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  1. HA! That is awesome!
  2. They can be mean when on their nest, and they make a mess everywhere.
  3. We do already have 2 launching coasters. I would love a Maverick coaster at KI. I think we need that more than a GIGA in my opinion. That gets back to Intamin though.
  4. @electricsun and I (with the kids) plan to try and make it to IB this Saturday (weather permitting.) I will report back of the changes we see.
  5. Great PTR BFF! Always enjoy your posts.
  6. Intamin Speculation answered! https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/when-intamin-visits
  7. Are you not suppose to be sending trains on Vortex?
  8. That was me. I posted it in the Coasterstock thread as well.
  9. Some great pics there oldschool!
  10. Welcome to KIC! Negative comments about someone is not allowed here so don't worry about that. In fact, this question comes up very often here. This really depends on the ride and body proportion. (where you carry your weight) I was at 250 at 5' 10" for a while and had no issues except for Drop Tower and few kiddie rides with my daughter. Most of my weight was at my belly. There are test seats on DB and Banshee. Banshee has the roomier restrains on row 4 and 5 I believe. Good luck!
  11. Something CoastersRZ pointed out to me. The faded track at the splashdown on DB has been painted.
  12. Electricsun and I just left ikea! We got at the park for ERT, ate Chicken Shack, and left at at 12:30 and got the following rides in. MT - 3, DB - 2. Gliders, Beast - 2, BLSC, Banshee - 2
  13. Yes it is. Please only make a post in one thread! Thank You!
  14. Mike Koontz, GM of KI and Jeff Pike from Skyline Attractions (who helped design Mystic Timbers) were the guest speakers at coasterstock.