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  1. the lift hill isn't 200 feet long, the ground beneath it is what is measured at 200 feet. It will be on an incline, thus longer depending on the angle of ascent.
  2. beat me to it, sorry for the repeat post...
  3. There was the rumor that this was part of a 3 year plan..... I know you are in love with a giga, but If you had to pick between a giga, a strata, and an El Toro type woodie, what would you take? I know this question wasn't to me, but I can't help but comment on anything El Toro related...El Toro is better than either KK or TTD imo, I like the drop on MF and I305 but found the rest of the ride less than incredible. El Toro is phenomenal...
  4. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, just wanted to calculate it for my own benefit and share... If the distance from the start of the lift hill to the end of the lift hill is indeed 200 feet, just some food for thought If the lift hill angle is: 30 degrees, the height would be 120 ft. 35 degrees=140 ft 40 degrees=170 ft 45 degrees=200 ft 50 degrees=230 ft These obviously aren't to the inch, i'm trying to do the math in my head, so just close estimates. Depending on the height of the track from the ground, this could differ by as much as 30 feet or more, these measurements assume the track sits directly on the ground (unlikely). Every degree of increased incline adds APPROXIMATELY 10 feet in height when spread across a 200 foot long span of ground.
  5. Based on that tweet, the name could be: The Barber The Stylist Maybe they go a different direction and call it, "The Hare" in an unimpressive attempt at a pun. Unfortunately, it looks like the "Fiery Fist o' Pain" is out...
  6. I suggested a while back that it's sob's mama back to have her revenge on those who killed her son. Wife of Beast?
  7. Doesn't the Banshee appear foretelling the death, a grim reaper of sorts? I'm not convinced that the name is Banshee, or that it isn't, but it's how I'll refer to it until the real name is released. It would make sense for it to be called "Banshee" because then all of the news outlets and random people on the streets would always call it "THE Banshee," thus fittingly angering all of the diehard ride enthusiasts among us. If it were up to me, I'd call it the Fiery Fist o' Pain, a la Spongebob Squarepants.
  8. You call it ragging, many would call it reality.Nobody posted anything that was not true of SoB. It was what it was.You want to remember everything that was supposed to be good about SoB on paper, but ended up being demolished because of those same reasons. Have any examples of when this happened to a coaster project? Not specifically on a coaster project, but I have had experience with it happening in construction in multiple southern Ohio municipalities. Not that we intentionally submitted deceiving blue prints, but an individual submitted outdated blue prints for projects I had a vested interest in, only to have projects put on hold and a complete re-approval process required when the issue was realized. In one case (I am not insinuating KI has done this) a multi-story complex was built to specifications that didn't match the schematics submitted to the municipality and a fine was levied, in addition to further costs to reapply for the proper permits and approvals. In that case, it would have been within the municipality's domain to condemn the structure if they felt it didn't meet standards. Again, I don't want to imply KI did anything wrong, just saying that filing improper documents this close to construction would be a stretch... One man's opinion.
  9. What type of repercussions for KI? I only ask because prints are revised sometimes on a hourly basis due to unforeseen circumstances such as digging issues (as one example). Now if KI took out wetlands, and the original prints did not show that, I could understand repercussions, but not for typical changes. As for the prints having so much detail: it really is as easy as a few keystrokes and moving the mouse. You could easily remove the track with the click of the mouse, and add a different layout using the same footers. What needs to be remembered is: although the prints found are believed to be public record, there is not law stating the prints have to be available to the public by a certain time/ date. Mason/ Warren County deals with many businesses and has to keep certain records private until the party submitting the prints allow them to be released. The prints found could very well be the real thing. They could also be as fake as a $3 bill. Repercussions as in, projects being put on hold/delayed if they blatantly provide inaccurate information in that forum. There are obvious needs for changes, some required by the park/engineering teams, and some by inspectors or representatives of the city. I'm not talking about typical changes. I'm just saying it would be impractical and could potentially cumbersome (not to mention, potentially costly) if they submitted information for approval that was not in line with what their true plans were.
  10. I was skeptical of them too, until I heard various news outlets claiming they were available through public records requests in Mason/Warren County. That doesn't mean what is in the video is the same as what was filed, but if what they are building differs from what is available for public review, there could be serious repercussions for KI. That said, whatever is available through the public records is an accurate representation of what is being built. I haven't taken the time to try to compare the different sources, but regardless of typos or part number inconsistencies, or any other such information, whatever is filed with the local governments is what is coming.
  11. I think you might be onto something. A Banshee (which I'm assuming the name is) isn't relegated to the only the dark, is it? The owls, the camping signs, the night announcement--all these things hint at darkness in general. Maybe there are just going to be a lot of tunnels on this ride, and that is the "world record" being overtaken. Maybe overall length of tunnels in a single park. On that note, I'm thinking our focus is too narrow on what records might be broken, let alone the possibility that some of the records might be more tied to the amount of elements within the park in its entirety.
  12. Everytime I hear someone say "xxxxx" is the best coaster ever, I automatically wonder if they have ridden El Toro. Everyone has different tastes, but in my experience (only about 72 coasters ridden) I have yet to find anything that I think is on the same planet as El Toro in terms of overall thrill, even Millenium Force. I'm a big airtime fan, others like inversions or overall speed, or something else. I'm happy we're getting something new, even if it isn't my first choice, and I'm sure it will be great. But I wish we could get something like El Toro so I wouldn't have to go see my in-laws every year.
  13. I can see it now: "World's Tallest, Fastest, Only Looping...Wooden Invert"
  14. I'm going to GA in 2 weeks and will be spending a long portion of my day riding El Toro. Best coaster I've ridden, hands down (or up), and my personal want for KI although clearly not looking probable based upon the current footers I'm seeing.
  15. My fear is that this is only part of the story--lately it seems that some new "Attractions" have that upcharge along with them. Clearly these cabanas they are raving about won't be free... I really didn't expect anything more than a wave pool, so, I'm glad it will be more, but in reality, I do not see much if any benefit to a new wave pool and extra space in the waterpark--espescially at a cost of 10 million dollars. I would rather not have been promised anything and save that money for next year. Heck, for just a little more money, they could have put in something like El Toro....I'd have rather waited for that. Unfortunately, the only thing that even mildly excites me about this is the prospect of replacing those horrible blue no-slip mats, and that will only benefit me for maybe 1 visit each year.
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