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  1. That is really going to look awesome when done.
  2. You guys are right. In 2019 there were lights. Do remember you can see all of the past haunt pics and others on our gallery pages. https://kicentral.com/photos/
  3. Here ya go @MDMC01. He is on the path between BLSC and DB as stated earlier.
  4. I have only seen it down in very short time frames. Wait or come back a bit later and it is up.
  5. Doesn't ring any bells. The Break Dance does seem pretty cool.
  6. Are they any KIC members at CP this weekend they child report what they are seeing?
  7. Is there a ride in Planet Snoopy that you really enjoy riding? Even if you don't have a child to ride with. I have to say I really enjoy Surf Dog.
  8. I wonder why they are just now installing them instead of when they installed the slides? The after the fact install might be the shock more than the scales themselves.
  9. I do think it would be very popular if they brought it back. In the last 10 years and before 2017, what was the most asked question about Kings Island? When is Winterfest coming back? and Why are they no longer running one side of Racer backwards? Because I miss it.
  10. Correct. If they wanted to do so, they could have it going backwards pretty quickly.
  11. We know there are lots of feelings on COVID and protocols. Let's please keep that discussion on the COVID thread linked below and get back on topic of Winterfest 2021. Thanks! https://kicentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/36114-coronavirus-impacting-theme-parks/ I am excited for Snow Works. A simple attraction, but is a lot of fun.
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