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  1. The bigger question will be is someone actually buys it. Good luck with your KCKC water Shaggy.
  2. Dedicated page on the CP Website: https://www.cedarpoint.com/new-in-2024
  3. Is the room intentionally orange for Vortex?
  4. I merged the 2 threads that were created.
  5. It is such a fun way to end the year and begin the new one. My son Logan hit the 54" on the very last day. Two weeks ago he was just a hair to short and he could not get his 54" wristband. He was ecstatic to be able to ride FOF. We ended up getting 3 rides in on it. We took a ride on the train: Logan drove us on the KMAA. Dodgem Waiting for the fireworks on IS. A KIC tradition for the Mods is after the fireworks we take a walk around the park. This allows the parking lot to clear out. You also get your first walk in the park for the new year. We stopped and took a picture. Left to Right: @pianoman, @malem, @IndyGuy4KI's daughter Kaylee, and @IndyGuy4KI @electricsun and I before we left at the end of the night. We hope you have a wonderful 2023!
  6. Who attended and enjoyed NYE 2022 at Kings Island? What was your favorite part and what would you like to see different in the future? Here is a preview of the NYE party and then the full fireworks show.
  7. Working on more, but work and life has slowed us down. Hopefully we will have more soon.
  8. What decision the park made is not going to please everyone. Just like your local schools closing for weather. Some are going to be glad some sad/angry. If you are upset about the park closing early you are free to voice your opinion on KIC and most definitely voice your opinion to the park. (KIC does not set any KI policies.) We do ask that you do it respectfully. Also keep in mind that other KIC members may not agree with you and will share their opinions as well. It is fine to have feelings, but please don't name call or put others down. We are here for the camaraderie of enjoying our hobby and park, Kings Island.
  9. A museum in Indy with a similar issue. https://fox59.com/news/childrens-museum-of-indianapolis-to-close-monday-after-pipe-burst/
  10. Looks like they plan to open tomorrow!
  11. I am having a hard time wanting to go across the pond to ride anything.
  12. We changed the PW policy at work. I made nice pretty directions with pictures, screenshots, and made it as short as possible to kept their attention. Well, 95% of the problems reported are people not reading the directions. Yet they expect the same from their customers every day.
  13. Last weekend at WinterFest we were by the Rivertown Larosa's. Another family was looking over at DB 's splashdown and a man in the group said that is Mystic Timbers. @electricsunand I looked at each other, looked back to make sure they were looking at DB, and we were not confused. Yep, they were looking at DB.
  14. I never thought of a tram pin, but I bet it would be a big hit. The only reason I could say they wouldn't do it, would be to remind people they no longer have them and want them again.
  15. Link to the book for purchase. https://www.kingsislandgear.com/collections/top-gifts/products/kings-island-a-photographic-journey
  16. The kids area brings in a lot of money to the park. They don't want it to get stale.
  17. That was the biggest thing that jumped out at me.
  18. That was more wind chill that I wanted to experience. Took us what 20 min to warm up?
  19. I am pretty sure @disco2000is buying one for everyone who has posted in this thread from here back! Except @IBEW_Sparky, Disco is getting him the SV cutout!
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