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  1. Is that the official statement? That line made me laugh. I think I am most excited about the repaint of Racer with all we have learned so far about the 50th. What about the rest of you?
  2. So there are 350 galleries we imported on the server. I have to get with @malem on the best method to import into the live galleries on KIC. I will get with Malem on the audio files and get them on a new page on the main site.
  3. The photos have been imported on the server, we now have to go through them and integrate them into our galleries.
  4. I almost made a post earlier saying I did not know DMX visited KI and had rode RFRLCB.
  5. I agree with you, plus their methods were not that great. During the KI show, they were checking out WWC. They blamed everything out there on the trees and dismissed all accounts of reports. Not to say the trees were a factor in the "activity", but to totally dismiss the possibly of any real ghost activity reported by employees seemed very odd and disappointing. Maybe it was just me because that was the area I was hoping they would investigate the most besides the IR.
  6. Here is the KIC gallery of RFYLCB, but did not see these light in any of the photos from the past. https://kicentral.com/photos/race-for-your-life-charlie-brown @TombraiderTy you have anything?
  7. I hope the ride structure gets painted as well. Here is a pic from last year or the year before. I love seeing all the painting going on.
  8. It has lasted this long, why close it now?
  9. With it blocked off for one side access now, half the queue is useless at this point anyway. A revamp is a good idea.
  10. I love the backstory of matching it with the brewhouse.
  11. It is a fun little ride, gets you differently in the stomach than other coasters. I rode it several times and enjoyed each ride on it.
  12. Cool info to know @FoF96". Thanks for sharing.
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