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  1. Just make sure you have record of your purchase. Two seasons ago on KD's opening day, I had issues getting in, GS took my pass and somehow turned my platinum pass into a KD Gold pass. I had no idea until I went to KI opening day and they tell me I only had a gold pass. Luckily I had my receipt with me to prove it was a platinum.
  2. You will be charged for the 2019 pass to finish your contracted obligation, and their new payment plan they will continue to pay thru 2020.
  3. Park is busy today too. Full outside queue for FOF.
  4. Just because members here were singing the authors praises in a previous article, does not mean members can not disagree with them in this article. If it rides close to Fury, I could not be happier we are getting this coaster at Kings Island. Does in the grand scheme of things matter what classification the park or manufactured gives it? People are making a big deal out of an adjective.
  5. Sorry, we are not posting pictures of people smoking on KIC.
  6. The hourly capacity is identical to Banshee. Diamondback is 1,620. Don't forget all of this info is on our site. https://kicentral.com/rides/
  7. I moved the B&M roar discussion to the general Orion announcement thread. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm excited to see some blue track at the construction site get posted here. Please follow all park rules getting pictures to post. I have updated our Project X page to Orion which has the announcement photos, and construction photos. I would love to include members photos as well, so send me a PM if you have photos you would like to contribute to the gallery. https://kicentral.com/rides/orion/
  8. Now we just need Don in the crane to lift it in place.
  9. I agree, and if you were staying in the campground, getting woken up from morning test runs of Top Gun.
  10. IndyGuy4KI's personal thoughts. I think they did not want to go higher because they do not want to go above the Eiffel Tower. I could be wrong, but I think that drives it more than not beating CP.
  11. Each side had a red and blue train. It was forwards vs backwards not red vs blue during that time.
  12. I moved all the Orion discussion to the general Orion thread. We will leave this open in case some have more annoucment day pics they wish to add.
  13. Must just be for the shirts, the news release logo is this.
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