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  1. IndyGuy4KI

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I really like that one @Hawaiian Coasters 325!
  2. IndyGuy4KI

    KI tickets

    I think Amy is asking if she will get a discount for having a Knotts gold pass. Let's see if @stashua123 can get us an answer.
  3. IndyGuy4KI

    Meal Deals, and meal deals

    Welcome to KIC, hopefully others can share their experience on how the all day meal plan works. We will not discuss how to cheat the park by sharing food. We comply with all park rules.
  4. IndyGuy4KI

    Ask Kings Island a Question

    The questions up to my last post in this thread have been sent to the park. I am not sure how long it will take to get back for I doubt they know all the answers quickly or can answer everything. I will post when I get the responses and start compiling the next set of questions. Thanks for all the awesome questions!
  5. IndyGuy4KI

    Cedar Point Trip Report July 6th/7th

    Is there a Bob Saget ranking as well?
  6. IndyGuy4KI

    Official looking men between The Racers

    I heard RMC did normal track maintenance on Hoosier Hurricane about 5 years ago at Indiana Beach.
  7. IndyGuy4KI

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    I started fountain ERT with @pianoman , now we have train station freestyle ERT.
  8. IndyGuy4KI

    Cedar Point Trip Report July 6th/7th

    It was a fun meetup and hope to do it again next year!
  9. I am sure they are evaluating to make improvements, and we are ok to have discussion about how you would make improvements. I think a few might be a little harsh with the criticism. Did everyone not walk away safely?
  10. IndyGuy4KI

    Anyone Remember Opryland?

    Please aboard quickly, your time is running out. They forgot to add: to get to the Grand ole Opry.
  11. IndyGuy4KI

    Souvenir Bottle ??

    I buy 24 - 16 Oz for $3 to $4.00 every few weeks. I bought 1 gallon Crystal Geyzer water a few weeks ago for 89 cents a piece.
  12. IndyGuy4KI

    Souvenir Bottle ??

    What gas station you going to? I can not find gas in Indy for $1.00 a gallon.
  13. IndyGuy4KI

    Anyone Remember Opryland?

    I do not remember the park to much at this point. I do remember riding Chaos several times each visit. Loved that coaster! Sorry I can not help you here, but anxious to know as well.
  14. I do agree that they should have started advertising the Coney BBQ earlier, at least teasers in January/February. It is my understanding that the fireworks show came together right at the start of the season, but it could have been pushed after the start of the season more. It should have part of the peanuts celebration advertising.
  15. IndyGuy4KI

    What will replace Dinos Alive?

    Nothing over there the week before the 4th. Let us know!