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  1. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    I will be at another CF park tonight. We need pictures!
  2. The Great Pumpkin Fest

    @electricsun and I took my kids this past Sunday and had they had a blast. $1.00 games and pony rides are great value. This pic was from the week before.
  3. Guests Say The Darnest Things

    Going up the hill on The Racer, someone in another seat says. "This thing is much smoother than Mystic Timbers." I guess for them it could be true, but thought it was worth posting.
  4. Official: WinterFest 2017

    Here are a few I saw too. The first being by BLSC and the restroom.
  5. Weather question!

    The pony ride and foam pit was the only thing not open when we were over there in the rain. I hope this helps!
  6. Blood Drums Facebook Interview on 10/8/17

    We started early.
  7. Haunt 2017

    How about advertisement??? It is usually not a conspiracy. The full headstone here! Ediit: Blackout has one too!
  8. Current wait times

    Everything walk on so far today! MT was just on the stairs.
  9. Blood Drums Facebook Interview on 10/8/17

    The Blood Drums Interview is planned for today at 4:30.
  10. Improving Que Lines

    You need to see @XGatorHead 8904 shirt he wears on opening day!
  11. I also enjoy my dining plan more for like you said, the in park places have shorter lines as well. I do not want to see food and beverage outsourced. Because then you have vendors who have no personal interest in Kings Island. I could see very inconstant food handling and service. It is no longer KI's direct reputation on the line. I trust KI 100% for keeping me safe on their rides, I also want to trust KI's food service, not an outside vendor the same.
  12. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    They keep a big water tank to pressure wash the 9 PTC trains in the park one a year?
  13. Best GP comments of 2017

    Please continue discussions over here. Thread will be locked.
  14. That KIC Look - New Shirt Ideas

    Customizing for the usernames on the back might be a little expensive. Keep the ideas rolling. We are working on it and looking at your ideas!
  15. That KIC Look - New Shirt Ideas

    I love it, but you will not see me in black shirt at KI. We will be look into a shirt design soon. What does everyone think of the back saying?