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  1. I don't really expect many parks to be spun off in the short term. The entire industry is facing this pandemic, and while some companies are doing much better than others, I can see the need for conserving cash far outweighing the prospects of acquisitions, at least for the next year or two. So, it isn't really a question of "if company A sells a park", but rather "can companies B - F afford to buy a park?"
  2. It appears to be indicating that special precautions need to be taken if a evacuation is necessary and the last car stopped forward of that line. I'm guessing that is near the point of no return as the train begins to crest.
  3. I too am very pleased to see foldable maps return. I'm also delighted to see that each area's midways are color coded again. Something that hasn't been implemented in years. It is nice to see a continued acknowledgement of the park's individual areas.
  4. ^ Not to mention, while it is bright, upon zooming in you can see years of dirt, grime, and grease. Since the park is not open, one would assume a freshly painted tower would be nice and clean.
  5. ^ Now that is a good way to kill time while social distancing!
  6. You know, while we've been having great conversations, there are certain past members of these forums that I wish were still around to give their perspective on the situation. Terpy comes to mind.
  7. Maybe that's why KI's is the most reliable. Just too many electrons being used for LED lighting.
  8. In my opinion, I think it would make the most sense for the pass to be extended into the following season for the number of closed days at the park of purchase, which would also work for platinum passholders. My wife and I have platinum passes purchased from KI. Under this model, our passes could be extended into KI's 2021 season as a regular gold pass, but not necessarily at other parks. I'm not sure if the season pass software can do this either, but as a Software Architect by trade, it probably wouldn't be a difficult feature to add to the system. On the other side of the coin, many of us are concerned about how the park closures will affect Cedar Fair financially. I honestly couldn't care less about the stock price, but if the company is running on fumes from lack of patrons, this could certainly impact the level of operations at the parks. As such, I personally would like to see them place a limit on pass extensions. I know we will all have different opinions on this, and that is perfectly ok. In the end, while we all want to be back in the parks we love so much, I'm sure we care just as much if not more so about the fiscal viability of the company that owns and invests in said parks.
  9. For those asking how Cedar Fair may handle season passes, I just copied the following from Knott's site (keep in mind, Knott's is open year-round): *emphasis added* https://www.knotts.com/park-update
  10. I forgot it used to sound like that. I know they filled in part of the hammerhead with sand this past winter, but when was this done on the lift hill? I seem to recall discussions a few years back about a change in wheels, but I don't remember hearing about sand.
  11. There is no way of knowing. The statehouse said they wouldn't be surprised if schools remained closed the rest of the year. All these decisions are the best things that can be done right now at the state level.
  12. Based on the animation and current work being done, I don't think it is going to happen. The park is putting a lot of effort into the theming of Area 72. It looks like the entrance of Orion is supposed to "flow" with the rest of the area. I would guess a giant, vibrant ID sign would throw off the "sense of place". Knowing Cedar Fair, they will probably do something cool and unique to mark the entrance of the ride.
  13. You can see from the video that the quonset hut is actually a pretty good size. Looks like we might have a really cool show building on this ride, which will really help setup the theming and Area 72 storyline.
  14. Will the book be available at Joseph Beth?
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