Even adding a chain restaurant like Piada would be really cool for continuing to improve the street.
  11. Are all of the effects on MT still down as of today?
  12. KIBOB

    Decoding 2020

    +10 My wife and I recently went on vacation to Southern California, and made the trip over to Knott’s (we bought Platinum Passes for the first time this year). I have to say... We were absolutely blown away at the amount of theming and attention to detail in that park. Ghost Town was incredibly immersive, and both the Timber Mountain Log Ride and Calico Mine Ride, which were both recently gutted and renovated by Cedar Fair, had incredible, some may even say Disney levels of theming. The scenes were huge and the animatronics were very life like. So, if you think Cedar Fair is incapapable of pulling off excellent theming, you really should try and visit Knott’s. This park, more than any other, really shows the company’s changing priorities. It will change your perspective of what could happen here at home.
  13. For those of us who were patient, this is definitely looking great! I'm guessing they just fell a little behind schedule, and perhaps certain pieces of the fountain hadn't arrived at the park yet. Those nozzles look really fancy. In fact, the nozzles in the center look almost like hundreds of miniature pedestals. I bet this new lighting, plus the lighting from above will look amazing! Thinking back, it is pretty cool that they at least tried with the PVC, rather than just letting it go for opening day. Things are a changin'!
  14. Whoa. So, I’ve been checking out the blog posts from Worlds of Fun (thinking about visiting this summer), and they have an entry about Grand Carnivale (WoF is getting it too). There’s some concept art, but some of it isn’t WoF: (Images by Cedar Fair, from Worlds of Fun blog | Source: https://www.worldsoffun.com/blog/2019/new-international-festival-announced-grand-carnivale)
  15. Mr Koontz is doing an amazing job! In addition, it seems as though this new emphasis on theming, atmosphere, and restoration may be more chain wide. Worlds of Fun just announced similar changes, including theming enhancements across the park, which I’m guessing will help take guests back into the classic Jules Verne story it was originally themed after: https://www.worldsoffun.com/blog/2019/cotton-blossom-bbq-new-2019 Amazing things are happening with Cedar Fair.
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