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  1. King Da Ka top speed record has been broken by ring racer with a top speed of 134 mph!
  2. Thanks for the compliment; but my accent is pure Southwest Ohio 'Merkan! "Hey, what the heck is going on here?!?" kiDiamondback.com and placesaroundflorida.com (actually, when I first heard "stadium seating," this was the mental image I had, until I got to a TV and saw what the real cars were going to look like.) Do you know what really grinds my gears? On channel 5 news back in july they said Kings Island was having a divecoaster similar to the Griffon at Busch gardens then I went and told a lot of people and then they called me stupid once they realsed information abou
  3. The property line is the creek and you kind of can tell the other property lines.
  4. http://www.kiDiamondback.com/public/latest...ge&chip=494 What do you think there doing.
  5. What would you do if you got to Kings Island april 18th and you find out that Diamondback is closed for the day due to technicual difficulties.
  6. The ride you can probably skip is Backlot Stunt Coaster,But you want to ride The Vortex the line will look long but it actually ain't it has high ride capacity,ride beast and Son of Beast there worth the wait,drop zone you have to ride,delrium is like the best flat ride ever,and don't ever forget The Racer!
  7. The hot chicks is a good thing to look forward to duh!
  8. Once the work on the roof has been completed, the ride will be ready for trains. You will be able to watch the trains being placed on the track live through the webcam in a matter of days.
  9. when me and my friends go to KI we always ride Drop Tower first but not this year!
  10. I don't know were the Ghoster Coasters graveyard is. But I know were The Beast graveyard is!
  11. You can just do what Carl Eiechlman (world record times riding beast)did. Just go to Kings Island every day do not eat and ride The Beast all day. He lost over 80 pounds doing that.
  12. I already got nine inches! But any way I can't wait till I see those trains can't stop thinking about them!!!wub Diamondback
  13. a lot of people in my band want me on head snare but there will be a junior sooooo a freshman cant really take center snare from a junior unless you are really good.

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