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  1. IndyGuy4KI

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I am guessing it means they will be focusing on other aspects of the parks for a while like flats and general improvements. To me that is just as important as adding a big coaster.
  2. IndyGuy4KI

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I do like the blue and white color combo @Hawaiian Coasters 325.
  3. @MaxxForce Can you post the links to this info and source the drawings please. Thanks! This looks like a really cool concept.
  4. IndyGuy4KI

    Kings Island 2019 Discussion

    Here are the flavors for last Sept./Oct. And June/July.
  5. IndyGuy4KI


    I know this Huss ride model is Troika, (meaning group of 3) but what seasons was SR&R called Troika at KI?
  6. IndyGuy4KI

    Best Decade for KI?

    It was hard picking between 00 and 10. CF adding DB resparked KI's spot on the map. I ended up picking 10 with all the changes and additions this decade. Looking back we really have be fortunate with all the installs and updates in the park.
  7. Not recently. Hopefully we get another KIBlog update soon.
  8. Sounds like an old town village to visit and have hands on activities. I think this will be a great family attraction.
  9. IndyGuy4KI

    International street makeover

    The park has been updating us quite a bit with news lately. Maybe they want to get IS to a certain point before revealing anything? Just because you feel the communication from the park is lacking does not give you justification to go sneak pics of the park by trespassing. Like @chugh43 says, when statements are made like that, it comes off as entitled and the park is less likely to want to do anything for enthusiasts. Everyone needs to keep that in mind when posting and deciding to do something that makes the rest of the community look bad.
  10. They need a good, reliable, airtime hyper that does not grey you out on the first drop.
  11. I hope they would replace it with a B&M hyper. They need a hyper in their lineup. I will miss Volcano, my second favorite coaster there after Twisted Timbers.
  12. IndyGuy4KI

    Worst Coaster You Have Been On.

    I have no idea why I got that confused. I guess I want to forget it that much! LOL
  13. IndyGuy4KI

    Worst Coaster You Have Been On.

    X3 at Kentucky Kingdom. You will not catch me on that thing again.
  14. IndyGuy4KI

    KI Blog: The Beast gets its name 40 years ago today

    There were lots of names tossed around, but nothing stuck until The Beast was suggested.