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  1. Ham, Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, apple/pumpkin pies, etc.
  2. With the return of Winterfest we could see some nice winter foods as an offering as well. Great possibilities!
  3. @electricsun and I had Island Smokehouse for the second time last night. Another great meal from the park. Another offering beside Chicken Shack (that the park makes themselves) that I totally enjoy. Electricsun and I were discussing where to put one on the dry side. The new name for the dry side could be: X-Base Smokehouse?
  4. Green was out with Green cars yesterday.
  5. For those that are ride-ops here, I don't think it was anyone's intentions to hurt feelings or say you are not doing your job well. The take away I get from this discussion is the content of the spiel you are asked to say. As @CoasterOhio stated, it seems the managers and supervisors are okay with this practice. The best course of action for guests (if this is something that upsets you) is take your concerns to Guest Relations. Getting back to the topic at hand, which is interesting things Ride-Ops do. When I got on Banshee last night one of the seat checker ops was trying to get the station crowd to do the Let's go clap. He had quite a bit of participation.
  6. And visually one of the best looking coasters in the park. At least I think so.
  7. I don't think many would be in favor of the crypt building in Action Zone.
  8. Is this really a subject worth getting upset and arguing with each other over? Not one of us here have any pull to change the ride ops job on a microphone because you may not like it. If you don't like it sure we can discuss it. In doing so, how about doing it respectfully. Another idea besides saying it must go is to make suggestions with an alternative solutions that the park might actually take into consideration. Arguing with each other does nothing but make you loose credibility. Please respect each others opinions and respect each other. I don't know about anyone else, but I would like to hear more about the interesting things you have heard ride ops do while at the park.
  9. KD has recorded info not mics. That seems to work for them. I could see that working fine at KI on almost all rides. Only use a mic if needed, not a requirement.
  10. We posted several pics to the KIC FB Page the other day.
  11. I don't look at them often, but the webcams do not show up live to me, it is a still image. I am guessing they will refresh when you refresh your browser page.
  12. I don't like that they have blocked off my favorite parking rows. If it is a pickup area, it would be nice to make it look a little better than that temporary fencing. I remember the old Gold pass parking in that area. It had the white posts to block it off.
  13. I don't want to to change a thing. I would not add Beat it if I was in charge of the shed.
  14. @malemor @Dane will have to look at that @jcgoble3
  15. Beat it was released in 1982 and would fit the 1984 sawmill timeline. Although, it is not a love ballad.