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  1. The sign was not updated this past Wednesday. I did get some photos of them practicing. https://kicentral.com/photos/off-the-rails
  2. If we are to get a Ferris Wheel, let it be a small one like you mentioned. We do not need a giant wheel. As far as I am concerned all they are good for is the cool lighting package.
  3. You bring up a few good points here. I hope they do single visitors as well. There are a pleather of people (even married people with kids) who will do a solo day at the park that they are missing as well. I was there two days solo just this week. Having an extra experience available might be enticing that you would not spend the money on for the full family. Example: My wife and I have all season fast lane. Did we make that purchase for our kids we well? Nope.
  4. Maybe they can get a GCI buy one, get one half off and put one up at Cedar Point as well.
  5. Here is a look at the 50 Years of Fun Street Party!
  6. I have added a picture of every history paver in our Tower Gardens gallery. https://kicentral.com/photos/tower-gardens
  7. With the thousands of views a week, I'm sure!
  8. I heard a lot of construction noises this morning as I was walking into the park. But as you can see, there's still not much you can see from the Eiffel Tower.
  9. I gave the brownie and cookie another try today. Previously the brownie was a little dry. Today the brownie was very moist and very fudgy. Probably one of the better brownies I've had in a while and the cookie was fairly good.
  10. Almost 300 pics can now be viewed on the gallery page. https://kicentral.com/photos/phantom-theater-encore
  11. The boat pictured was stalled right there. With no waterfall, it was floating forwards and backwards until the waterfall water was turned back on.
  12. Didn't see that part. @electricsun saw the guy climb the fence and start to get in the water when we were going up on DT. By the time our cycle was over, he was out and the ride was e-stopped. Not sure what happened in between.
  13. These guys got a rollback because of an estop. PSA: please do not climb the fence to try and retrieve an article.
  14. Thanks to @BoddaH1994for sending me some photos.
  15. I have not been since Hershend took over. I want to get back by there. Storm Chaser alone is worth the trip.
  16. We talked about that a bit on the last podcast. We did not think the park wanted everyone to think it was going to be a big parade. There will be fewer floats than we saw with Grand Carivale.
  17. Agreed, Firehawk was a much smoother ride.
  18. There is still the issue of people going up and taking 2 minutes just to decide what they want.
  19. I think if you for going to go toe to toe with @TOPGUN1993 you better have all your facts straight. I for one, trust his post 100%.
  20. Can't get a new coaster if they are not making money.
  21. No apologies needed, I really enjoyed reading your TR. I am one of those people that is not a fan of the grey out on i305. Got and other parks planned for this year?
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