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  1. I cleared them all, so if you were following any you will need to re-follow those threads.
  2. Thanks, we do want that fixed. We are still working on the bright theme. The dark theme we updated fixed this issue.
  3. Can you add a screenshot? I am not sure I am following totally what you are saying.
  4. @malem updated the themes last night. This should give your some more features and fix some of the issues. Let us know if you see any problems.
  5. After visiting SFSL on Friday evening, I definitely think KI has the superior night rides.
  6. On desktop, you can also hover over the users username on their post and you should get the option to Ignore user. Just using Silver since he had the last post.
  7. IB and HW make the list. https://visitindiana.com/blog/index.php/2020/06/29/2020-thrill-rides-in-indiana/
  8. I didn't know they made dispensers as well.
  9. We're looking to see if there's an update to the themes as well, to hopefully fix any remaining issues. Please be patient as we finalize the bugs of the upgrade but keep reporting issues.
  10. Malem worked on some of the issues we were seeing. Hopefully he got everything working again.
  11. More additions to tricks and treats! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/september/kings-island-foodie-news-new-this-fall-the-french-corner-on-international-street
  12. Can you add a screenshot of what you are talking about? I have found no one seems to browse the forums the same. Also, what theme are you using?
  13. @malem will be working on the skin formatting. The skins usually have a few issues, especially when there is a design update. Thanks for reporting them. I noticed that the notification bar is under the logo in dark mode, but fine on the bright theme. Dark Bright
  14. Our wonderful @malemupdated the forum software last night. One of the key features of the update was an update to the design of the forum. Key elements they worked on for this uopdate was the following: A brighter UI with more saturation & contrast and simpler overall color scheme Improved typography Better, more consistent, spacing around and between elements, especially on mobile Better logical grouping of sections of each page Reducing underutilized links/buttons on the page and finding alternative ways of making them available Improving how post sta
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