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  1. The last time i rode the swings the ride ops let us kick off our shoes and see who made it the farthest! I won!
  2. Im at number 32 right now and everytime its still amazing!
  3. Yah i just got the text and had to check it out. It looks awesome!!!
  4. Yah my sisters friend her uncle is dan cook so she gets free tickets every year!!
  5. I'm awesome at wacky wire! I've won twice at hit and hope its still there. Also I have won many times at the bowling game where you have to get the ball to stop in the middle.
  6. Yah they never give out rainchecks! Must of got a change of heart.
  7. It is sad that people really do sue for anything. some of them are kinda stupid there are signs posted to warn you about the dangers. If you read them then you would have known. People are so stupid!!
  8. yah I can ride delerium a thousand times even after eating four chilidogs!!! At cp I had two bratwurst and then went on maverick and was fine. I have a stomach of steel!
  9. My dad has a King cobra shot glass but isnt looking to sell it. He also collects shot glasses and steins.
  10. yah unforntunately flight deck is just not on the top priority list for a new paint job but it so needs it!
  11. In Middletown in front of the haunted ouse I have always noticed a cauldron. Then today i saw it again and thought it looked familiar so I had my dad pull over and check it out. Inside it still had the door and bench sat all the way around so I knew it was from the Witches Cauldron ride. It even has the original paint job!!!
  12. I love the new trains they let you have a lot more room to move around and I love not having a head rest. I used to only ride SOB one time a day now I ride it five times. Plus the lap bar on the old trains always tightened too tight and turned my legs purple
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