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  1. I am just happy Cedar Fair has not gone bankrupt with COVID, is able to operate the parks and has not turned into a Six park.
  2. I love racer radio. If it was over the full park would be fine with me, but then Racer loses its unique playlist.
  3. "Why are all these people staring at me? Is there something in my beak."
  4. If they have success in Sandusky, will they consider another one near KI?
  5. Cincinnati Pride Night is back for 2021 at Kings Island! Parking is included! Regular tickets are on sale now for $40. Discounted group ticket sales are available for groups of 7 or more at $38 a ticket. *This is a private event. As such, Kings Island season passes are not valid for entry. Friday, September 10, 2021, 6pm-Midnight Parking opens at 5pm Gates open at 6pm To learn more and a link for tickets: https://www.cincinnatipride.org/pridenight.html
  6. Plus, at this point we have the vaccine. People who are vaxed are not dying. Everyone is empowered to help themselves now. That was not really the case before.
  7. Caption what the bird is thinking: (be nice/respectful) I will go first. They have been giving those beads out to everyone, but have not offered me one yet.
  8. Where was the price tag for Orion marketed?
  9. Yes 1/2 hr before park opening at 11. Here are the details: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/season-passes/early-ride-times
  10. I thought this deserved it's own thread in the history section.
  11. I think I have them working again. Here are the rankings and the corresponding ride: KIC Tourist - Eiffel Tower - 0 points KIC Local - Surf Dog - 100 points KIC Junky - Woodstock Express - 200 points KIC Enthusiast - Flying Ace Areal Chase - 400 points KIC Expert - Invertigo - 600 points KIC Senior - The Racer - 800 points KIC Star Member - The Bat - 1000 points KIC Platinum Member - Adventure Express - 1500 points KIC Double Platinum Member - Backlot Stunt Coaster - 2000 points KIC Triple Platinum Member - The Beast - 2500 points KIC Superstar - Banshee - 3000 points KIC Legend - Diamondback - 5000 points KIC Immortal - Orion - 10000 points
  12. Finally made it to get the Carnivale experience last night. @electricsun and I purchase a tasting card and it was a fun experience going around and trying the different foods. The stage was hopping the whole time and kids were having such a great time. The parade was awesome and I do like the later start to enjoy the lights on the floats that others have mentioned. We treated the evening like a date night and not a park trip. It was a really fun experience between the food, entertainment, and the atmosphere. We loved the whole Grand Carnivale experience start to finish. We definitely recommend the season pass holder tasting card. Some tents had really long lines and the line spread right across the whole midway blocking it. I was confused as to why someone wasn't directing people to line up away from the midway or setting up switchbacks, especially at the China and Italy tent.
  13. For me, I305 would be first if I didn't grey out like crazy. Orion and MF are tied. I like the additional elements that Orion offers, but the pure speed and length of MF makes it really hard to lower it much.
  14. Yeah I was surprised when they even changed it, and I have no control of where they put it. It seems some of the files went corrupt, I will see what's going on the next time I am not on mobile.
  15. All are coasters except for two. The first one is the Eiffel Tower for I figured it means people are new and in the tower getting a feel for the place. The second is Surf Dog. (You have not learned of it is or isn't a coaster as of yet.) The rest are every coaster at the park.
  16. With the latest update @malem applied last week, this is the new rankings system. I am not sure why some are not populating.
  17. King ding dong doesn't want to show off his tootsie roll moves?
  18. During ERT this morning I got a front row ride, then a back seat ride right after that. I really prefer the back of the train.
  19. I totally agree with this. I also agree to intense is not always better. Look at I305. It should be the king at KD. It is not with the GP.
  20. Is there a standout steel coaster for you it it is not a Intamin?
  21. Now that Grand Caravale is going on, lets have another Photo Contest! "Grand Caravale Photo Contest" Post your best photo of anything Grand Caravale. Rules: Only 1 picture per post. (If there is more than one, the whole post will be removed.) Any photo without Grand Caravale captured will be disqualified from winning and a note will be added as such by admin. A max of 4 submissions. (Any additional submissions will be removed.) All photos must be your own. (No pictures from websites or any other sources.) All photos must abide by the Terms of Service and all park rules (for example, any pictures taken as a result of trespassing or any that are taken on rides that prohibit photography/loose articles will not be acceptable and will be removed and possible loss of posting privileges.) To make it more fair, please do not post pictures from areas that only employees can get too. (Tour locations from Coasterstock are fine.) Some unique and creative edits on pictures are fine. Double posting will be excused in this thread. Only Likes will be counted, not any other emotion. The most important rule: HAVE FUN! The contest will be judged by the members. So if you love a submission, vote for it with a like. You can vote on as many as you want. This will run until August 8th. The winner will get to order a free KIC shirt as their prize along with bragging rights! Good luck!
  22. Let us know how it goes and enjoy your ride!
  23. I don't know if it would be cost effective, but you would have RFYL, WWC, and it right in the same location. Then a quick train ride from SC if you wanted to come ride all 3 of them.
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