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  1. Keep this in mind before filling in your poll answers. What I found out last year when looking into this: To do an event it has to be a picnic. We have to have 100 attend to be considered an event. If we don't get 100 we can't have the event. The picnic which would include a meal so there would be a cost. (Probably around $30.00) CoasterStock is about the only place the park does ERT now, so I don't know if I can get any type of special ride times for an event. I can not promise anything special, but would hope I could work with the park to get a few walk backs and guest speakers at the meal. Give us any additional input below.
  2. I have not planned anything, I will create a poll to see the interest.
  3. For those who are waiting on John Matarese's story... https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/new-kings-island-blueprints-show-300-giga-coaster
  4. Double post here, sorry. I added pictures and updated the CoasterStock page for this year! https://kicentral.com/coasterstock/
  5. I too liked the submit your questions format. It also keeps the Q&A time to a decant amount of time.
  6. It is so weird not seeing DB in that picture.
  7. Nope, it was not there at CoasterStock. I thought @Magenta Lizard had mentioned its removal close to opening day?
  8. I thought there was an issue with it on Friday evening when I rode it. It does not seem to ride now how it did on opening day. It is like there is way more friction going on now. With Jeff G talking about using a harder wood on it at the CoasterStock lunch, I wonder if that is a contributing factor?
  9. I wanted to make a thread after speaking to some ride ops at CoasterStock and seeing some of the regular guests reactions to ride ops during the day. On Saturday it was a very warm day with a very busy park. I don't think most people remember that if you are hot, they are hot. Rode Ops are not just casually walk around like us, they are working hard to send out trains safely and efficiently. I think that some forget that they are just doing they job to make your ride safe and adhering to the park/ride rules. I saw several guests being grumpy at the ride ops when they are just trying to do their job. Most of what I just said should be understood by most of us here. With a lot of us here at the park a bunch, we can do our part to be understanding towards the ride ops when we are there. Some things I always try to do: When I am at the park I try to ask ride ops how their day is going as well. If I am riding solo, I pull the restraint down in the other seat. Try to be ready for them to check my restrain when they get to me. Maybe some former and current ride ops can chime in here to let us know what we can do to make their lives easier?
  10. Kings Island rolled out the red carpet for Coasterstock. Not just Don, Chad, and his team for organizing a great event. We have to acknowledge the ride ops that stayed late and came in early. Maintenance for getting the rides running for ERT. Chef Major and his department for feeding us. That whole park worked tirelessly to make CoasterStock a great event for us enthusiasts and they made it look like it was any other operating day.
  11. Would some of us visit as much as we do if we did not have a drink and meal plans? I know my visits went up after buying meal plans for the family. You want to get your moneys worth out of your investment, plus it makes it easier to know drinks and meals are already taken care of for the day on your visit.
  12. I don't know what row Arrow designed the ride around like Vortex, but my favorite is in row 1 or 2. The swinging action in the front is my favorite on The Bat.
  13. How much money do you devote to theming maintenance? Is that a good use of the parks money? How important is the theming on existing rides to our average guest? These are some of the questions Mike (and I am guessing) the Sandusky office have to answer. There has been a nice shift over the past few years with theming and renovations. What we have seen this year has been great. Lets hope the trend continues and we see improvements to the existing theming on rides as well.
  14. I don't think fanboy is joking. He is convinced, even thought there is no evidence of the building being used other than a haunt anytime soon.
  15. Mike Koontz said a CoasterStock he is hoping they grow in quick. I think your are safe there.
  16. We are on a Racer CoasterStock tour. This valley is a lot deeper than what it looks like in the tower pictures and even in these pictures.
  17. Here is the first up close look of the site.
  18. Just got a Beast paw print update. They now start at Paradise Island. @Kayla_Uzlik
  19. They were added in the last few days. Are these new signs on the train? I don't remember seeing them last season.
  20. No clue at this point. Storage would be my guess right now.
  21. Construction next to The Racer!
  22. Under the second lift hill with the PR department. 
  23. Guest speakers at lunch! Mike Koontz Chef James Major Jeff Gramke (co-designer of The Beast) KICentral members enjoying some Fountain ERT!
  24. I will try to get a pic today.
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