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  1. I think it adds to the theme, but I see where it does not seem the most natural. If that is what they are going for, I think it could be adjusted easily with a few bends and twists. They have time to make adjustments.
  2. Mine was a story. In queue for DB some people were taking about a DB ride where a squirrel jumped on the train with them on the lift hill, rode the whole way and jumped in the splashdown pond at the end. I thought they were kidding. No they were serious.
  3. On 3/25/17 electricsun and I met up with malem, chugh43 and pianoman at Carowinds for their opening day for 2017. Got to the gates at 8:45 AM to see them a few cars ahead of us. We got out and chatted with them until they opened the gates right around 9:00 AM. We then got parked and up to the gates about 9:20 AM. As we waited for the turnstiles to open electricsun and I got a picture. After the 10 AM rope drop we headed to Fury for the first ride of the day. Oh my goodness guys. This ride is amazing. This was what I was expecting out of Mille the first time I rode it. I love Millie, but this really takes the cake! An the themeing and sign are awesome! All of us together! We rode Vortex, their B&M stand up. Much better than Mantis (at least on your knees.) We then hit up Ricochet their Wild mouse. I like their wild mouse better than KD's. Here is our Funpix thanks to Chugh43. We then went to Nighthawk where we waited about 35 minutes to ride. A lot like Firehawk, but not totally. The layout was a little different at the end. It takes a great picture! After that it was off to Intimidator. I think i I rank DB over it by a slight margin. We then went to Harmony Hall for Lunch. We so need an additional building for KI that servers the same food. I had a fresh beef brisket sandwich with BBQ sauce and Mac N cheese on the meal plan. It was very good and cut right in front of me. Excellent meal. We then meet up Laresa Thompson, the PR manager of Carowinds. Very nice lady, and we chatted for several minutes. The Mods got a picture with her as well. She and I standing in County Fair. Here is the group being silly at a Funpix location Up next was Carowinds looping Arrow, Carolina Cyclone. A fun little Arrow. electricsun in a county fair sign. Then we did their tiny Drop Tower. Same color scheme as ours, but 1/3 of the height. Still a fun Drop Tower. We then hit up Goldrusher, Zephy, BBOBH, and then Afterburn! I put it right after Banshee! There was literally no head banging for me on this ride. We then hit up Plans Vs. Zombies, which is cool but not my type of ride. Right next to them was Yo-Yo a swing ride which was fun. Next up was Flying Eagles, I mean the Gliders. A fun set, but they ride nothing like KI's. I was not successful at even getting much air. I needed a few more rides on them to learn the differences. Then we did the Peanuts Pirates, which is a must do!! Hurler, WindSeeker, and then is was getting dark so back to Fury! The lighting is awesome! The guys getting ready for a night ride! It is hard to not take pictures of Fury. Here we are on our way our after a full day of Carowinds. We had a great time, and thanks to the other guys for making it a fun day as well. I will be back! The train is so fast it was a blur! I hope you enjoyed the PTR, If you can get to Carowinds do it. You will love it!
  4. This was a very fun interview. We hope to keep doing more!
  5. KICentral had the opportunity to talk with Adam House from GCI, the designer of Mystic Timbers. We got a lot of information from him starting from the design of Mystic Timbers all the way to constructing the ride. We hope you enjoy this great interview. KICentral wants to thank Adam House for taking time out of his day to talk with us. 1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into coaster designing? I am originally from the Northern Kentucky area and went to Kings Island more times than I can count through grade school and high school. After riding rides like The Beast and The Vortex, something clicked in my head that designing roller coasters was something that I had to do. When I got to college, I attended the University of Louisville and received my mechanical engineering degree. While attending UofL, I was required to take on various professional internships as part of my degree. After reaching out to several roller coaster manufacturers, Great Coasters found a place for me as one of the first Great Coasters Interns helping to build Millennium Flyer trains in Sunbury, PA. Upon graduation, GCI brought me on full time and I have been with the company since. 2. How long have you worked for GCI? I started with GCI in 2007 as an intern and started full time in 2009. 3. Have you designed other coasters, if so which ones? I have been a part of the team at GCI now for several years and have touched various projects in several different ways, but one of the first rides I actually got to play a true design roll in the centerline was GhostRider at Knott’s Berry Farm. 4. What is your favorite part of designing roller coasters? Just the challenge of balancing all of the various constraints and still being able to deliver something that is both thrilling and maintenance friendly is one of my favorite parts of the design process. 5. For those interested in designing roller coasters on KICentral, what degree and background do you have? What recommendations would you give on where to start down that career path? I would say that a degree in either mechanical or civil engineering is a must. The next best recommendation I can give is getting some real world, hands on, experience. Whether it is an internship or working as a ride mechanic at a park, understanding how things work in the real world is invaluable and something you can’t learn in the classroom. 6. Does GCI make a coaster from scratch when approached by a park, or do you have concepts already thought of beforehand and make changes to fit the land? It depends on the constraints of the park. GCI can handle the situation either way. Some parks, like Kings Island, don’t really have a flat plot of land for a cookie cutter or clone ride, while some parks can save money on design by choosing something already designed. We have utilized both instances for different customers in the past. 7. Did you design the trains as well or just the coaster? So, I actually got started on the design side of things at GCI by being a part of the team that brought the Mini-llennium Flyer trains to fruition for Legoland in Florida. Mike Boodley is really the mastermind behind the original Millennium Flyers, although we are constantly redesigning and updating components on the trains. The biggest, most noticeable change to have recently taken place on the Millennium Flyers is the change to seat foam. We find this holds up better over time and allows the park several more years of service out of the seats. 8. What was your inspiration for the design for Mystic Timbers? Really, the inspiration for Mystic Timbers came from a few different facets. We wanted to fill in that gap for a modern day wooden roller coaster, but not take anything away from the already great collection of wooden coasters that Kings Island already has. Additionally, we wanted to help revitalize both Kings Island and Miami Valley railroad and White Water Canyon by designing the perfect complement for both rides. At the end of the day, I believe we captured all of this with Mystic Timbers. 9. With the Train, White Water Canyon, and the terrain how did that impact your design for Mystic Timbers? Ultimately all of these factors played a role in shaping the layout of Mystic Timbers that you will see on opening day. 10. What element on Mystic Timbers was the hardest to design? This would definitely be the lake/lagoon crossing. We wanted to be able to cross this lagoon and still allow the park to fill it during the season so that WWC could remain operational. Additionally, we didn’t want a lot of foundation in that area to give some great visuals and allow the appropriate fill volume in the lagoon. At the end of the day, this element is going to be visually appealing and functional and was well worth the challenge. 11. How long did it take you to design and present the layout of Mystic Timbers? For Mystic Timbers, this process took about 3 months. We typically start off with a preliminary layout that we then work with the park about dialing in to exactly what they want. Altogether, I think we went through 3 or 4 different layout revisions. Without a doubt, the final product that will be opening next month is superior. 12. How often are you onsite once construction starts? I am typically on site for new rides around once a month. This allows me to answer any outstanding questions from our field guys and follow along with the installation of the coaster. 13. What challenges have you faced while building Mystic Timbers? Even though we have had a fairly mild winter, weather is always a bit of factor. I think we had 24 days of rain in January, so you can imagine that there were some hurdles there. Additionally, working out the construction logistics of the lake/lagoon crossing was a challenge. At the end of the day, everything will be well worth all the blood, sweat, and tears. 14. What signature GCI elements are used in Mystic Timbers? Mystic Timbers will feature 16 airtime moments throughout the ride, a mid-course tunnel in the turnaround, and a double camel back trick track. Additionally, it will feature several high speed directional changes, and let’s not forget…#Whatsintheshed! 15. What new elements will we see in Mystic Timbers? As I eluded to before, we are excited for the double camel back trick track which will be two back to back bunny hops that switch directions up and over each element. There is also a quadruple S turn going back into the mid-course tunnel that will catch everyone off guard. 16. What design element are you most proud of that you incorporated into Mystic Timbers? I think Mystic Timbers does a great job at capturing some typical GCI elements, but still throwing in several new and unique elements. Mystic Timbers will be smooth enough for everyone to enjoy, but thrilling enough to make thrill seekers rejoice! Pictures provided by Don Helbig
  6. The floral clock was operational last year, along with every year before that.
  7. I can not think of anything that was falling apart or not functioning last season. Can you elaborate?
  8. It is almost hard to compare the two at this point. To me KD has a warmer charm to it. It seems more isolated. I realy fell in love with it last season. Now park layout, KI has KD won by a mile!
  9. Rcwizard13 is correct. Any further site issues can be posted here. Topic closed. https://KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/32598-forum-software-upgrade/
  10. Chain lift working!
  11. Everyone's criteria will be different. I see them as a parental guide, not for an enthusiast.
  12. Let's keep this discussion in the construction thread for now. Topic closed.
  13. Great PTR Smurf! I really enjoyed looking and reading about your adventures. Great pictures!
  14. I am team Tilt-a-whirl!!
  15. That is shaping up very nicely! Looking forward to seeing the finished product.