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  1. We all know the hoops that KI's had to go through to open. With the policies now in place and trying to keep everything clean (which I appreciate) it is a lot. Here is what CS is talking about. Taken from an Indiana Beach fan page on FB with pictures taken yesterday. People are crowded together on the boardwalk and not a mask in sight. Over 100 photos, and only a few masks to be seen. https://www.facebook.com/groups/274071829612644/permalink/1198817680471383/
  2. I start feeling it, but not a full grey out.
  3. @electricsun and I rode Orion in the back row, then we went and rode DB in the back row. You can most definitely feel the difference with the 85 ft. Orion throws you here and there, and that helix gets me every time. Just enough g's to feel it in your head. (Not like i305's first turn which I almost hate with the grey out I get.) Like @NegativeGs just said, you can not compare them. Designed to give totally different ride experiences.
  4. It wasn't last weekend. Will try to look today.
  5. All 3 were at the Orion gift area coming out of Area 72. I got the Orion one to try it out.
  6. Just rode Windseeker, still lots of footings to still remove. Here are the pictures I got after the ride.
  7. Anyone tried this yet? Looks very good . Per @chuck norris above it does not seem to be on the meal plan.
  8. How does this compare to the other gigas?
  9. With the addition of Orion for the 2020 season and now that we have had a week for KICentral members to get some good shots, lets have an Orion Photo Contest! In this KIC photo contest we want to see your best photos of Orion! Rules: Only 1 picture per post. (If there is more than one, the whole post will be removed.) A max of 4 submissions. (Any additional submissions will be removed.) All photos must be your own. (No pictures from websites or any other sources.) All photos must abide by the Terms of Service and all park rules (for example, any pictures taken as a result of trespassing or any that are taken on rides that prohibit photography/loose articles will not be acceptable and will be removed and possible loss of posting privileges.) To make it more fair, please do not post pictures from areas that only employees can get too. (Tour locations from Coasterstock are fine.) No excessive Photoshop edits, filters, or other effects. Some unique and creative edits on pictures are fine. Please avoid anything that entirely changes the picture or that could be considered "cheating" by attempting to overly edit an image. Double posting will be excused in this thread. Only Likes will be counted, not any other emotion. The most important rule: HAVE FUN! The contest will be judged by the members. So if you love a submission, vote for it with a like. You can vote on as many as you want. This will run until August 7th. The winner will get to order a free KIC shirt as their prize along with bragging rights! Good luck! Visit our store here for more KIC gear!
  10. Sorry about that @Outdoor Man. I envision a new ride there with the entrance plaza across from the BLSC entrance.
  11. I moved @gforce1994's thread here. There has been construction on the site since January. There is no need to have a separate thread that looks like there is some new construction going on. Please use this thread for further discussion. Thanks!
  12. Yes and these are coming soon!
  13. When you make a post, you will see a the bottom a paperclip and this text: Drag files here to attach, or choose files...
  14. Indiana Beach has been pretty busy. Masks are just recommended there. Right now KI is between a rock and a hard place. I feel much better at KI though when it comes to COVID safety.
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