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    I like to play Basketball and watch sports.<br />I like the outdoors ridin four wheelers, camping,traveling.<br />I am usually @ Kings Island in the summer or takin trips to Cedar Point.

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  1. I think it is better then magnum IMO. It beats top thrill because its longer then a 17 second ride. It is a toss up between millie and DB tho. Millie 1. 310ft 2. 93 mph 3. great view but less airtime DB 1. 230ft 2. 80mph 3. massive airtime
  2. I waited 2.5 hr for Maverick in its season debut. Then i stopped @ Kings Island to try Firehawk for the 1st time. I waited an hr for it to break down, then they said you can wait it out or go enjoy the rest of the park. I was only there to ride Firehawk so i was the only one to wait it out. It took about another hr and half to fix it. The loop was about the only enjoyable part on Firehawk. But thats just my opinion, Maverick is just an all out a blast.
  3. I was getting on SOB during Halloween Haunt this past season. The seatbelt broke off in my hand as i was trying to buckle it. They just made me wait for the next train. But that would have been crappy if the hydraulics somehow failed, and my life was relying on a faulty seatbelt.
  4. My top 3: 1.Corn stalkers-Its short but good 2.Death Row-chain link maze and strobes and mirrors nice effects 3.Club Blood-the cage dancers and the biker guy who trys to be tough then i rode Vortex 5 times straight without getting off IN THE FRONT seat @ night!!
  5. thanks, i see you share the same love for CP...Its just an amazing park.

  6. nice avatar! Cedar Point ftw!

  7. Drop Tower hands down!!My shoulders are at the top of the restraint so it feels like there isnt anything holding me in. I remember riding it when i was younger the restraint caught me when i came out of my seat, but now i dont have that.
  8. That surprizes me to be honest that two inches is that different. As for the old trains on SoB...in a word...ouch. I can usually fit into about anything and tolerate it long enough to ride it, so maybe I just don't pay as much attention. Vortex and Flight Deck in the back seat of any car would be the only place I have trouble, and that's just knees. Well i could set anywhere, but it would make the ride very uncomfortable and not let me enjoy the ride as its meant for. I perfer the front anyways, so the view is unobstructed.
  9. Why stuck? I'm 6'3" and comfortably ride in whatever seat I wish. Does two inches make that much difference. I could relate on Vortex and Flight Deck about the back seat of any car. The jury is still out on which seat is better on FoF. As an afterthought, the left side of The Beast is better anyway due to the helix, so at least that's in your favor. I have noticed that rides on The Beast vary wildly depending on everything under the sun. Factors that I have noticed include but are not limited to time of day, dampness or dryness of the track, temperature of the air, and most of all...how full the train is. Throw trim strength in there, and that gives you a range of about 35-40mph depending on when you ride it. Most of those are unpredictable. So, yes, there have been many times that I have had a number of different experiences on The Beast even within the day. Surprisingly 2 inches can make a world of difference...FOF i can barely fit in the front seat cuz my knees are in my chest...did you have a problem with SOB with the old cars??
  10. I dont really have a choice as to where to sit...Im stuck in the front cuz im 6'5". I notice I have to sit in the left seat front seat on The Beast, cuz otherwise the restraint makes the ride very unpleasant. I used to hate SOB till they changed the cars, the grip bar used to make my knees black and blue.
  11. Okay, I'll correct you: http://www.rcdb.com/ig703.htm?picture=4 http://www.rcdb.com/ig559.htm?picture=3 and also TTD http://www.rcdb.com/ig1896.htm?picture=39
  12. You might be a KI addict if you stop @ Kings Island almost every day after work!!
  13. I renewed my Platinum pass back in OCT. during Halloween Haunt!!Bring on Diamondback!!!
  14. I also remember being on Delirium during fearfest, and the guy next to me(stranger) had a hand full of pennys and launched them @ the peak by the festhaus.
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