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  1. After my ride on Orion, we are sitting on the break run. The man next to me wanted B&M trains put on Millie because the seats were so much more comfortable and accommodating. I think that is a valid reason, but still worth sharing.
  2. Hold on, they don't take cash.
  3. Sounds like the improvised and made it work. Way to go!
  4. Is that a brownie, Oreo or other flavor cookie?
  5. Yeah, was thinking CF, but you are probably right.
  6. Seems quite useful in getting fans talking about it. I am having a hard time believing they added companies in to throw us off. Respectively, KI fans are probably the best detectives when it comes to decoding. Probably better than any other park.
  7. The fist look at Tricks and Treats were Sunday. Here is a look: Photo Gallery: What did you like about Tricks and Treats?
  8. A few observations last night. The fog machines were very sparse. I don't know if this is intentional (maybe for security) or they just have not gotten more out yet? The houses got better as the night went on, because more actors where there and present in each room. I do agree that I liked Pumpkin Eater better back by BLSC than Action Zone. It just seems to flow better in that midway. It would be nice to have some fall decorations up as you ride the antique autos. Even if it's just bales of straw, pumpkins and some scarecrows. Overall I enjoyed the park atmosphere and I thought the Haunt workers and scare actors were doing great.
  9. We will use this thread for reviews of Haunt 2022.
  10. The signs say till 8PM. I did not ask when I was at Chicken Shack if you could get the Bat wings.
  11. You forgot one! https://kicentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/44970-haunt-season-is-here/
  12. Fall is now officially here and so is Haunt for the 2022 season. There are many things to look forward to at this years Haunt. Not only the cooler weather, pumpkin everything, but rides and scares at Kings Island. The park has been transformed into a night time full of entertainment with scare actors, mazes, scare zones and shows! The park will feature six bone-chilling haunted mazes, four scare zones, three sinister live shows, and some of the most hair-raising night rides on the planet. This year, Halloween Haunt comes screaming back with four new, terrifying experiences, including: Hotel St. Michelle (Maze) – Everyone has heard about the haunting tales of the old Hotel St. Michelle, but are they true? As you sneak into the abandoned hotel, named after the manager’s missing daughter, you eerily find the hotel is not abandoned but very alive in spirit! Alien X (Scare zone) – When darkness falls, the personnel working inside Area 72 show their true form, and the secrets of Area 72 are revealed. Walk through the displays of alien creatures who have been contained…well most of them. NyteWalkers (Show) – When the acrobatic and action sports world meets Zombies, the perfect theatrical combination of exciting stunts, a suspenseful storyline, and creative staging brings a one-of-a-kind adventure. Terror Rising (Show) – Terror and evil has risen! This Skull Squad combines the rhythmic step moves of five dancers with thrash, EDM, and heavy metal. Learn more about the new attractions as KICentral talks with communications director, Chad Showalter. Get a sneak peak at this one minute look at Haunt in 2022. See over 150 pictures of Haunt 2022 here: https://kicentral.com/ki-haunt/ Which attraction are you looking forward to the most this season of Haunt?
  13. We talk with Chad Showalter about Haunt in 2022!!
  14. I must say seeing that picture of that going down the street sure made me giggle a bit.
  15. Pulled this discussion into its own thread.
  16. Maybe they will sell the coin separately at the park?
  17. Some of that tone has spread, and CP is not the only park seeing this.
  18. CP has shot themselves in the foot with the people who vote in the awards, enthusiasts. Look at Coaster Mania. It has been going down hill for years. I have refused to go for a long time. There are just way better events to spend my time and money on. Kings Island has improved CoasterStock each year, getting feedback from attendees and actually implementing the suggestions in the event if possible. That is seen and noticed. When you have some communication directors who are only seen and available when it is convenient, that is noticed as well.
  19. I hope you share them here. Would love to see them.
  20. It's not about the fridge, it is about the park selling a product promising drinks and taking it away after the fact. If there were people abusing the drinks, then come up with a better solution than taking it totally away. Same with the one time fast lane pass. Don't make it harder for your most expensive pass holders to get the product they purchased.
  21. Very well deserving. They have done an amazing job this season. Thanks to all who have worked at Kings Island to make this an award winning year.
  22. Thanks for the trip report! We were at CP Sat -Mon. The weather was a little better up there, but definitely was not on our side.
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