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  1. There is a mountain no longer being used from a sister park. It might be in a landfill by now though.
  2. I am so excited to see it in person when complete.
  3. I saw it in the admin panel after the upgrade to the software and decided to try it out. Glad your like it!
  4. I looked at ever page back to page 6. I did not see this photo. Also, looking at all those pages, not one post has been removed.
  5. Stated by me in the other thread, but need repeated I guess. If the park is closed to the public then the park requests that any aerial or other shots of the park come from them not any other source be it plane, drone, etc. https://kicentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/34208-i-street-pictures-discussion/&do=findComment&comment=812595
  6. I had the same background and saw the same issue. The software allowed me to add the counter, but no tools to change the font to a different color. I have went to the DB background to see the counter for now. @malem was going to try some of his magic to get it to stand out better on the Beast background.
  7. So, I found what you were talking about. It is interesting how differently each of us read the forums. You were talking about the bubble to the left of each thread. The forum bubble is mark read, and on each topic it is smaller and is a last unread post. After knowing that I was looking at, I still did not see a way to change that. Sorry.
  8. I do not see a way to move it. I am curious about this first post unread in a thread button you mention. I don't think I have ever seen it. Maybe I see things differently? What theme are you using?
  9. I have been in that park a full 4 days in my life. Great park, a lot of great charm.
  10. There is a nice countdown to opening day at the top of the page with the bright and dark themes!
  11. I think our Racer still has a little more air time, but last season Racer75 was definitely smoother. Final answer, KI Racer.
  12. Some of us enjoy your "boring" MT cam.
  13. Another KIBlog post about Spirit song. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/march/spiritsong-returns-june-20-22
  14. @Cmhornblessed and @KevM86. What browser are you using and is this on mobile, desktop, etc? Also, have you cleared your cache in your browser?
  15. I think we need @Rustbucket for that one. He is now local and is his home park.
  16. I did not see any tent camping sites. I hope that is not the case. We love to tent camp, and would bring us to the park for consecutive days with the family. As of right now family trips are only day trips due to no close tent camping options.
  17. The park has known about those glasses. I am not sure what they can do about it, but am guessing they are looking into it.
  18. See Chef Major talk about the Brewhouse with @CPFoodBlog.
  19. Double Post: With the new update I was able to add the spoiler button in the toolbar. You will see it as a eye next to the emoji button.
  20. Since there are a lot of good questions and answers in the KIBlog Mailbag posts. I think it would be a good idea to have its own thread to have them in one place. Here is the latest one: Is it Racer or Racers, Dodgem or Dodgems? Older Mailbag entries Whatever happened to the Kings Island Hall of Fame? What roller coaster was more important to Kings Island, the Racer or The Beast? What became of the towers, gondolas and other parts from the skyride? Why was the last dip on the Racer removed in 1996? How many parking spaces are there in the parking lot?
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