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  1. Reminds me of Supergirl at SFSTL. https://sf-static.sixflags.com/wp-content/uploads/elementor/thumbs/60707883_10155980575091916_5378046782628429824_o-owko2lrtil3a5ahfqdsv7f2w65nfo7yd4ep3r1hc80.jpg
  2. Have you made it to KD yet?
  3. Thanks for sharing your experience! Orion takes 6 or 7 rides to get a good feel of it.
  4. I am not holding my breath this means anything significant. Although, a flat for family members waiting on Orion and FOF riders would be a nice addition.
  5. https://www.tmz.com/2020/10/25/san-diego-man-threatens-jump-top-roller-coaster/ I hope they get him down and get him the help he needs.
  6. So there are 2 pieces in my pic or are you saying there is another somewhere else? Hard to tell on mobile.
  7. If they work as they are advertised, I could see them cut down to one set per side. You would not need any more. This would save on security costs and your could put those extra security members in the park.
  8. I think a decade or two might need to pass first, but I could see the name used again at some point.
  9. Pics I took today. The one piece of track is still there.
  10. Went though when I got here and everyone was just walking straight through like they were not even there. There was no slowing down at all. No bag checks nothing. It was awesome.
  11. That is cool. How did the lines move at security today?
  12. As Robbie said, it was an awesome first drop. The helixs were very rough. The loop was awesome. The most noteible thing about SOB was the the chain lift. You think an RMC chain lift is loud..
  13. This is interesting, especially since they can retrofit this to existing towers.
  14. We are so happy GM Mike Koontz is doing this for the awesome Kings Island employees. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/october/12-kings-island-associates-earn-over-the-top-awards-for-the-week-ending-october-18
  15. Cool stuff. Has anyone actually walked around the cemetery? I have many years ago, it is so cool to experience.
  16. This looks great. Now KD needs a few more coasters to replace the few they have lost. I know with this year it might be a while, but they still need a few more coasters to round out their lineup.
  17. I have to say, the SOB box was one of my favorite signs.
  18. @DonHelbig does not use his personal account for park hints. There are no hints to be had in his tweet.
  19. Yes rides are running including Plant Snoopy. Enjoy your trip and report to us how it went here.
  20. Thanks for all you have done this year. We have enjoyed the footage.
  21. Saw this on IG. Let's do it here. Post a pic of your favorite ride sign and tell us why.
  22. Today's Chef's Plate: Beef Sauerbraten with Ginger Brown Sauce, Savoy Potatoes, Honey Glazed Brussel Sprouts and Artichokes, Fried Onions and Micro Arugula on the menu. More details on the KIBlog. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/october/kings-island-foodie-news-beef-sauerbraten-with-ginger-sauce-highlights-saturdays-chefs-plate-special by Tell us your reviews below!
  23. I am with you on this. When I opened the email I was expecting an actual park perk, instead it is ONLY for outside stuff. I appreciate offers outside the park, but the outside offers should not be the focal point of the email. It should have in park items as a perk, and then a section at the bottom saying check out these additional out of park perks. This might be a way they are generating extra revenue with other businesses with email marketing. I get that, but lets get in park perks before outside perks.
  24. After reviewing our themes post forum upgrade, we have purchased a new theme to get the dark/bright working properly. The bright/dark themes are the same now, and you can click the lightbulb or the moon at the top of the page to swap between them. The toggle button at the top of the page next to the search button is how you will select your background and other customizations Along with this upgrade of the forum and theme, KIC now has an even cleaner look and feel. We hope you enjoy these new updates. Let us know if you see any issues that we need to address in th
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