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  1. Been at Carowinds the last 2 days. Copperhead Strike has the water fountain on the exit side. Only saw them use it for employees, and when a train was out in the sun for about 10 min due to mechanical issues, they gave the riders on that train cups of water using the fountain.
  2. Blog post about Beast souvenirs written by Chad. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/june/the-best-of-the-beast-souvenirs
  3. Grand Carnivale to also have weekend concerts! More details on the blog! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/june/grand-carnivale-features-weekend-concert-series
  4. So you guys know me, I am not going to be shy about asking questions. I asked maintenance during the Voyage walk back tour at HWN's why they go all the way down to the supports when replacing the track on their coasters. The answer is that they have Gravity Group come in and totally re-profile the track to the structure as it is now. I also asked about the harder woods that they have started using on Racer like was mentioned at CoasterStock by Jeff Gramke. He also confirmed that on certain areas of the track that get the most wear they have started using the harder wood.
  5. So I am not the only one trying to touch as little as possible in a public bathroom.
  6. Another great blog post about The Beast by our own @Shaggy. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/june/the-beast-the-first-40-years
  7. I don't know how the bathrooms stay as clean as they do at the park. A dirty bathroom has never really been an issue in my experience unless there was someone who recently left a mess behind.
  8. Definitely something the park could look into. Just wondering if it would actually be a help, or would they get so overwhelmed with info that it would be white noise?
  9. No problem @MDMC01, my answer was what the park policy would be. I would rather @starlitfire be ready to buy a locker if asked.
  10. You will most likely be asked to get a locker at these rides.
  11. Time for another KIC contest! The Beast (40), Invertigo (20), Diamondback (10), and Banshee (5), are all celebrating anniversary seasons this year. Let's have a photo contest with your best picture of these rides. Please only submit one picture per ride. So you can have up to 4 submissions as long they are of each different coaster. Please submit only one picture per post, so double posting will be excused in this thread. (Any additional submissions of the same ride will be removed.) Only likes will be counted, not any other emotion. The contest will be judged by the members. So if you love a submission vote for it with a like. You can vote on as many as you want. This will run until July 8th. I will give 24 hrs notice before I close the thread. I will then tally the votes and announce the winner! The winner will get to order a free KIC shirt as their prize along with bragging rights! Visit our store here for more KIC gear!
  12. Your can ride an outdoor one at KD.
  13. Your disrespect to KIC members, KIC admin, and the park is noted! We are concerned with your responses and have taken action. KIC admin had no problems with you stating the issues you had during your visit in your report. We also would not have had any issues with a respectful conversation to follow about the issues either. Instead you responded in an irrational non respectful manor. We will not tolerate that behavior on KIC.
  14. @fyrfyter I find your response very disrespectful. A manager from the park is nice enough to respond to you and tell you how the park handles these types of issues. Like all parks, guest services is where you go to report concerns. If you don't want to report the issues to the proper channels the park has in place, they are not going to be able to address the issues.
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